4 Questions To Ask Yourself To Assess Your Motives

Have you ever wondered why you are the way that you are?

It’s a seemingly simple question, but one that’s full of depth.

Often, we find ourselves going through life on autopilot.

This usually contributes to us feeling stuck in a rut as an end result.

On the road to self-improvement, we need to have heart-to-heart talks with ourselves.

This will help us determine what it will take for us to grow.

To begin, here are four questions to ask yourself – without casting doubt on who you are.


Questions To Ask Yourself For Introspection

1. Have you ever considered the impact of your decisions?

Every choice you make has some impact on your life – even if it doesn’t seem that way.

Some actions have a clear effect, such as deciding to end a relationship or accepting a new job.

Others are more subtle.

If you decide to sleep in 20 minutes past your alarm every morning, you might be robbing yourself of the opportunity to improve your life through morning meditation or exercise.

You don’t need to be doing incredible things at all hours of the day.

But you do need to understand how deciding to do (or NOT do) something will always have some sort of effect, even if you don’t realize it at the time.


2. How do you act around others?

It’s easy to judge others for what you perceive as their shortcomings, while simultaneously believing they should give you a break.

Our bad habits and other flaws are easier to overlook.

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We might not realize we have them.

Think about how you act around others.

Pretend that you’re another person in conversation with yourself.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are you friendly and engaged in the conversation?

Do you have worthwhile things to say?

Or are you just bored and disinterested?

It can be sobering to realize that we aren’t as reputable as we thought we were.

However, taking action to remedy this can have a terrific impact on our lives.

3. What motivates you the most?

Aside from the need to sustain ourselves through food and shelter, we all have different things that keep us going in life.

Some of us are driven by a desire to influence others; some are motivated by love; while a good number of folks are motivated by gaining knowledge.

When you are looking to better yourself, one of the questions to ask yourself is what motivates your decisions.

You need to think about how they’re impacting the journey you mapped out.

For instance, if you’re motivated by gaining knowledge, do you think you’d be better off scrolling through social media, OR reading an insightful news article?

If you’re unsure, try listening to a motivational speaker, like Dallin Larsen, or looking up a Ted Talk.

Listening to others who have succeeded in finding their motivation can help push you to find your own.

4. What’s something you’ve always wanted to do or try?

Procrastination is something that many people struggle with and can be a HUGE obstacle to self-improvement.

It can be exacerbated by feeling like tasks are gigantic beasts that you’re unable to slay.

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Instead, you can be more pragmatic about it and use your time wisely.

Instead of being baffled by the idea of completing a task, make an actionable step towards starting it.

If you have been planning to run a marathon, for examples, don’t wait around to train a week before.

Instead, you should go the gym or local track months in advance.

See how far you can run before feeling tired.

Then track your subsequent results over time.

You can learn a great deal just by listening – and that applies to yourself as well.

When you question yourself in a non-judgemental manner, you can open your mind and realize how your actions have been affecting your life up to this point.

From here, you can make a conscientious decision to improve.

It’s always good to make time to converse with yourself.

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