50 Utah Quotes for the Traveler in You

If visiting Utah is on your bucket list, these Utah quotes are for you.

Here, we have listed the best Utah quotes to read and enjoy.

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Reading these Utah quotes will increase your desire to see this beautiful state.

Apart from the quotes section, we’ve highlighted Utah’s best places to visit.

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Sites to Visit in Utah

Utah is a popular tourist destination if you are in search of stunning scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities. 

Utah offers you the opportunity to connect yourself with nature. 

With so many options, choosing the best tourist spots in Utah might take some time. 

We have created a list of Utah’s top places to visit to assist you.

These include:

  1. Moab
  2. Park City
  3. Zion National Park
  4. Arches National Park
  5. Bryce Canyon National Park

Arches National Park

This park is a heaven on earth with various eye-catching red rock formations.

There are over 2,000 natural arches, including the Landscape Arch, which is among the world’s longest arches. 

The Windows Section and Fiery Furnace are some other places worth seeing. 

This park is well-liked for adventure sports like rock climbing, canyoneering, and hiking.


Moab is located near Arches National Park, rendering it an easy-to-access tourist attraction. 

There are various outdoor activities for enjoyment, such as hiking, biking, off-roading, rafting, etc. 

Visitors can also try skydiving for a stunning view of the red rock formations.

Bryce Canyon National Park

This park looks too perfect to be real, as there are large sunset-colored natural amphitheaters. 

Here, you can enjoy horseback riding and hiking while exploring the natural beauties of this area. 

During winter, this place also offers an opportunity to enjoy cross-country skiing.

Park City 

Park City is a popular spot for winter sports.

Most events of the 2002 Winter Olympics took place in this area.

This place also hosts the annual Sundance Film Festival. 

Visitors can have fun participating in activities like whitewater rafting and zip lining during summer. 

Zion National Park

The popularity of this park is surging with each passing day. 

It is Utah’s first park that features 90 miles of hiking and backpacking trails. 

For beginners, there are easier tracks like Pa’rus Trail and Canyon Overlook Trail. 

Apart from hiking, you can also try canoeing in the fresh waters.

Top 10 Utah Quotes

Here are the top 10 Utah quotes for you to read and enjoy.

1. “I live in Utah.” — Tan France

2. “Money speaks in Utah.” — Robert Redford

3. “There’s no nightlife in Utah.” — Matt Barnes

4. “I was born and raised in southern Utah.” — Ally Condie

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5. “Coming back, Utah just felt like home.” — Derrick Favors

6. “Utah is no longer considered a flyover state.” — Gary Herbert

7. “I like Utah, but they don’t have a Starbucks.” — Mike D’Antoni

8. “I have nothing but love for everybody in Utah.” — Gordon Hayward

9. “Utah today remains a battleground for land-use policies.” — Stewart Udall

10. “Colorado’s right next to Utah – you know, Mormon Central.” — Trey Parker

Profoundly Adoring Utah Quotes

People’s affection for the state is beautifully captured in these Utah quotes.

11. “I love Utah.” — Joe Ingles

12. “I love a lot of Colorado and upper Utah. I think some of the most beautiful terrain is upper BC.” — Joe Lando

13. “I still love Utah. I miss being out there, but sometimes you have to move on and try new things.” — Derrick Favors

14. “I love everything about being in Utah. I’ll never change it. I don’t need the big market to be happy.” — Donovan Mitchell

15. “I love living in Utah. I was born here but raised in L.A., but we decided about 13, 14 years ago to come here to Utah.” — Donny Osmond

16. “I think my heart breaks daily living in Salt Lake City, Utah. But I still love it. And that is the richness, the texture.” — Terry Tempest Williams

17. “I’ve had opportunities. But I’m happy in Utah. I can do a lot of nice things, and I love the kids. We work hard, and we have fun.” — Rick Majerus

18. “Utah will always be special to me. They were the school that gave me an opportunity, and I grew so much as a person and player there.” — Alex Smith

19. “I never would have thought this would happen, me playing for Utah. It’s like coming around full circle for me and my family. We love it; we embrace it.” — Jae Crowder

20. “It’s been so much fun for me here in Utah and growing up here, starting a family, growing from a basketball standpoint, growing from just a man standpoint.” — Gordon Hayward

Informative Utah Quotes

These Utah quotes are informative as well as inspiring!

21. “In Utah, there are no bad things in the water there. It’s just smooth, really beautiful.” — Steve Guttenberg

22. “Snowboarding! I love it! Some of the best places to snowboard are Telluride and Park Cities, Utah.” — Bridget Hall

23. “To be honest, I love being in Utah, so I think most people have the wrong idea about the city, about the place.” — Rudy Gobert

24. “We have a water purifier, so we drink a lot of it. As a singer, especially in Utah, you have to hydrate constantly.” — Donny Osmond

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25. “Because, you know, you’re in Utah. And because of its political conservatism, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” — Robert Redford

26. “Family trips to Yellowstone and to what are now national parks in Southern Utah, driving the primitive roads and cars of that day, were real adventures.” — Paul D. Boyer

27. “The San Gabriel monument expands our natural heritage, but there is more in need of safeguarding – extraordinary places like Utah’s Greater Canyonlands.” — Frances Beinecke

28. “Utah’s economy stays strong by adhering to conservative fundamental principles: low and consistent tax rates, smaller and more efficient government, sensible regulation, and empowering the private sector to create jobs.” — Gary Herbert

29. “Anyone who spends time on the road knows there’s something special about being in the middle of Utah or Nebraska – you sit with it, and there’s a peace about it. You can go left or right, and it opens up all kinds of doors. You take your own path.” — Jason Momoa

30. “Utah is amazing; it’s incredible because it’s so big. There are so many places to drive. There are curves, straight bits; it’s like Road Runner country, frankly.” — Edd China

Utah Quotes by Athletes

In this section, you will get Utah quotes from top athletes.

31. “Utah is a very special place for me. It helped me a lot.” — Kyle Kuzma

32. “My passion for gaming is well-known among both the Utah Jazz and my team in France.” — Rudy Gobert

33. “It’s a unique atmosphere in Utah that I don’t think a lot of other teams have around the league.” — Rodney Hood

34. “When I graduated from Utah, I was headed into the biggest job interview of my life, the NFL Draft.” — Alex Smith

35. “I would love to bring the state of Utah its first championship. I think that’s one thing I’ve always wanted.” — Donovan Mitchell

36. “Utah was so different; I was so new to it. I didn’t expect to stay. But as the years have gone on, I’ve grown to love it.” — Derrick Favors

37. “I appreciated all the support and love that I had from not only BYU fans and people from Utah, but all over the country.” — Jimmer Fredette

38. “Everyone talks about Utah riding, Slickrock, and all that. I go through the mountain bike magazines at the shop, and I think, ‘That’d be awesome.’” — Reggie Miller

39. “For me, the timing has been good, but I also feel very lucky to be playing in Utah. We have a good team with tremendous players who like to win.” — John Stockton

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40. “I grew up snowboarding in two of the best states for the sport: Colorado and Utah. The world-class ski mountains in these neighboring states were key factors that allowed me to represent our country in two Olympics and numerous X Games.” — Gretchen Bleiler

Utah Quotes about Utahns

Utah quotes about Utahns will give you insight into those who live there.

41. “I’m married to a man from Utah, and I talk about that very openly.” — Tan France

42. “Of course, there isn’t really a black population in Idaho or Utah.” — Richard Benjamin

43. “People make fun of Utah nightlife, but it’s actually dope. I love it.” — Donovan Mitchell

44. “It’s a lot more common now for someone to know a Mormon rather than just know of Mormons out in Utah, … We seem more normal. We’re not as exotic.” — Brigham Young

45. “If the people of Utah shall peacefully form a State Constitution tolerating polygamy, will the Democracy admit them into the Union?”Abraham Lincoln

46. “I have friends in Utah who care about me as a person, not for what I am. They’ll call to see how my heart is, how my blood pressure is.” — Rick Majerus

47. “There’s a lot of really talented people in Utah, people who would really make an effort to make the music the best that it could be and as emotional as it could be.” — David Archuleta

48. “I had spent four months in Cedar City, Utah, right after graduation as an intern at the Utah Shakespearean Festival. It’s a town that has many people living the polygamous lifestyle.” — Stephen Karam

49. “I enjoyed my time in Utah. It was a different area to what I was used to. The people there were very nice, and it was a great organization and city. I have only good things to say about Utah.” — John Starks

50. “In Utah, the American melting pot is unstirred. Three out of four people are Mormons, and they are all here in this bleakly beautiful sanctuary ‘behind the Zion curtain’ because of religious persecution.” — Shana Alexander

Which One of these Utah Quotes is your Favorite? 

After you have reviewed our extensive list of Utah quotes, your interest in visiting this place might have doubled. 

We have tried to include only the most relevant and authentic quotes when creating this list. 

Here, you can find a wide range of Utah quotes by different famous personalities.

Hence, finding a Utah quote that inspires you the most won’t be that difficult.

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