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Choices – Motivational Video

Jacqueline Walker
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The choices we make significantly influence the life we live and the legacy we leave behind.

Every choice we make stands as a landmark on the map of our life’s experience: denoting our successes or failures; reminding us of opportunities lost or risks converted to achievements; symbolizing challenges we overcame; or fears to which we succumbed.

The choices we make can give us power and pleasure, or impotence and pain.

Each choice is a key that can unlock a door that leads to our future – the life, dreams, goals we desire.

Or each choice can send us tumbling from our climb up the mountain back down into the valley.

Selecting the right key is of the utmost importance in opening doors that holds the answers, directions, opportunities, knowledge, and resources that will guide us to our destination.

Still, selecting any key is better than never making a choice.

If you select the wrong key, you can try again; but, if you never select any key, you will stay stuck with no hope for advancement; no chance of defining your life experience or creating a legacy for years to come.

Since our choices can create great consequences, then we must make them with precision and not by guesswork.

We must carefully analyze, evaluate, and ponder the pros and cons before making our selection.

We can’t choose blindly or by some random act.

We mustn’t let the situation linger and languish.

Our future depends on us taking a step, so we must set a cut-off point – a target date – to make a decision.

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We must move speedily, without wavering (single-minded) – secure in our decision.

Otherwise, we will wake up one day and find that the future is now and we have missed our moment.

When we do choose, we must believe in the choice with all our heart, soul, and being.

We must believe in it enough such that, regardless of whether the outcome is as expected or not, we use it to find our destination.

If our choice is perfect and puts us squarely on the path that leads to our pot of gold – then all is well!

But, even if it doesn’t, we can’t throw our hands up and walk away.

Instead, we must closely review the outcome and let it help us to win a “do over”, or allow it to reveal to us a “new way.”

We must use our choices and their results as building blocks to create the life we want, to secure our bequest as a gift of hope and help for the people and times to come.

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