25 Looking for Alaska Quotes From the Award Winning Novel

Fans of young adult novels will enjoy these Looking for Alaska quotes from the award-winning book.

Looking for Alaska was published in 2005 and was author John Green’s debut novel.

The book is fictional but based on Green’s time spent at a boarding school in high school.

The book’s plot follows Miles Halter, a young man obsessed with people’s last words and who wants to seek his own “Great Perhaps,” as quoted by Francois Rabelais.

Miles talks his parents into sending him to a boarding school for his Junior year.

Once at Culver Creek Preparatory High, Miles makes new friends such as “The Colonel,” who is a young man built like Adonis, Takumi Hikohito, who is a talented hip-hop MC, and Alaska Young, a beautiful young woman who is wild, unpredictable, and carries a heavy burden.

Although Miles is madly in love with Alaska, she does not seem to reciprocate the same romantic feelings and eventually dies in a car accident.

Take a look at these Looking for Alaska quotes to learn more about the book.

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Best Looking for Alaska Quotes

These are some of the most popular lines from the book.

1. “We are as indestructible as we believe ourselves to be.” — John Green

2. “I know so many last words. But I will never know hers.” — John Green

3. “Scared isn’t a good excuse. Scared is the excuse everyone has always used.” — John Green

4. “Things never happened the way I imagined them.” — John Green

5. “The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.” — John Green

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6. “What you must understand about me is that I’m a deeply unhappy person.” — John Green

7. “Why don’t we break up? I guess I stay with her because she stays with me.” — John Green

8. “We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken.” — John Green

9. “At some point, we all look up and realize we are lost in a maze.” — John Green

10. “At some point, you just pull off the Band-Aid, and it hurts, but then it’s over, and you’re relieved.” — John Green

Looking for Alaska Quotes about Death

As shown in these quotes, the story brings up some new ideas about death for the characters to process and deal with.

11. “You can’t just make yourself matter and then die, Alaska, because now I am irretrievably different.” — John Green

12. “Because memories fall apart, too. And then you’re left with nothing, left not even with a ghost but with its shadow.” — John Green

13. “I felt the unfairness of it, the inarguable injustice of loving someone who might have loved you back but can’t due to deadness.” — John Green

14. “In the beginning, she had haunted me, haunted my dreams, but even now, just weeks later, she was slipping away, falling apart in my memory and everyone else’s, dying again.” — John Green

15. “But a lot of times, people die how they live. And so last words tell me a lot about who people were, and why they became the sort of people biographies get written about.” — John Green

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More of the best Looking for Alaska Quotes

Enjoy more of the popular lines from the book.

16. “I just did some calculations, and I’ve been able to determine that you’re full of shit.” — John Green

17. “You just use the future to escape the present.” — John Green

18. “I wanted to be one of those people who have streaks to maintain, who scorch the ground with their intensity.” — John Green

19. “That is the fear: I have lost something important, and I cannot find it, and I need it.” — John Green

20. “After all this time, it seems to me like straight and fast is the only way out, but I choose the labyrinth. The labyrinth blows, but I choose it.” — John Green

21. “And in my classes, I will talk most of the time, and you will listen most of the time. Because you may be smart, but I’ve been smart longer.” — John Green

22. “And then something invisible snapped insider her, and that which had come together commenced to fall apart.” — John Green

23. “If only we could see the endless string of consequences that result from our smallest actions. But we can’t know better until knowing better is useless.” — John Green

24. “So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was hurricane.” — John Green

25. “Before I got here, I thought for a long time that the way out of the labyrinth was to pretend that it did not exist, to build a small, self-sufficient world in the back corner of the endless maze, and to pretend that I was not lost, but home.” — John Green

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What Happens to the Friends Once Alaska Dies?

The second half of the book shows the friends dealing with Alaska’s death and their part in it since they distracted the Dean for her when she drove away drunk.

Ultimately, the group realizes that whatever the circumstances are around Alaska’s death, she would not hold anything against them for letting them go, and they have to forgive her for going.

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