Missing Mom? Show Her You Love Her With These Unique Mother’s Day Gifts!

There are many different kinds of moms: helicopter mom, crunchy mom, zen mommy, and the free-range mom, to name a few.

No matter what type of mom your mom is, she deserves a present that is as special as she is, one that highlights the relationship you share.

Below you’ll find some unique Mother’s Day gifts to help you show her your love.

Most moms are not hard to please, we love you, and that love can make us a little biased.

It is likely that your mom already thinks you are the best gift giver out there while you are desperately trying to find the ideal gift!

Maybe, you are like me, and your mom has passed away, or your mother/child relationship is best described as “it’s complicated.”

Fear not, your step-mom, mother-in-law, or family member that raised you will also adore these gifts!

My mother-in-law lives down the street, and I miss her right now!

We haven’t been able to see one another, as our state had a stay-at-home order in effect until last week.

She is eccentric and a little cooky, but we love her.

She is challenging to get gifts for, so I found myself combing through Amazon, trying to find her something she would enjoy.

That rabbit hole got me thinking that maybe other people were struggling too, and I thought I would offer a few suggestions!

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Perfect Mother’s Day gifts for mom from the little ones

If you are a dad with little kids, and looking for the perfect gift from them, check out these adorable options!

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Do your kids love mom “to the moon and back?”

This “moon light” might be just what you have been searching for.

The lamp is a replica of the moon’s surface and glows in white and yellow!

Are you looking for a gift that is a little less cutesy?

This adult coloring book, filled with “colorful” sayings, such as “Mama needs a mother f*ing nap,” will help the mama in your life destress and even laugh a little!

Best Mother’s Day gifts for the mom who could use a little spa time

It can get pretty exhausting being a mom, and time to wind down and relax is always a great gift idea!

There are so many spa-like gift ideas out there, but here are three options sure to make mom smile!

Time to think INSIDE the box!

TheraBox is a self-care subscription box with 6-8 full-sized wellness products.

These include aromatherapy, natural and organic skincare products, and other lifestyle gems.

There are also activities designed to promote mindfulness; each box is curated by therapists to increase happiness and lower stress.

The box costs $40 a month, but you get your first one for $35, and products inside retail for at least $100!

Treat mom to the gift of relaxation monthly while helping her live her best life every day.

If your mom likes to lounge in the bathtub, these gift ideas will ensure bath time is an experience, not just an event!

This pillow will help her eliminate neck pain while she soaks.

These decadent chocolate bath bombs are the perfect indulgence.

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She can enjoy a glass of wine, and a good book, thanks to this bath tray, for a complete gift experience.

These are the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for your mom if she needs a little rest in her life!

Maybe your mom isn’t into mindfulness or bath time?

Is she the type that doesn’t do well with “free time?”

She will love the next few ideas!

Mother’s Day gifts for the mom who always needs something to do

I am this mom.

I like to be busy and have things to learn or accomplish.

I downloaded MasterClass to take some writing classes with experts like Margaret Atwood.

They are doing a buy one get one membership for five more days.

You get instant access to this, so, no need to wait for shipment.

Just picture it, you and mom can take the same cooking class with Gordon Ramsey while face-timing.

Then enjoy your reward over Zoom!

She will love it, and it’s the perfect way for you and your mom to spend time together, even if you live far apart!

Of course, if mom doesn’t want to cook but would like to learn a new hobby or craft, you could go with these subscription boxes:

  • Adults & Crafts offers the opportunity to learn a new skill monthly through a DIY project. They say they do all the “annoying prep work so you can do the fun part, crafting!” The first box is $30 and 39.95 a month after that!
  • Quilty Box offers a full-sized pack of 5×5 fabric and thread, along with a magazine for inspiration! 
  • Hunt a Killer (for the mom who loves all things mystery) offers a six-episode season where you eliminate one suspect every month by solving puzzles and deciphering clues!
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No matter what your mom likes to do, a subscription box like this will keep her busy and happy all year long.

Don’t worry if your mom would rather have cool things than do cool things, as these gifts have got you covered!

Mother’s Day gifts for the Fashionista mom

This Marc Jacobs “The Tote Bag,” is the perfect gift for the mom that hauls around a ton of stuff and wants to look fashionable while doing it!

If you don’t think the mom in your life needs such a large bag, check out this Zac Posen mini crossbody bag!

Either bag would look great with this white poplin shirt!

No frumpy mama here!

No matter what your mom is into, she will love a thoughtful gift from you.

Trust me; we adored all those things you made us when you were in school, there is nothing you could get us now that we won’t swoon over.

If you are still undecided, Mother’s Day is the highest-selling day for plants and flowers, so you could always go that route too! 

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