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Once Upon a Time Quotes Where Reality Meets Fairytale

If you wish life were more like a fairytale, share your favorite Once Upon a Time quote in the comments below.

Once Upon a Time is a fantasy adventure drama TV series that set its mark on ABC for 7 seasons. It brought joy and valuable moral stories to the viewers and fans all over the world while portraying the magic of childhood stories. The show alternates between the fantasy world of fairy tales where the magic happens and the real world.

It follows the story of Emma Swan as she uncovers the true nature of magic surrounding the fictional town of Storybrooke in Maine.

The series presented an enchanting story to the viewers by unfolding the background story of the town’s people as fairytale characters in conjunction with their real-world stories.

These magical Once Upon a Time quotes will make you wish life was a fairytale.

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Once Upon a Time quotes from Regina Mills

1. “I came to you in confidence. How am I supposed to prove to people I’ve changed when you’re there to chirp in their ears and remind them of my past?” — Regina Mills

2. “You think you’re some heroic prince? Please. You’re nothing but the son of a shepherd. I should’ve killed you when I could. And now… now I can!” — Regina Mills

3. “The deal’s not done. Not until I solve the next conundrum. How to get this savior to taste my forbidden fruit.” — Regina Mills

4. “Once you blacken your heart, it only grows darker…and darker. Trust me, I know.” — Regina Mills

5. “Have you ever considered that maybe, perhaps… I am good? I was always the Queen. It was you who added ‘Evil’ to my name.” — Regina Mills

6. “You see me as a villain, Ms. Swan. But that’s just your perception, and you’re wrong. Learn your place in this town, or soon enough, you won’t be in it.” — Regina Mills

7. “It’s just that magic is the way I’ve always gotten everything.” — Regina Mills

8. “Keep on baiting me, Charming! Right now I don’t have magic and I don’t have my son, but when I get one, I get the other. And you don’t want to be around when that happens.”

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9. “Ms. Blanchard is a liar and a murderer. No matter what accusations you throw my way, that won’t change. She’s going to pay for what she’s done. That woman has destroyed the last life she is ever going to destroy.” — Regina Mills

10. “People don’t change; they only fool themselves into believing they can.” — Regina Mills

11. “You did a terrible thing, but just because you made one bad move, or 30, doesn’t mean you can’t make a good one now.” — Regina Mills

12. “You can’t find someone if you don’t know they’re missing.” — Regina Mills

Once Upon a Time quotes from Emma Swan

13. “You can’t fix a problem until you know what it is.” — Emma Swan

14. “You want everyone to believe you’re the Savior? Then step up and do what needs to be done!” — Emma Swan

15. “I know what it’s like when others tell you what you can and can’t do, especially when you’re a kid. But ultimately, whatever you’re considering doing or giving up, the choice is yours.” — Emma Swan

16. “Just because you believe something is true does not make it real.” — Emma Swan

17. “I knew the moment I saw him that I never stopped loving him.” — Emma Swan

18. “Just a lost little girl who didn’t matter and didn’t think she ever would.” — Emma Swan

19. “Love is a part of all happiness, and you have to be open to that.” — Emma Swan

20. “There’s something I learned as the Dark One. If your name is on something, hold on to it.” — Emma Swan

21. “The truth is tricky. You have to look for it.” — Emma Swan

22. “The darkness is using you. It doesn’t care what you want. It only cares what it wants.” — Emma Swan

Once Upon a Time quotes from Mr. Gold

23. “You don’t do the right thing for a reward. You do it because it’s right.” — Mr. Gold

24. “A person obsessed with vengeance is easy to manipulate.” — Mr. Gold

25. “A gentleman always keeps his deals.” — Mr. Gold

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26. “As long as the dark ones existed, one thing has always held us back. The pull of the family we were so desperate to protect. The friendships that make it impossible to forget who we used to be. The magic that threatens to undo our most evil deeds. And, worst of all… The love that refuses to give up on us.” — Mr. Gold

27. “Be careful. Love is a weapon, dearie. The most dangerous weapon of all, which means the pain you should worry about isn’t the kind inflicted by a broken sword, but the kind that comes from a broken heart.” — Mr. Gold

28. “Here’s the thing about confidence, Miss Swan… It’s great at starting a fight, not so great at finishing one.” — Mr. Gold

29. “In this new land, should I ever come to you for any reason, you must heed my every request. You must do whatever I say. So long as I say ‘please’.” — Mr. Gold

30. “Now, you may have Excalibur, but you’ve made one mistake in all of this, one terrible mistake. You’ve turned me into a hero.” — Mr. Gold

31. “Wherever there’s injustice in the world, there’s always a fairy.” — Mr. Gold

32. “You don’t believe in your parents or in magic or even yourself.” — Mr. Gold

33. “Sometimes the teacher needs to learn from the student. And sometimes you need to fall very far to finally see the light.” — Mr. Gold

Once Upon a Time quotes from Killian Jones

34. “Even heroes make mistakes.” — Killian Jones

35. “Every day without hope is a day closer to becoming a Lost Boy.” — Killian Jones

36. “Love is a weapon as dangerous and persuasive as magic.” — Killian Jones

37. “You can hide buried treasure or a winning poker hand, but you can’t hide the bloom of first love.” — Killian Jones

38. “Darkness is a funny thing. It creeps up in you.” — Killian Jones

39. “If you want to bury treasure where no one can find it, leave it to a pirate.” — Killian Jones

40. “There is always a crisis. Perhaps you should consider living your life during them. Otherwise, you might miss it.” — Killian Jones

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41. “A broken knee is nothing on a broken heart.” — Killian Jones

42. “You’re only a pawn if you don’t know you’re being used.” — Killian Jones

Once Upon a Time quotes from Mary Margaret Blanchard

43. “Love’s the worst. I wish there was a magic cure.” — Mary Margaret Blanchard

44. “That’s what villains do. They make themselves happy at the expense of others. But it just makes them more unhappy.” — Mary Margaret Blanchard

45. “After everything your father and I have been through, there’s one thing we’ve learned. It is never too late.” — Mary Margaret Blanchard

46. “Heroes do what’s right, not what’s easy.” — Mary Margaret Blanchard

47. “Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing, but living with that kind of belief… that’s the most powerful thing of all. That’s hope.” — Mary Margaret Blanchard

48. “What you get back when you love someone far outweighs the risk.” — Mary Margaret Blanchard

49. “We save each other. That is what our family does.” — Mary Margaret Blanchard

50. “Ending isn’t happiness. Being together is.” — Mary Margaret Blanchard

51. “Love can save even the darkest souls. You just have to believe in it.” — Mary Margaret Blanchard

Which of these Once Upon a Time quotes is your favorite?

The series was able to present an exciting take to various fictional stories in classic history. Most of its characters are extracted from famous fairytales across various cultures, including Arthurian legs, Greek mythology and classic Disney characters. Exciting stories of Snow White, Wonderland, Neverland and Oz are some of the key foundations of these series.

While evil queens, prince charming and saviors are far-fetched from real life, we cannot deny the fact that the world can be magical or a nightmare, or both at the same time. This series teaches us to look at the good things and make the most out of them.

After all, the good always triumphs in the end. So show an act of kindness today after reading these Once Upon a time quotes and be the light to someone’s gloomy day.

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