25 Stardust Quotes for the Stardust Fans

If you are a fan of the Stardust novel, you will also love reading these Stardust quotes.

We have created a list of the top stardust quotes that are bound to attract your attention.

We carefully selected these quotes to maintain the authenticity of the novel.

Apart from these quotes, we have also discussed some facts about the Stardust novel and movie.

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Stardust: A Novel by Neil Gaiman

Stardust is a fantasy novel written by Neil Gaiman, a British writer.

The novel was published in 1999 with illustrations by Charles Vess. 

When it comes to the tone and style, this novel is different from other novels written by Gaiman.

It is written in the style of pre-tolkien English fantasy.

The novel follows the footsteps of popular authors like Hope Mirrlees and Lord Dunsany. 

Main Characters

Tristran Thorn, who is a half-human and half-Faerie, is the main character of this novel. 

Yvaine is a fallen star that Tristran is determined to find and bring back to Victoria Forester. 

Victoria Forester is a resident of Wall who is referred to as the most beautiful girl in the area.


The plot revolves around the adventures of a young man (Tristan Thorn) living in the village of Wall.

This village was close to Faerie’s magical land, and the story takes place in this fictional world.

Stardust is about Tristan Thorn’s journey as he leaves his village to retrieve a fallen star.

He is doing this for a woman named Victoria Forester, whom he loves.

During his quest, Tristan comes across a wide range of fantasy world creatures.

However, in the end, Tristan falls in love with Yvaine (a fallen star).

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Stardust Movie 

Stardust is a romantic fantasy and adventure film released in 2007 by a director named Matthew Vaughn.

This film was written by two writers named Vaughn and Jane Goldman. 

It is based on Stardust, the novel by Neil Gaiman published in 1999. 


  • Claire Danes
  • Charlie Cox
  • Sienna Miller
  • Ricky Gervais
  • Jason Flemyng
  • Rupert Everett
  • Peter O’Toole
  • Michelle Pfeiffer


The story of this film revolves around Tristan, who lives in a fictional town named ‘Wall.

Since the film is based on the Stardust novel, the story or plot is almost identical. 

Tristan goes on a quest to find the fallen star, which happens to be a beautiful woman named Yvaine. 

The story takes an adventurous turn when the witches and the Princes of Stormhold also start looking for Yvaine. 

Top 5 Stardust Quotes

Let’s check out the best stardust quotes first.

1. “Grow up, get over yourself.”Tristan

2. “No star can shine with a broken heart.”Yvaine

3. “You ever heard the expression ‘Be careful of what you wish for?”Tristan 

4. “Your emotions give you away, Yvaine. You must learn to control them.”Captain Shakespeare

5. “I swear if I don’t get my Tristan back as he was, I’ll be your personal poltergeist!” — Yvaine

Stardust Quotes About Love

Fall in love with the universe with these stardust quotes. Let the cosmos inspire you with magical and enchanting insights into love and romance.

6. “Is this love, Tristan? I never imagined I’d know it for myself.”Yvaine

7. “You know when I said I knew little about love? That wasn’t true.” — Yvaine

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8. “The little I know about love is that it’s unconditional. It’s not something you can buy.” — Yvaine

9. “I know that love is unconditional. But I also know that it can be unpredictable, unexpected, uncontrollable, unbearable, and strangely easy to mistake for loathing.”Yvaine

10. “When I see the way that mankind loves… You could search to the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful. So yes, I know that love is unconditional.”Yvaine

Deep Stardust Quotes

The following quotes are deep and inspirational, so don’t hesitate to share them with others. 

11. “Silver chains come in all shapes and sizes.”Neil Gaiman 

12. “If ever you get to be my age, you will know all there is to know about regrets.”Neil Gaiman

13. “It’s not hard to own something. Or everything. You just have to know that it’s yours, and then be willing to let it go.”Neil Gaiman 

14. “Don’t confuse the teacher with the lesson, the ritual with the ecstasy, the transmitter of the symbol with the symbol itself.” — Neil Gaiman

15. “A philosopher once asked, ‘Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?’ Pointless, really…’Do the stars gaze back?’ Now, that’s a question.”Neil Gaiman

Stardust Quotes about Shine

Find your inner light with these inspiring Stardust quotes about shine.

16. “What do stars do? They shine.”Yvaine

17. “Why would I want this? It’s just a measly handful of stardust.”Victoria

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18. “You’ve been glowing more brightly every day, and I think you know why.”Captain Shakespeare

19. “The golden burning heart of a star at peace is much better than your frightened little heart. Even so, better than no heart at all!”Lamia

20. “Not at night. It may have escaped your notice, genius, but that’s when the stars have rather better things to do. They’re coming out, shining, that sort of thing.”Yvaine 

More Stardust Quotes

Here are some more Stardust quotes for you to keep you intact. 

21. “Without our stories, we are incomplete.” Neil Gaiman

22. “Few of us now have seen the stars as folk saw them then.”Neil Gaiman

23. “Could it be that the heart that you seek is no longer my own? I have given my heart to another.” Neil Gaiman

24. “Adventures are all very well in their place, but there’s a lot to be said for regular meals and freedom from pain.” Neil Gaiman

25. “There is something about riding a unicorn, for those people who still can, which is unlike any other experience: exhilarating, and intoxicating, and fine.”Neil Gaiman

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