25 I Want to Eat Your Pancreas Quotes From the Popular Japanese Coming of Age Story

Fans of Japanese coming-of-age stories will enjoy these I Want to Eat Your Pancreas quotes.

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is a light novel by author Yoru Sumino, published in 2015.

Then in 2018, the book was adapted into a movie.

The movie was directed by Shinichiro Ushijima and stars actors Mahiro Takasugi, Lynn, Yukiyo Fujii, Yuma Uchida, and others.

The story follows a shy, unnamed high school boy who finds the diary of a popular high school girl named Sakura Yamauchi.

The shy boy discovers that Sakura has been hiding the secret that she suffers from a fatal illness in her pancreas.

The boy is the only one outside of Sakura’s family to know her secret, and sharing the secret draws them closer together.

Read these I Want to Eat Your Pancreas quotes to learn more about the story.

Below are some popular quotes from the book and film.

1. “Living…… Means having bonds with others.” — Yoru Sumino

2. “You’re not allowed to die! You hear me?” — Haruki Shiga

3. “You’re not alone. You’ve never been alone.” — Haruki Shiga

4. “Sakura, I promise to always remember you.” — Haruki Shiga

5. “It’s not like I’m going to live forever.” — Sakura Yamauchi

6. “I want to eat your pancreas.” That way, I can be with you forever.” — Haruki Shiga

7. “I don’t want people to treat me differently just because I’m sick.” — Sakura Yamauchi

8. “Even if we’re not blood-related, I’ll be your family from now on.” — Haruki Shiga

9. “But still, it’s not fair that my life is ending before it really even began.” — Sakura Yamauchi

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10. “You don’t want to say my name because you might attach a meaning to it. You’re afraid to define someone you’re going to lose as a ‘friend’ or ‘girlfriend.’” — Yoru Sumino

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas Quotes About Life

These quotes show perspectives on life and relationships from I Want to Eat Your Pancreas.

11 “Everyone is where they are because of the choices they’ve made.” — Sakura Yamauchi.

12. “The most important thing is how you live your life. Not how long you live.” — Sakura Yamauchi

13. “For these past four months…for the first time, I really lived. I existed in the world.” — Yoru Sumino

14. “Living means having a bond with others. I think that’s what living refers to.” — Sakura Yamauchi

15. “If you’re all alone, you can’t tell that you exist. Your relationship with others is what defines being alive.” — Sakura Yamauchi

16. “Every day is worth the same as any other. What I did or didn’t do today doesn’t change its worth.” — Sakura Yamauchi

17. “I saw how you were just yourself, without needing anyone to define you or be around you. I wanted to be like that, too.” — Yoru Sumino

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas Quotes to Remember

Here are some quotes you may remember if you’re a fan of Yoru Sumino’s work.

18. “Don’t cry. I’m here with you, so there’s nothing to be afraid of.” — Haruki Shiga

19. “You’re no longer here. I’ll learn to stand on my own two feet.” — Haruki Shiga

20. “Perhaps I’ve spent 17 years waiting to be needed by you.” — Sakura Yamauchi

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21. “If I told you that I’m actually really scared of dying, what would you do?” — Sakura Yamauchi

22. “She liked to say our outlooks didn’t match up. Of course, they didn’t. We were never looking in the same direction.” — Yoru Sumino

23. “We were always looking at each other. Standing at the edge of the water, looking to the opposite shore.” — Yoru Sumino

24. “What made you appealing wasn’t your connections with other people. It was all you and what you found inside yourself.” — Yoru Sumino

25. “Right now, I, as formed as such, am living in this moment. I am living through our choices; right now, right here, you and me as well, are living.” — Sakura Yamauchi

What Happens to Sakura and the Boy?

Sakura and her new friend share a trip and start checking off items on Sakura’s bucket list before she is hospitalized.

After her death, the boy visits Sakura’s family, and his name is revealed as Haruki, and Sakura’s mother gives him a message that Sakura left for him.

The message directs Haruki to share Sakura’s diary with her friend Kyoko.

Kyoko and Haruki end up becoming friends and visiting Sakura’s grave.

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