20 Maze Runner Quotes From the Sci-Fi Film

Enjoy these Maze Runner quotes from the hit movie!

Maze Runner is a science fiction movie that takes place in a dystopian world.

Wes Ball directed the movie, which was released in 2014.

The film starred Dylan O’Brien and Kaya Scodelario, among other actors.

Maze Runner was met with mostly positive reviews and performed great at the box office, grossing over $348 million against a $34 million budget.

The movie’s plot is based on the 2009 book of the same name that James Dashner wrote.

The movie follows a 16-year-old named Thomas who wakes up in an elevator without a memory of who he is.

He learns that he and other boys must find their way out of an ever-changing labyrinth.

While they attempt to find their way out of the labyrinth, the young men start an essential society called the “Glade.”

Follow along with these Maze Runner quotes to learn more about the movie.

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Maze Runner quotes from your favorite characters

These quick quotes from Maze Runner give you a glimpse of the plot that builds throughout the story.

1. “Day one, greenie, rise and shine.” – Gally

2. “We get out now, or we die trying.” – Thomas

3. “Everything started changing the moment you showed up.” – Thomas

4. “Stop calling me Greenie.” – Thomas

5. “We call them Grievers.” – Newt

6. “You don’t get it. We’re already dead.” – Minho

7. “I belong to the maze. We all do.” – Gally

8. “What if we were sent here for a reason?” – Theresa

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9. “Most importantly, never go beyond those walls.” – Alby

10. “That’s the maze. It never takes the same shape twice.” – Newt

More of the best Maze Runner quotes

The quotes below will make you want to watch the movie for the first time or again.

11. “If you want to stay here, I need to know that you’re going to follow the rules.” – Alby

12. “Somebody built the maze. I think it’s time we find out what we’re really up against.” – Thomas

13. “The rules are the only thing that have ever held us together.” – Gally

14. “Thomas, you can save your friends, or you can save us all.” – Ava

15. “Every morning when those doors open, there are runners who look for a way out, and no one has ever survived a night in the maze.” – Newt

16. “Runners are the only ones who really know what’s out there. They are the strongest and the fastest of us all.” – Newt

17. “How many kids do they have to round up, torture, kill; when the hell does it stop?” – Thomas

18. “You’re so close to the truth. Don’t you want to know why this all happened?” – Janson

19. “When those doors open, they run the maze, mapping it, memorizing it, trying to find a way out.” – Newt

20. “We don’t belong here. This place isn’t our home.” – Thomas

What is the Point of Being Stuck in the Maze

Eventually, Thomas and some of the “Gladers” learn why they are in the maze.

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They are test subjects to a group of scientists working to develop a cure for a massive solar flare that has devastated the planet.

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