25 Only Murders in the Building Quotes to Enjoy While Waiting for Season 2

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Only Murders in the Building is a mystery-comedy series on Hulu.

It follows the story of three strangers who share a deep interest in true crime mysteries and suddenly find themselves at the center of one themselves.

Following a suspicious death of their neighbor in their apartment building, the trio decides to solve the mysteries themselves and document it in their very own podcast.

This series features an exciting mix of characters that blends well with the story.

It created a pleasant comedic atmosphere throughout the show and maintained the mystery and thrill perfect for a true crime story.

These Only Murders in the Building quotes will make you eager for more true-crime podcasts.

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Only Murders in the Building quotes from Oliver

1. “What a terrific god-damned finale this is going to be.” — Oliver

2. “I’ve had worse injuries shucking oysters.” — Oliver

3. “No one wants a murder podcast about real estate!” — Oliver

4. “You are scoring a murder mystery, not DJing a hobbit’s wedding.” — Oliver

5. “As I said to Paula Abdul during our production of Hedda Gabler, we’ve got to start thinking outside the box here.” — Oliver

6. “Oh, my God, the twists and turns of this are unbelievable. It’s like a rainbow crafted by a drunken leprechaun.” — Oliver

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7. “This is exactly like Die Hard!” — Oliver

8. “Rock icon Sting is a dog-poisoning murderer. He’s like the next OJ. A hot, Buddhist OJ.” — Oliver

9. “We’re the heroes of this building. Before us, you could be killed in your own apartment, and no one would know it.” — Oliver

10. “We blend in by standing out.” — Oliver

11. “That’s really all we want, isn’t it? More time with the people we love.” — Oliver

12. “Stay out of the theater if you want a life. Trust me.” — Oliver

13. “Sometimes you do have to make a mess to clean one up.” — Oliver

Only Murders in the Building quotes from Charles

14. “I’ve fallen in love with so many dead people.” — Charles

15. “Even the elevator wanted that story to end.” — Charles

16. “A cat never really leaves you, because they transmit parasites.” — Charles

17. “Sometimes it’s easier to figure out someone else’s secret than it is to deal with your own.” — Charles

18. “How was the chillin’ in Washington Square Park? Was it, like, so chill? Did you chill it up so hard?” — Charles

19. “You know, it’s a law of nature. Nothing good ever happens on Long Island.” — Charles

20. “It’s money time, baby. Payday is here and check is in the mail.” — Charles

21. “She’s not a kid. We only think she’s a kid because we’re old.” — Charles

22. “You know, I’m thinking of putting myself out there again. I mean, I slept with a murderer! That is a great story to tell on a first date.” — Charles

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23. “We need to focus. Only murders in the building.” — Charles

24. “I’m so on board with this. Because this is how I’m gonna fill the rest of my days with hobbies, and my hobby is solving murders.” — Charles

25. “I mean, you’re insane, but that’s usually who people want to follow.” — Charles

Which of these Only Murders in the Building quotes is your favorite?

The show easily exceeded the fans’ expectations.

In an age where everybody loves a true crime story, this series provided an exciting and hilarious adventure to a topic that everyone wants to know about.

In addition, audiences love how the story builds up to justify each character’s actions and personality to create unique yet relatable characters.

As the series progressed, the trio learned to trust each other regardless of their age difference and perspective in life.

They learn to use their individual strength and skills to fill in their gaps to solve the murder in their building.

Share these Only Murders in the Building quotes and sayings with your friends, and let’s all hope that this series will get another season!

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