25 Judge Dredd Quotes From the Powerful Character

Fans of comic book characters will love these Judge Dredd Quotes!

Judge Dredd is a fictional character that first appeared in the comic 2000 AD in 1977 as a creation of writer John Wagner, artist Carlos Ezquerra, and editor Pat Mills.

He also appears in movies and video games.

He is most recognized for the 1995 film Judge Dredd, where Sylvester Stallone plays him.

Judge Dredd was created as a law enforcement officer that is a “street judge” so that he can arrest, sentence, and, if needed, execute criminals on the spot.

He lives in the future city of Mega-City One, which is so large that it covers most of America’s east coast.

Judge Dredd is a clone of Chief Judge Fargo, who founded the Judge System.

Take a few minutes to read these Judge Dredd Quotes to learn more about this character who was ranked the 35th top comic book hero of all time by IGN in 2011.

Classic Judge Dredd Quotes

Check out some of Judge Dredd’s classic quotes!

1. “How do you plead?” — Judge Dredd

2. “You betrayed the law!” — Judge Dredd

3. “I can hear you thinking.” — Judge Dredd

4. “You brought order to chaos, sir.” — Judge Dredd

5. “There’s a maniac loose in the city.” — Judge Dredd

6. “Justice has a price. That price is freedom.” — Judge Dredd

7. “It’s a lie! The evidence has been falsified!” — Judge Dredd

8. “I’m a Street Judge. And I’m very late for work.” — Judge Dredd

9. “You let me judge my own brother? You never told me, sir!” — Judge Dredd

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10. “In this city, we’ve got a saying: once is coincidence, twice is a booking offense!” — Judge Dredd

The Best Judge Dredd Quotes

Here are some of the best Judge Dredd quotes.

11. “It’s all a deep end.” — Judge Dredd

12. “Mind explaining yourself, rookie?” — Judge Dredd

13. “What’s the price of a Judge these days?” — Judge Dredd

14. “This isn’t a negotiation. The sentence is death.” — Judge Dredd

15. “Inhabitants of Peach Trees, this is Judge Dredd.” — Judge Dredd

16. “Can’t execute a perp on 99%. Save me a lot of paperwork if you just confess right now.” — Judge Dredd

17. “Release the hostage unharmed, and I guarantee you a sentence of life in an iso-cube without parole.” — Judge Dredd

Authoritative Judge Dredd Quotes

Enjoy some authoritative Judge Dredd quotes.

18. “Court’s adjourned.” — Judge Dredd

19. “The law can show mercy, too!” — Judge Dredd

20. “Towing is for the first offense.” — Judge Dredd

21. “I’m taking you in for questioning.” — Judge Dredd

22. “Citizen’s arrests are illegal, citizen — you’re under arrest!” — Judge Dredd

23. “A rookie Judge on assessment is likely to be involved in armed combat.” — Judge Dredd

24. “I know of no greater honor than to serve as a Judge of Mega-City One.” — Judge Dredd

25. “Nobody’s innocent, citizen. We’re just here to determine the level of your guilt.” — Judge Dredd

What Does Judge Dredd Look and Act Like?

Judge Dredd is even-keeled and believes more in enacting justice than emotions.

He wears a helmet that obscures most of his face and rides a large motorcycle outfitted with machine guns.

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He also carries a pistol called the “Lawgiver” capable of firing six types of ammunition and carrying a boot knife and stun grenades.

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