20 Light Yagami Quotes From the Hit Manga Series Death Note

Fans of manga or the Death Note series will love these Light Yagami quotes!

Light Yagami was created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata as the main protagonist in Death Note, a manga series.

Mamoru Miyano voiced Light Yagami in Japanese and Brad Swaile in English.

Several different actors portrayed the character.

Light is a brilliant, bored young man who finds a supernatural notebook that will allow the user to kill anyone whose name is written in the notebook.

Light is frustrated about how unfair the world is with criminals and bad people getting away with their deeds, so he decides to do something about it.

Light takes on the alias Kira and starts using the Death Note to kill off anyone he feels is morally unworthy of life.

Enjoy learning more about this interesting character in these Light Yagami quotes!

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Powerful Light Yagami Quotes

Check out these powerful Light Yagami quotes from the series.

1. “I’ve won… Exactly as planned!” – Light Yagami

2. “In Human Society, There Are Very Few People Who Truly Trust Each Other.” – Light Yagami

3. “I’m Ridding The World Of Evil And Creating A Utopia.” – Light Yagami

4. “I’ve Never Been So Humiliated In My Entire Life.” – Light Yagami

5. “I’ll do it. Using the Death Note, I’ll change the world.” – Light Yagami

6. “This world is rotten, and those who are making it rot deserve to die.” – Light Yagami

7. “Kira has become law in the world we now live.” – Light Yagami

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8. “I’ve never considered finding that notebook and gaining that power a misfortune.” – Light Yagami

9. “This… is the first time that I actually want to punch a girl.” – Light Yagami

10. “You can’t ever win if you’re always on the defensive; to win, you have to attack.” – Light Yagami

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Memorable Light Yagami Quotes

Fans of Death Note will remember these Light Yagami quotes!

11. “The thing I hate the most is to trample on other people’s goodwill.” – Light Yagami

12. “Would they have kept going? The only one who can create a new world is me.” – Light Yagami

13. “No Matter How Much Time I Have, It Won’t Be Enough.” – Light Yagami

14. “Any person who hurts Nami-san’s feelings! I won’t let them live peacefully!” – Light Yagami

15. “Is there anyone out there other than me who’d be willing to eliminate the vermin from the world?” – Light Yagami

16. “I am righteous! I’m the hero who’s liberating people from fear.” – Light Yagami

17. “I’ll make you trust me. And when you’ve told me everything I need to know, I’ll kill you.” – Light Yagami

18. “Since Kira’s appearance six years ago, wars have stopped, and global crime rates have been reduced by over seventy percent.” – Light Yagami

19. “I understood that killing people was a crime. There was no other way!” – Light Yagami

20. “A rotten world. Politics, law, education. Was there anybody around who could correct this world?” – Light Yagami

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What Happens to Light?

As Light works toward ridding the world of the immoral, a task force led by L is tasked with tracking down who is killing all of these people.

When Light is finally caught, it means he has lost, and the supernatural being, Ryuk, who originally dropped the Death Note, writes down Light’s name in his Death Note.

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