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Who was Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, occultist, and esotericist.

Being a spiritual teacher, he was a prominent figure of his era.

He is known for his work in fields like:

  • Esoteric Studies
  • Mysticism
  • Spiritual Practices

He is also popular for founding Anthroposophy, which is a unique spiritual philosophy.

Early Life and Spiritual Awakening

Steiner was born in 1861 in Croatia.

During the early years of his life, Steiner developed a keen interest in philosophy and natural science.

To pursue his thirst for knowledge, he went to Vienna, where he studied natural sciences, physics, and mathematics.

After he studied the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, his interest in spirituality increased.


Rudolf Steiner developed his own spiritual philosophy named “Anthroposophy.” 

This term is derived from two Greek words including:

  1. “Anthropos” (Human)
  2. “Sophia” (Wisdom) 

This suggests that “Anthroposophy” relates to the spiritual wisdom associated with the cosmos and human beings.

To put it simply, Anthroposophy refers to the concept that humans are capable of gaining higher spiritual knowledge. 

For this purpose, an individual needs to work on his/her self-awareness and inner development. 

Applying Anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual philosophy is widely applicable in the field of education. 

In 1919, he talked to the students of Waldorf School located in Stuttgart, Germany. 

The management of the Waldorf education system was looking to introduce the following aspects in a child:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual aspects of the child

Steiner helped the students while fostering critical thinking and enhancing their creativity.

Steiner’s Legacy 

The work of Rudolf Steiner has left an indelible impact on various fields.

Some of the most popular fields include philosophy, education, and spirituality. 

His followers consider him a visionary thinker who is capable of providing esoteric knowledge. 

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However, his critics have also registered their reservations by raising concerns about his teachings.

According to them, esotericism leads to exclusivity and dogma.

Even the controversies surrounding Anthroposophy couldn’t stop Steiner from propagating the Waldorf education system.

As a result, Steiner was successful in sharing his thoughts and ideas with diverse people.

That’s why Steiner is still known for his guidance and spiritual inspiration.

Top 5 Rudolf Steiner Quotes

Here are the top 5 quotes from visionary philosopher, educator, and esotericist Rudolf Steiner.

1. “Everyday something must be achieved inwardly.” — Rudolf Steiner

2. “Each individual is a species unto him/herself.” — Rudolf Steiner

3. “The science of the future will be based on sympathetic vibrations.” — Rudolf Steiner

4. “Love starts when we push aside our ego and make room for someone else.” — Rudolf Steiner

5. “The smallest thing in its rightful place can lead to the highest goals.” — Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner Quotes on Spirit

Browse our collection of quotes on spirit from Rudolf Steiner to delve into the realm of wisdom and profound thoughts.

6. “Spirit is never without matter, the matter is never without spirit.” — Rudolf Steiner

7. “Only a person who has passed through the gate of humility can ascend to the heights of the spirit.” — Rudolf Steiner

8. “The strength people need to proceed along the path of human development can come only from the spiritual worlds.” — Rudolf Steiner

9. “It should not be expected that what is spiritual can be brought before the eyes, before the senses. It must be experienced inwardly and spiritually.” — Rudolf Steiner

10. “The history of our spiritual life is a continuing search for the unity between ourselves and the world. Religion, art, and science follow, one and all, this aim.” — Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner Quotes On Soul

Rudolf Steiner’s soulful quotes here encourage us to feel the mystery of our existence and contact the eternal truths that reside deep inside us.

11. “May my soul bloom in love for all existence.” — Rudolf Steiner

12. “It is not possible to educate the will and the healthy soul that underlies it unless we develop insights that awaken energetic impulses in the soul and will.” — Rudolf Steiner

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13. “A healthy social life is found only when, in the mirror of each soul, the whole community finds its reflection, and when, in the whole community, the virtue of each one is living.” — Rudolf Steiner

14. “What is attained by a developed thinking is not visions but the spiritual sight of realities; what is attained by a developed will is not ordinary soul-experiences but the discovery of a consciousness different from the ordinary.” — Rudolf Steiner

15. “Immortality is the negation of death. We do not usually speak about ‘innatality’ – about having not yet been born – yet this is something we would have to regard as the other aspect of the human soul. We are just as unborn as we are immortal.” — Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner Quotes About the Human Body

Think deeply about the human body and its place in the greater context of life by reading Rudolf Steiner’s insightful quotes.

16. “When we project the specific organization of the human body into the space outside it, then we have architecture.” — Rudolf Steiner

17. “The Egyptian was the reverse of a theorist or mere thinker. He wanted to perceive with his senses how the soul took its way from the dead body into higher realms – he wanted to have this constructed before him.” — Rudolf Steiner

18. “Between death and new birth, we know that our body, down to its smallest particles, is formed out of the cosmos. For we ourselves prepare this physical body, bringing together in it the whole of animal nature; we ourselves build it.” — Rudolf Steiner

19. “What the spiritual investigator has to do to acquire the faculty of looking into the spiritual world consists exclusively of processes of spirit and soul; they have nothing to do with changes in the body, nor with visions arising from an abnormal bodily life.” — Rudolf Steiner

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20. “If you observe children with sufficient objectivity as they grow into the world, then you will perceive that children’s temporal bodies are still not fully connected with the spirit soul. The task of education, understood in a spiritual sense, is to bring the soul-spirit into harmony with the temporal body.” — Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner Quotes On Nature

Enter the enchanting world of nature and its profound connection to the human spirit with our collection of quotes from the visionary philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

21. “Colour is the soul of Nature and of the entire cosmos.” — Rudolf Steiner

22. “Knowledge has value only insofar as it contributes to the all-round development of the whole nature of man.” — Rudolf Steiner

23. “All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds. Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature.” — Rudolf Steiner

24. “Nature has endowed us with needs; among them are some that she leaves to our own activity to satisfy. Abundant as are the gifts she has bestowed upon us, still more abundant are our desires. We seem born to be dissatisfied.” — Rudolf Steiner

25. “However true it may be that we have estranged ourselves from Nature, it is nonetheless true that we feel we are in her and belong to her. It can be only her own work that pulsates also in us. We must find the way back to her again.” — Rudolf Steiner

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