20 Niall Horan Quotes on Love, Life, and Music

Get to know more about the singer-songwriter in these Niall Horan quotes.

Niall Horan was born in Ireland and is a singer and songwriter.

His initial claim to fame came when he competed on The X Factor and was paired with other contestants into the group, which became known as One Direction.

The group spent the next several years working together and produced five albums before splitting in 2016.

At that time, Horan began a solo career and signed with Capitol Records.

He had instant success with his first two studio albums, with both debuting high in the charts in multiple countries.

You can learn more about him in these Niall Horan quotes.

Niall Horan quotes about who he is

You can get to know a lot about a person if you listen to them. The quotes below give you a peek at who Niall Horan is and what he thinks.

1. “I love with the heart, not the eyes.”  Niall Horan

2. “I’m the most carefree, happy person you’ll meet.”  Niall Horan

3. “Words will be just words till you bring them to life.”  Niall Horan

4. “When I have time off, all I want to do is do nothing.”  Niall Horan

5. “I don’t want to live up to how people expect me to be.”  Niall Horan

6. “I just like sitting at home, chilling and watching a movie.”  Niall Horan

7. “I’m waiting for my princess to come. I just have to be patient.”  Niall Horan

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8. “Dreams do come true. Believe always. I dreamt every night of becoming a singer.”  Niall Horan

9. “I’ll always defend the people I love even though I’m as terrifying as a baby penguin.”  Niall Horan

10. “Being single doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re strong enough to wait for what you deserve.”  Niall Horan

Niall Horan quotes about love and music

There are a few things that Niall Horan has shared about often, including love, relationships, and music. You can read some of his thoughts on the subjects below.

11. “The bigger the crowd, the better, really! The noise calms your nerves.”  Niall Horan

12. “If a man whistles at you, don’t turn around. You are a lady, not a dog.”  Niall Horan

13. “I won’t date a model because models are perfect, and perfect is boring.”  Niall Horan

14. “Anyone who is funny and doesn’t take herself too seriously is attractive to me.”  Niall Horan

15. “I want to sell out arenas and make an album and work with some of the best artists in the world.” Niall Horan

16. “The fans always tell me I’m beautiful, but I always tell them that no one will ever be as beautiful as them.”  Niall Horan

17. “The type of girls that would sleep with you in a heartbeat aren’t the type of girls I’d want to take home anyway.”  Niall Horan

18. “Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and if you don’t, then start because everyone is beautiful.”  Niall Horan

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19. “I hate to see a guy who insults a girl or is bad with her. Immediately I think she would be better if she was with me.”  Niall Horan

20. “Every now and then you have like a realization moment where you get goosebumps and think: I am literally the luckiest person in the world.”  Niall Horan

Are you a Niall Horan fan?

The group One Direction is one of the all-time best-selling boy bands.

They received many awards in their short time together, including MTV Video Music Awards, Billboard Touring Awards, Brit Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards.

Outside of music, Horan founded a golf management company known as Modest Golf.

He is a sports fan and played while growing up until he had an injury.

Advocacy is important to Horan.

He has been actively helping raise money for many campaigns, from poverty to climate change.

Horan will also be appearing on The Voice as a coach for season 23, which will air in the spring of 2023.

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