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10 Signs You Love Yourself And Love Others

Signs You Love Yourself And Love Others

1. You’re Compassionate & Connected

You feel connected to others — two legged, four legged, winged, and what have you.
Your spirit is generous, giving, and helpful.
You have compassion and know we are all on a journey… we are all growing, so you reserve judgement best you can.
You are also wise and know to extend the same compassion for others onto yourself.

2. You’re Mindful & Gracious

You spend life in the moment.
Your eyes glow.
You are grateful to be here and find beauty most everywhere.
You look people in the eyes and experience moments with them.
You know that this is not the movies — it likely won’t be one heroic act that defines your character, but rather the cumulative sum of every moment.

3. You Take Responsibility & Seek Growth

You own your life.
When looking at the cards you have been dealt, you don’t point fingers or say “Woe is me.”
You own your journey forward and allow yourself to grow.

4. You Let Yourself Be Human but Remember to be Awesome

You understand that buttons get pushed, chemistry changes, hormones ebb and flow, and the sun isn’t always shining.
You don’t berate yourself for the valleys you visit, but rather shift your focus back to growth and positivity.
You squash any automatic negative thoughts that pop into your head without harping on them or feeling guilty.
You find yourself getting speedier and speedier at turning back to the positive.

5. You Fail Triumphantly and Succeed Humbly

You give it all you got.
If you fall, you get up.
You encourage others to get up.
You learn and move on.
You realize that multiple failures are part of the process.
When you succeed, you take pride and remain humble.

6. You’re Fair to Yourself

You take care of yourself, and, as a rule, you don’t pollute your body — this equates to healthy habits and relationships.
You are careful to eat clean and put yourself in healthy situations.
You let others show you who they are rather than project good qualities onto them.
If you find yourself in a toxic, soul-sucking relationship, you move on.
You grow strong, healthy relationships.

7. You Let Go

Even when it is hard, you are able to let go and trust where the journey will take you next.
When presented with the possibility of a great opportunity, you acknowledge it as such, though know that there are other great opportunities out there.
If one doesn’t work out, you learn from the experience and trust there is another great one ahead.

8. You Align with Love

Your truest intention is love and you seek to align with love over fear as you experience life and make choices.
You are able to pinpoint the times that you tell yourself you are being logical, but all this over-rationalizing is actually fear in disguise.
You choose love.

9. You’re Secure

You don’t find yourself getting worried or jealous.
You feel content and secure with who you are.

10. You Live with Passion

People comment on your zest for life.
You hear the line in the American Author’s song “Best Day of My Life,” and say YES!
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