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50 Maria Felix Quotes That Reveal a lot About The Mexican Diva

Maria Felix was a successful Latin actress during the 1940s-1950s. She completed 47 movies over her career. She was stunning and is considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses of Mexican cinema. She had quite a fierce personality too! Her spunk and sarcasm are clear in nearly every one of these Maria Felix quotes.

Maria was one of 15 siblings! She had a close relationship with one of her brothers. Her mother feared their relationship was too close (like incestuous close) and sent her son to Colegio Militar, in Mexico City.

This diva shares her opinion on just about everything, from men to money. Having been married four times, she had quite the opinion on men. Her life was complex and parts of it sound like something from the movies themselves.

Maria had one son with her first husband. After they divorced, she moved with her son. The boy’s father came and took him away from her after she allegedly beat him until he became unconscious for wearing a white dress and a necklace. Her second husband helped her orchestrate an elaborate ruse to get her son back.

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Best Maria Felix quotes about men and exes

1. “An ex is not worth more than a few days of tears.” ― Maria Felix

2. “A guy said to me, you can’t live without me. I said, “Please… nor that you were the best thing in the world and I deserved so little.”” ― Maria Felix

3. “A man must be mourned for three days… And in the room, you put on new heels and clothes.” ― Maria Felix

4. “If he left and then he comes back, it’s that nobody wanted the beggar dog.” ― Maria Felix

5. “Money only impresses a vague woman, when a woman is hardworking and has her thing, a man by her side is not synonymous of improvement.” ― Maria Felix

6. “Since the beginning of time, men have taken the best part of the cake.” ― Maria Felix

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Maria Felix quotes and sayings about women

7. “A woman should look down just for one reason: to see how cute her heels look.” ― Maria Felix

8. “An intelligent woman doesn’t get sad, she gets pretty.” ― Maria Felix

9. “An original woman is not one who imitates no one, but one that no one can imitate.” ― Maria Felix

10. “I’ve got one message for the women of my country and of the world, I wish they loved themselves like I love myself.” ― Maria Felix

11. “I will be for you one more woman in your life, but you one less man in mine.” ― Maria Felix

12. “The most serious mistake for many women is opening a man’s heart when they’re alone and not when they’re ready.” ― Maria Felix

13. “I am a woman with a heart of a man.” ― Maria Felix

14. “Women will never be like men, even though some men have a women’s heart.” ― Maria Felix

15. “Hair to women is a medium to express ourselves, it’s not true that with black hair women show their arrogance and disdain.” ― Maria Felix

16. “A woman is very complicated and difficult; it is a labyrinth where anybody can get lost easily.” ― Maria Felix

Badass and bitchy Maria Felix quotes

17. “Don’t be afraid to let people know you’re a badass.” ― Maria Felix

18. “I’m more of a bitch than a pretty one. And look, I’m very pretty.” ― Maria Felix

19. “If the one who criticizes you is ugly… It doesn’t count!” ― Maria Felix

20. “Don’t feel bad if someone rejects you, normal people reject the expensive because they can’t afford it.” ― Maria Felix

21. “Sometimes I’d like to be a submissive, selfless person, but I remember becoming a bitch in self-defense and I get over it.” ― Maria Felix

22. “Obviously, I have a soul. Just because someone as blind as you can’t see it, doesn’t mean I don’t have one.” ― Maria Felix

23. “I don’t think I’m the Queen Bee… I am the Queen Bee.” ― Maria Felix

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24. “I don’t like help. When I ask for it, you can help me.” ― Maria Felix

25. “I have been too busy living my life, that I have not had time to count,” when asked about her age. ― Maria Felix

26. “The best way to love someone is to accept them how they are, that is what I do with Antoine, it’s not easy, but to only love idiots is easy.” ― Maria Felix

27. “My enemies are many and bad; my friends are few and good.” ― Maria Felix

28. “Talking about myself is difficult, to talk about myself is severe, because I am better than what I appear to be.” ― Maria Felix

Beautiful Maria Felix diva quotes about life

29. “Beauty gives you everything, but it is not everything.” ― Maria Felix

30. “You don’t need to be perfect, as long as you don’t make any mistakes.” ― Maria Felix

31. “It’s not enough to be pretty, you need to know how to be pretty.” ― Maria Felix

32. “My job has been to be attractive.” ― Maria Felix

33. “Don’t give me advice, I can make mistakes alone.” ― Maria Felix

34. “Some friends told me that pearls make people cry. The only pearls that have made me cry are false pearls.” ― Maria Felix

35. “Diva is something invented, but I was not fabricated. Life made me and made me very well.” ― Maria Felix

36. “There’s a warrior in you.” ― Maria Felix

37. “It’s okay to be an original.” ― Maria Felix

38. “Don’t be afraid to move on.” ― Maria Felix

39. “Be yourself.” ― Maria Felix

40. “To think about existence doesn’t make what doesn’t exist, exist.” ― Maria Felix

41. “I have never judged lesbians and gays. What they do from the waist down, it’s their business, not mine.” ― Maria Felix

Maria Felix quotes about business and money

42. “Money is not happiness, but it’s better to cry in a Ferrari.” ― Maria Felix

43. “I don’t scream, what happens is that I have the important voice.” ― Maria Felix

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44. “People without ambition never come out of the hole.” ― Maria Felix

45. “Money isn’t everything in life, we know it, but how it takes the nerves out.” ― Maria Felix

46. “Leave the dead in peace, the ones inside can’t get out and the ones that are out don’t want to go in.” ― Maria Felix

47. “The stars of today don’t have the star power and actresses of today are disposable, models that don’t even know how to speak.” ― Maria Felix

48. “Nobody impresses me with a price, but with the results.” ― Maria Felix

49. “Others have seen less and paid more, was her reply when asked why she left a performance mid-show.” ― Maria Felix

50. “Flowers are a bad business, they last for a day and you need to thank them for a month.” ― Maria Felix

Which of these Maria Felix quotes and sayings is your favorite?

Maria’s complicated marriages were not the only rumors that surrounded her. She had a same-sex affair with Suzanne Baulé, who went by Frede and ran the cabaret Le Carroll’s on Rue de Ponthieu in Paris.

They broke up when Maria married Jorge Negrete, but when he died in 1953, she came back to Paris to rekindle their relationship. However, they had an ugly breakup and Maria sued Frede over jewelry she had given her, but she lost the lawsuit.

She married her fourth husband, Alexander Berger, in 1956. She became pregnant with her second child but sadly lost the baby in a filming accident. They were married for 18 years until he died of lung cancer. This happened shortly after the death of her mother and sent her into a deep depression. She used her love of horses to combat her depression, keeping them for 11 years. She passed away in her sleep at 88.

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