7 Reasons You Need More Adventure in Your Life

When we hear the word “adventure”, we often think of flying to faraway places, exotic dish tasting and lounging on a white sand beach somewhere.

Most of the time, this yearning to become more adventurous is triggered by a friend’s online posts and updates.

But keep in mind that what we see on social media is far from reality.

Don’t let your impression of adventure be shaped by what others modify and want you to perceive.

Adventure can be right outside your door or right around the corner.

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Here are seven reasons to be more adventurous starting today!

1.) You get bored easily.

Being a couch potato, settling in for Netflix and just chilling when you’ve got nothing else to do, has become such a norm these days.

But what happens when your shows no longer keep you interested?

Aside from complaining, what else is there to do?

How do we find more interesting things to keep ourselves busy with when external sources of entertainment like the internet, video games, and TV have taken over our daily lives?

Take advantage of the boredom and use it instead.

There is adventure in de-cluttering your room as you unearth the pair of earrings you thought you lost two years ago, or when you find a handwritten note (that you thought you’ve discarded) from an old flame inserted in one of your notebooks.

Going down memory lane is a quest in itself.

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2.) Your health is suffering.

Don’t wait until your health deteriorates to start being more adventurous.

Stepping out and running a few miles is already an adventure in itself – you’ll meet new people or come across pets that make you consider getting one of your own.

Try to wake up earlier than usual.

Taking a walk and getting some fresh air can help reduce stress levels and release endorphins.

There’s no shame in starting your journey close to home.

3.) Do it “Just because”.

Are you daring enough to just drop everything and go?

It’s not a luxury everyone can enjoy, but if you have the funds, DO IT.

If you have the time, GO.

Get out of town for a weekend in exchange for a tough week?

Don’t mind if I do.

Sign up for those guitar or piano classes you never had time for in high school.

You don’t even need a reason, or anyone’s validation.

Do it for you and because you want to.

4.) To reward yourself.

Falling into a routine is no excuse for you to let your days remain monotonous from beginning to end.

Take yourself out for breakfast at a five-star restaurant.

Sign up for a membership at your local gym, or if barbells aren’t your thing,  there’s always the museum.

Pamper yourself at a spa or get a mani-pedi.

As a graduation gift or Christmas, set aside some amount of money to treat yourself to activities you can indulge in.

Maybe it was just about time you had some R&R by yourself.

Book that ticket.

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Remind yourself that you deserve rewards every once in awhile, too.

5.) For a change of scenery.

Indoors is not always the safest place to be.

There is such a thing as a sick building or house (SBS) syndrome.

For some, home is a sacred place, but if you imprison yourself indoors for unnatural periods of time, it’ll be the opposite.

SBS is reported to occur in new or remodeled buildings and are caused by poor indoor quality, lack of proper and clean ventilation, poor lighting and molds.

As a result, occupants start feeling temporarily sick and may suffer from symptoms such as fatigue and nausea.

Release your inner explorer.

Being more adventurous doesn’t always mean camping out in the wilderness or kayaking.

Spend those afternoons in coffee shops or libraries instead.

6.) You’re single.  

Your relationship might’ve been an adventure in itself – but there’s more to life than having a partner.

You don’t have to explore places hand in hand with someone, or take envy-worthy selfies as you visit famous landmarks.

Be proud that you made it on your own.

Dwelling on the what-ifs will only hold you back.

Take advantage of your “me time” or your “alone time”.

You can do anything you want without having to be responsible for anyone else.

Make this adventure all about you.

By focusing on yourself, you’ll be able to make much more beneficial and meaningful decisions.

However, if that adventure includes going the distance for a special someone, make sure it’s worth it.

7.) You’re getting older

Don’t wait until you’ve reached retirement age or peak physical capabilities to start traveling.

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Although some will argue that the best time to travel is when you’ve saved up enough.

If you wait until your 40s and 50s to engage in spontaneous activity, you’d have to be one healthy individual.

It’s no fun worrying about arthritis while trekking up the mountains.

Sign up for remote work, volunteer, couch surf, study abroad, or house sit.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

As long as you know how to budget your expenses, you can still be more adventurous than usual.

Your money has to go somewhere else rather than just the bare necessities right?

Although spontaneity and adventure go hand in hand, it doesn’t necessarily mean taking extreme measures to feel the rush.

We all have different levels of toleration and boldness.

Not everyone can, or wants to, hike mountains.

No one’s asking you to get behind the wheels of a car and go full-on Fast and Furious mode.

You wouldn’t want to be responsible for the road accidents happening on our journey.

Say “yes” more often, even if it scares you.

Fear is temporary.

Regret lasts longer.

Adventures are just there to make you appreciate the life you are already living.

Maybe you just needed a little nudge to feel “alive” again.

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