20 Scary and Disturbing Invisible Man Quotes

These Invisible Man quotes will send chills down your spine…

Invisible Man is an Australian-American horror science fiction film released in 2020.

The movie was written and directed by Australian Leigh Whannell.

It features Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson-Cohen, among others, in this talented cast.

The movie’s plot has Cecilia (played by Elisabeth Moss) trapped in a dangerous relationship with her wealthy optics engineer boyfriend, Adrian (played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen).

When Cecilia escapes the relationship, Adrian apparently commits suicide.

However, Cecilia starts being toyed with and tortured by the actions of someone.

At first, she questions herself, before realizing it is actually her ex-boyfriend Adrian, who she believes had staged his death and found a way to make himself invisible.

With Cecilia trying to prove her theory and keep herself and her loved ones safe, the tormentor tries to frame Cecilia and get her sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Enjoy these Invisible Man quotes that will have you excited to watch the movie!

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Invisible Man quotes by Cecilia

Below are quotes from the incredible main character!

1. “Are you my lawyer now?”  Cecilia

2. “He’s listening. He’s in the room.” — Cecilia

3. “Why can’t you just tell me the truth?”  Cecilia

4. “I just didn’t know he was that unstable.”  Cecilia

5. “He killed himself. He cut his own throat.”  Cecilia

6. “He knows where you live. He will follow you.”  Cecilia

7. “You won’t get the baby. And you won’t get me.”  Cecilia

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8. “I found something that can prove what I’m experiencing.”  Cecilia

9. “There’s nothing left for you to take. You’ve already taken it all.”  Cecilia

10. “You’re just the jellyfish version of him. Everything but the spine.”  Cecilia

Invisible Man quotes from the rest of the cast

Check out these great quotes from the rest of the cast of Invisible Man!

11. “Open the door!”  Adrian

12. “We need each other, don’t we?”  Adrian

13. “It sounded a lot like he killed himself.”  James

14. “You are here with us now. And you’re safe.”  Emily

15. “Don’t let him win by bringing him back to life.”  Tom

16. “You need some medication. Adrian is dead.”  Emily

17. “Adrian will haunt you if you let him. Don’t let him.”  James

18. “I shouldn’t have walked out on you and left you alone. I failed you.”  James

19. “I know it didn’t seem like it to the outside world, but Tom controlled me.” Adrian

20. “Even though things ended badly for you and Adrian, I still look at you as family.”  Tom

Am I right, or am I crazy?

One of the best parts of The Invisible Man is the struggle of Cecilia battling the temptation to give in to the gaslighting of her ex-boyfriend and wondering if she is going crazy.

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