25 John Daly Quotes From The Colorful Golfer

Increase your fun at the golf course with our John Daly quotes. 

There is a good chance you have heard the name John Daly even if you are not a golf fan. 

If you have not heard of him, check out our John Daly quotes below to find out more about this colorful character. 

Who is John Daly?

John Daly is a professional American golfer and businessman.

On the golf course, he is known for his ability to drive the ball very far.

Off the course, his personal life has some controversies. 

Check out these interesting facts about John Daly below:

  • Daly won the 1991 PGA Championship. 
  • Daly was the first player to average more than 300 hundred yards per drive in a season. 
  • Daly has professional wins in the U.S., Germany, Scotland, South Korea, Canada, and Turkey. 

Why does John Daly dress like that?

John Daly is known for his powerful backswing, but he is also known for his colorful fashion choices. 

If you have ever seen him compete, you will immediately notice that he stands out among other professional golfers.

Daly’s fans appreciate his non-traditional look on the golf course. 

He does not dress in a similar fashion to many of his peers who choose country club apparel. 

Many professional golfers opt for clean-shaven haircuts and neatly kept facial hair. 

John Daly keeps a full uncombed beard with a wildly kept mane of hair. 

Daly wears colorful outfits that match his fiery personality. 

Is John Daly just a golfer?

Many successful people are multi-talented. 

John Daly is no exception. 

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On top of being a professional golfer with international wins, Daly is also a successful businessman. 

He owns a golf course design company and is endorsed by clothing and apparel companies. 

He also writes music and has released two albums. In 2010 he debuted I Only Know One Way. 

Twelve years later, in 2022, he released Whiskey and Water

Daly’s music is a mix of country, rock, and, blues.  

To learn more, check out our John Daly quotes below. 

Short John Daly quotes about making a mess and cleaning up

Daly is famously fussy about keeping things clean. 

Here are some of his best short quotes about keeping things tidy. 

1. “I hate a mess.” ― John Daly

2. “Laundry? I do it all.” ― John Daly

3. “I can’t stand messes.” ― John Daly

4. “I’m an OCD neat freak.” ― John Daly

5. “I make my bed every morning.” ― John Daly

Famous John Daly quotes about osteoarthritis and dealing with knee pain

Daly is very vocal about the physical challenges of osteoarthritis and how they limit his golf game. 

6. “Osteoarthritis is a tough thing, brother.” ― John Daly

7. “My knee is screwed. I had the meniscus cut out.” ― John Daly

8. “If my knee was broken, I would have had it fixed.” ― John Daly

9. “But my situation is totally different. It’s painful as hell is all I can say.” ― John Daly

10. “I have osteoarthritis so bad I can walk up a hill; I just can’t walk down one.” ― John Daly

The best John Daly quotes about self-care and fighting demons

Daly has had his fair share of challenges, and below are some of his memorable reflections. 

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11. “Now I’m taking care of me.” ― John Daly

12. “I’m the luckiest human being that ever walked.” ― John Daly

13. “I’ve had enough of worrying about everybody else.” ― John Daly

14. “Everybody fights demons. Some are worse than others.” ― John Daly

15. “It’s a lot easier knowing you can’t do something than knowing you shouldn’t.” ― John Daly

John Daly quotes about ambition and getting older

16. “It sucks getting old.” ― John Daly

17. “I’m a kind of go-getter.” ― John Daly

18. “I was young and dumb back in the ’90s, but I had a lot of fun.” ― John Daly

19. “Florida sends me a handicap sticker when I’m there. It’s embarrassing.” ― John Daly

20. “I guess when we get older, we try so hard to get our game back. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t.” ― John Daly

John Daly quotes and sayings about values and spirituality

Here are some of the golfer’s thoughts on his spiritual side and the aspects of life that bring happiness. 

21. “I’m happy being around my family.” ― John Daly

22. “Life is full of challenges and surprises, and I’ve had my share.” ― John Daly

23. “I think what I realized is that I can’t believe I made it to 50 years old.” ― John Daly

24. “I’m not the most religious person in the world, but I think the good Lord up there has blessed me.” ― John Daly

25. “I’m not a religious person. I have a one-on-one relationship with God, but I don’t go to church as I should.” ― John Daly

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Why was John Daly suspended so many times?

John Daly is open about his decision-making and life choices. 

He once joked, “I was young and dumb back in the ’90s, but I had a lot of fun.”

Today, Daly has toned down some of his wild side. 

However, he had a string of controversies in the nineties. 

Daly has also opened up about his alcoholism and various addictions. 

He loves to gamble, and some of his choices led to suspensions and fines. 

He is notorious for walking off the course during professional matches, sometimes without even notifying judges or competitors. 

Daly has been in several rehabilitation programs for alcoholism, and critics associate the decline of his performance with alcohol abuse. 

Despite setbacks, Daly continues to push forward as an athlete, media personality, and musician. 

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