Harnessing The Power Of Sacred Geometry 

Discover how sacred geometry impacts your life and learn how to harness the energy of the universe around you. 

Sacred geometry symbols represent naturally occurring patterns that mirror our micro and macro natural world

These divine forms manifest following precise dimensions and proportions that flow into universally recognized sacred geometry symbols.

This article will explore:

  • The basics behind sacred geometry and geometric shapes
  • How ancient and modern cultures use sacred geometry
  • How an awareness of sacred geometry can impact your life positively

Sacred geometry comprises multi-dimensional images and symbols communicating ideas that speak to different parts of our awareness.

Walk with us on a journey to discover how to tap into the sacred geometry symbols that surround you in the natural world.

What is sacred geometry? A beginner’s crash course guide.

Sacred geometry represents cosmic consciousness that connects the small with the big, the physical with the spiritual, and the divine with humanity. 

Think of it as a vast interconnected network of higher consciousness, the visible and invisible world, and energy flow.

The physical realm comprises natural patterns, simple shapes, frequencies, and geometrical archetypes we cannot always detect with our senses. 

These energies sometimes take physical form and manifest as sacred geometry. 

If you take the time to look, you find that sacred geometric patterns exist all around us.

These patterns create the building blocks and templates of life in the universe. 

We can decode the patterns into a language of mathematics that impacts our inner and outer worlds. 

Meaning that within these sacred geometry symbols, we can find spiritual meaning and impact on our physical self.

Each symbolic form reveals archetypal information, representing various lessons, wisdom, and equations. 

This information can lead to tapping into a higher consciousness and a better physical reality.

As above, so below

Sacred geometry is everywhere and represents numerous systems.

Crystals, shells, stars, the double helix of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, water, air, snowflakes, flower petals, and even the mighty Milky Way galaxy comprise sacred geometric symbols. 

All life forms and every physical form are created through geometrical forms or codes.

Have you ever seen pictures of nebula?

A nebula is a giant dust cloud in open space. 

Nebulas represent sublime beauty and boggle the human psyche.

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What makes nebulas so mind-blowing is that they visually mimic many aspects of life familiar to humanity.

Despite being thousands or millions of light-years away, many nebula take archetypal forms we recognize on Earth.

Some nebula look like crabs, birds, eyes, stingrays, dumbbells, lagoons, and even the double helix.

How can the cosmos mirror our world?

The micro and macro worlds have always mirrored one another, and sacred geometry is the key that unlocks universal secrets. 

An adage suggests, as above, so below, meaning that what happens in the highest levels of existence simultaneously occurs on the lowest levels of reality. 

The conscious mind can only sometimes pick up the subtle energies and messages delivered in through this marvel.

Sacred geometry speaks to our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind.

Sacred Architecture, the Golden Ratio, and the Building Blocks of the Earthly Realm

Each of us holds the seed of life within us. 

When people say our physical universe is comprised of sacred geometry, they are being literal. 

If you have ever heard someone talk about crystallization, crystalizing, or crystal grids, they refer to reality’s physical aspects.

Before an idea becomes an action, it starts as a thought. 

Through action, we crystallize a thought into the material world. 

Sacred Geometry reminds us that the physical world results from the etheric world by linking us to the crystal grid of physical reality. 

Sacred Geometry Symbols hold the building blocks to convert the nonphysical into the physical.

There are 11 common sacred geometry shapes; below are three of the most well-known: 

64 Tetrahedron

The 64-point star tetrahedron holds the geometry representing the vacuum of all matter. 

This most fascinating sacred form contains the vector equilibrium, which, in the simplest terms, represents universal balance on all levels. 

The 64 tetrahedron grid represents the complete integration of existence’s expansive and contractive forces. 

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron is an Archangel responsible for watching over humanity and guarding Earth.

This beautiful geometric form contains the Fruit of Life symbol and connects all 14 circles with straight lines. 

Metatron’s Cube contains all five platonic solids, representing the seen and unseen. 

This form is powerful and is excellent for replacing negativity with positivity. 

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The Flower of Life

If you have ever admired the power of the divine feminine, look to the sacred symbol of the Flower of Life and remember that we all come from a mother. 

The Flower of Life is one of the basic geometric forms of sacred geometry, containing seven circles that overlap and build outward, making a flower pattern

The Flower of Life is present in varying cultures and reminds us of the natural world’s power.

Even in the ancient world, they celebrated the Flower of Life as the basic template for everything in existence. 

We can find all sacred geometric forms in the Flower of Life! 

As you get more into sacred geometry, you will find over 600 advanced geometric shapes exist. 

Sacred Geometry: brilliant minds and rich cultures

Many ancient societies, including ancient Egypt, believed a highly evolved being or Creator spawned the universe as we know it. 

Most modern societies share a similar belief. 

Various cultures from the past understood that the physical world echoed the non-physical world; they tied together both through sacred geometry. 

The scientists, astrologers, chemists, and engineers of ancient Kemet (Egypt) were well aware of sacred geometry and applied ancient science to their expert construction.

It is no mistake that the great pyramids align with the stars within the belt of the constellation of Orion.

Mesopotamia, Greek, and Roman culture deeply respected sacred geometry, even working it into common religious symbols. 

Plato and Plutarch believed in the idea of sacred geometry, with Plato noting, “God geometrizes continually.” 

In recent times, mathematician Carl Gauss expanded the quote to, “God arithmetizes.” 

Ancient Adinkra symbols from West Africa mirror various sacred geometric shapes. 

The Druids applied the concepts of sacred geometry, such as overlapping circles, and infused its wisdom into their Celtic art, culture, and construction.

The modern appreciation for sacred geometry

Johannes Kepler believed geometric supports create the physical universe. 

Harvard mathematicians such as Shing Tung Yau have expressed an understanding of a well-calibrated geometric universe. 

He once shared, “Geometry’s role in this may be less obvious, but is equally vital.”

Adding, “I would go so far as to say that geometry not only deserves a place at the table alongside physics and cosmology, but in many ways, it is the table.”

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Now, many misunderstand sacred geometry and its fascinating aspects of the entire universe.

However, we can learn much by studying geometric shapes and unlocking their secrets.  

How can an awareness of sacred geometry improve your life?

The old saying goes, if you know better, you do better.

When we realize new information, we can use it to improve our lives. 

Sacred geometry represents an opportunity to soak in the wisdom of the world around us. 

Healers use sacred geometry in a good deal of rehabilitation and medicine for healing the human body. 

Ancient cultures viewed sacred geometry as an essential part of life, a soul education, if you will. 

Nowadays, modern therapists use images to help people heal and get in tune with their thoughts and emotions. 

Sacred geometric patterns contain high frequencies of energy and light that can activate, heal, awaken, and transform. 

The symbols are codes that assist your journey

Over 600 examples of sacred geometry exist: overlapping circles and triangles underline many of these geometric patterns. 

The triangle represents harmony, balance, and completion. 

It also symbolizes rising upward and expanding our consciousness. 

Similarly, mind, body, and spirit are three aspects of each human being.

Sacred geometry can balance our lives, harmonize our efforts, and recalibrate our emotions. 

An awareness of our inner world and human aura helps us navigate the external world.

The mental, physical, and emotional bodies are all tied together. 

Sacred geometry gives us the codes to enter the inner realms and explore our health from a holistic point of view. 

Many times, limiting belief systems or negatively charged emotions can manifest in physical dis-ease or challenges. 

If you are struggling with any aspect or area of life, it might serve you well to see if sacred geometry can offer any help. 

What are your thoughts on sacred geometry symbols?

Have you considered where you have seen Metatron’s cube and the Flower of Life?

Are you excited to learn more about all the other symbols?

Want to set up crystal grids?

Tell us your favorite sacred geometry shape!

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