Interview With YouTube Sensation Jaret Grossman on Life, Dreams & Purpose

Interview With YouTube Sensation Jaret Grossman on Life, Dreams & Purpose

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Jaret Grossman is a YouTube sensation with over 27 Million views.

Jaret has taken the internet by storm with his motivational speeches, workout programs and life coaching video downloads.

Jaret walks the walk and has dedicated his life towards helping people unlock their potential for success, purpose and fulfillment.

And…he’s a fellow New Yorker!

It was an honor to interview him!

Jeff: How did you figure out, that what you’re doing now is YOUR work?

Jaret: Taking up wrestling allowed me to be a 3x All-American wrestler and get into fitness.

Taking up fitness allowed me to double my bodyweight and then write a blog for others to follow that path.

That blog turned into a company that worked with professional athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness models.

While I was helping people with their health & fitness goals, I realized that the psychology was more important than the mechanics of how to reach that goal.

That’s when I started reaching into all kinds of self help tools.

Building upon this, I did motivational speeches to initially promote my workout products since they were so compelling to drive people to action.

Some of those speeches went viral, collecting millions upon millions of views.

I wasn’t just helping people with their health but with their finances, career, relationships, and mastering emotions.

The foundation and the principles are all very similar to the concept of breaking down muscles and growing stronger in the gym.

A couple years after that I made a pact with myself to make a unique motivational video talking about something different every day.

As I’ve helped millions of people, I am constantly growing in this process and I’m a different person now by being this beacon of light.

Now, I have a large client base that I work with one on one to help them with all areas of their life.

As you can see though, one thing built upon another which built upon another.

It will constantly keep evolving that way and I’m still uncertain as to what the future truly holds for me.

I don’t limit myself with what I can do by writing 5 year plans.

My business looks nothing like my original business plan did.

I have long term targets, but as Mike Tyson says, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

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Life is going to throw a lot of curveballs and if you go off of old information you will miss the opportunities.

I don’t think we can, with certainty, form an identity to our work.

That’s when we put a cap on what we can do.

Leonardo da Vinci was someone that didn’t put a cap on who he was or what he did.

He didn’t identify to being just a painter or an inventor.

He used all of the information in each field to succeed at engineering, anatomy, mathematics, etc.

My work is always evolving.

It’s important not to be scattered with it, but I do work that stands on the shoulders of what I have experience in.

My work in 10 years will not be anything like what I’m doing now.

If it’s the same then I am conforming and becoming complacent.

The concept of evolution is to adapt and transform into a new being; to constantly be reborn again.

It’s like a camera lens though.

The more action you take, the more it goes into focus.

The way my life is now is totally different that I had envisioned it 5 years ago.

I never had that ‘I knew I’m this’ moment.

However, I always had an internal blueprint that I had to do massive things in this world.

With that being said, you can only fulfill it by moving your feet, not wishing for it to happen.

Jeff: How do you make the transition form doing what people want from you, to doing what you want for yourself?

Jaret: Finding yourself is more in lines with creating yourself.

The more experiences and wisdom you bring in that move you towards progression will help you know who you are.

When you build up enough emotional strength, you can make decisions rather than be at cause and effect to society.

Transitioning to being selfless though is a big process.

The world will always be a dynamic give/take relationship.

You constantly have to give people your time, energy, effort, and resources if you want to receive things yourself and for you to be a part of society.

If you’re a business owner you won’t be in business if you always do things for you.

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People don’t like working for someone because they are answering to their boss, not realizing that when you are a boss you have to answer to customers.

You are always answering to someone in the world and you have to find the joy in meeting people’s needs/demands/requests.

People’s needs are speaking out to problems and deficiencies in the world.

We have to balance what we have inside us and what people actually need to make this world progress.

So you had it right, but I’d just bring it full circle.

The real transition is this: going from being a puppet to society’s demands to knowing who you are to then servicing others with what you have to offer, but keeping in mind objectivity.

You do this through innovating and creating products/services that people will pay for and out of the goodness of your heart.

There are really 7 levels of growth in a human being.

  1. Acting without understanding consequence.
  2. Understanding cause and effect.
  3. Understanding ripple effects, therefore you will delay gratification.
  4. Wanting to help people but for selfish reasons.
  5. Wanting to help people on a mass scale out of selflessness.
  6. Searching for absolute truth. Understanding if your subjective cause is good/wrong in the eyes of objectivity.
  7. Connecting with another level 6 to find absolute truth by triangulating theories, and giving that back to people.

Jeff: Why is it so important that we dream in the first place?

Jaret: Albert Einstein summed it up best with this quote: “The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.

Optimists are delusional but they will keep on going to succeed, whereas pessimists see things more realistically but will quit when it gets tough.

Big dreams do one thing for you: they juice you up to get started or push through.

The person with the bigger dreams will always have more purpose.

Tony Robbins says one of the best quotes in regards to this.

“Life will support more of whatever supports life.”

The bigger your dream is, the more reasons you have feeding into your dream.

It’s like a slingshot.

The more reasons you have feeding into what you do, the further that rubber band is going back.

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The bigger the dream and the more people you are servicing or helping with what you do, the further it will propel you.

Dreaming big is going to keep getting you juiced up regardless of plateaus.

Jeff: Once we have a dream, what is the first thing we should do?

Jaret: You must take action.

It’s great to have big dreams.

When coupled with inaction, it doesn’t matter how intellectual you are, how great of an idea you have or what your blueprint is in terms of you being destined to be someone.

You’ll go nowhere fast.

Motivation and thinking about what you want is great in that you get an emotional fight-or-flight response, but what will you do with that response?

Don’t expect to be great unless you have the work ethic to put it into motion.

You must put the pen to the paper.

You will formulate this crystal staircase in your mind, but life is like you are wearing these muddy boots with spikes on them.

Your job is not to preserve the crystal staircase.

It’s to take a step up regardless of the uncertainty.

That’s the only way you can reach the top, but reaching your goal is not even the destination.

It’s who you become in the process.

The journey up that staircase even when it looks scratched up and messy is the very destination you are after.

Jeff: How do you define Everyday Power?

Jaret: Everyday power is a subtle dominance.

The difference between confidence and arrogance is an internal vs. external battle.

It’s the difference between knowing who you are versus projecting that onto someone else.

Too many people believe they are confident but it’s either a false sense of ego gratification or it’s from hurting someone else in that process.

You don’t build yourself up by putting others down.

The idea is to progress to the point that you have total control over your mind where there’s no self doubt, but you protect other people’s choices throughout that process.

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