25 Michael Myers Quotes From the Legendary Horror Villain

Fans of horror movies will love these scary Michael Myers quotes!

Michael Myers is a fictional character that first appeared in 1978 in John Carpenter’s movie Halloween.

Since then, Michael Myers has stood the test of time and is the silent killer in the 13 Halloween sequels.

Michael Myers was created by John Carpenter and is a mass murderer that covers his face with a mask and prefers to kill with a butcher knife, but can and will also kill with his bare hands.

Over the different movies, many different actors have portrayed Michael Myers, with Nick Castle as the first.

When we first meet Michael Myers, he is a six-year-old boy who brutally stabs his older sister to death on Halloween night.

We learn that he is sent to a Sanitarium, but fifteen years later, he escapes on Halloween and returns to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois.

Take a look at these Michael Myers quotes about the famous horror movie villain.

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Scary Michael Myers quotes

Check out some of these scary quotes about Michael Myers.

1. “Happy Halloween, Michael.” — Laurie Strode

2. “You’ve fooled them, haven’t you, Michael? But not me.” — Sam Loomis

3. “He killed one sister fifteen years ago, now he’s trying to kill the other!” — Sam Loomis

4. “Oh, make no mistake, he’s aware. He was watching you as you arrived.” — Dr. Sartain

5. “He’s waited for this night. He’s waited for me.” — Laurie Strode

6. “It’s the boogeyman! The boogeyman’s outside!” — Tommy

7. “Death has come to your little town, Sheriff.” — Sam Loomis

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8. “I shot him six times! I shot him in the heart, but… he’s not human!” — Sam Loomis

9. “Micheal Myers kills babysitters, not kids.” — Jeremy

10. “Every time somebody’s afraid, the boogeyman wins.” — Laurie Strode

Mysterious Michael Myers quotes

Enjoy some of these quotes about the mysterious Michael Myers.

11. “Let him take my head as I take his.” — Laurie Strode

12. “You’re scared because you know Michael Myers is still out there.” — Jeremy

13. “But this time, something feels different. He’s more dangerous.” — Laurie Strode

14. “I believe in Michael Myers, a deranged serial killer, but the boogeyman, no.” — Aaron Korey

15. “Maybe the only way he can die is if I die too.” — Laurie Strode

16. “He killed my daughter. But tonight, I will kill him.” — Laurie Strode

17. “The suffering Michael caused became an infection passing on to people who never even crossed his path.” — Laurie Strode

18. “That girl, that Strode girl, that’s Michael Myers’ sister. She was born two years before he was committed.” — Marion

19. “Michael Myers was pure evil. He took our dreams and turned them into nightmares.” — Laurie Strode

20. “For years, he’s been kept here to be studied. I suppose the state lost interest in discovering anything further.” — Dr. Sartain

More from Halloween and Michael Myers quotes

Enjoy more from the Halloween franchise with these quotes.

21. “C’mon, you don’t really believe Michael Myers is actually alive?” — Barry Simms

22. “When Michael Myers was six years old, he stabbed his sister to death. He was locked up for years in Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, but he escaped.” — Tommy Doyle

23. “He was my patient for fifteen years. He became an obsession with me until I realized that there was nothing within him, neither conscious nor reason, that was even remotely human.” — Sam Loomis

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24. “If that isn’t Michael Myers burning up in that car, then a lot of other kids are going to be slaughtered tonight.” — Sam Loomis

25. “Well, he’s been seen by over fifty psychiatrists, and with each, many different opinions. Dr. Loomis was the only one to see him in the wild, and he concluded he was nothing more than pure evil.” — Dr. Sartain

What Happens When Michael Myers Escapes?

When Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield, he continues his killing spree while being pursued by his psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis.

He murders three of the friends of the series’ main protagonist, Laurie Strode, and attempts to murder her, only to be stopped by Dr. Loomis.

The Halloween sequels show that Michael continues to murder and is always trying to kill Laurie Strode finally.

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