25 Vikings Valhalla Quotes from the Netflix Sequel

If you enjoyed the hit TV show Vikings, you’ll enjoy these Vikings: Valhalla quotes from the sequel.

Vikings: Valhalla is a historical drama series that is the sequel to the hit series Vikings.

Jeb Stuart created the series for the streaming network Netflix, which first debuted in 2022 with eight episodes.

Another eight episodes were released in 2023, and the third and final set is scheduled for release in 2024.

Vikings: Valhalla stars actors and actresses Sam Corlett, Frida Gustavsson, Leo Suter, and Bradley Freegard.

Fans of history or action-drama will love this series.

Take a look at these Vikings: Valhalla quotes to learn more about the hit series.

10 Top Vikings Valhalla Quotes

Here are some of the top quotes from Vikings Valhalla.

1. “Do not confuse tolerance with forgiveness.” — Jarl Haakon

2. “Sometimes rewards can be gained without a fight.” — Streona

3. “I am on a mission. I can say no more.” — Freydis Eriksdotter

4. “I prefer my fate to be in my own hands.” — Harald Sigurdsson

5. “All things are possible if our minds are open.” — Estrid Haakon

6. “Change is happening, and we must be ready.” — Estrid Haakon

7. “Things change, and we must change with them.” — King Canute

8. “Facing doubts or fears is the first step in courage.” — Earl Godwin

9. “A man who asks for nothing is someone I cannot trust.” — King Canute

10. “Whatever happens, you must survive. You are the last.” — Estrid Haakon

Learn more about the show’s story and characters in the following quotes.

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11. “Not every Christian is bad. All religions have flaws.” — Harald Sigurdsson

12. “True Vikings always reach for glory. It’s what defines us.” — Harald Sigurdsson

13. “Killing a man in chains is easy. Fighting a man takes courage.” — Harald Sigurdsson

14. “I don’t believe ghosts can hurt me. But I do believe Vikings can.” — Emma of Normandy

15. “This is blood… It’s not my blood; it’s our blood; it is Viking blood.” — Harald Sigurdsson

16. “The best way to forget about a great woman is to find another who is superior.” — King Canute

17. “It is good to listen to a man who knows his own mind and has the courage to speak it.” — King Canute

18. “A rotten house cannot be repaired. It must be torn down in order to build a better one.” — Earl Godwin

More Vikings Valhalla Quotes from the Hit Show

If you can’t get enough of Vikings of Valhalla, you’ll enjoy these quotes.

19. “You will know glory when you reach it. Trust me. This is just the path to get there.” — Harald Sigurdsson

20. “This invasion is to avenge the murder of our people. All Viking people. I draw no distinction between Pagan or Christian.” — King Canute

21. “My people do not fear death. They know if they fight till their last breath, they will have earned a seat at Odin’s table.” — Estrid Haakon

22. “As a Viking, my goal is revenge. But as a Christian, I employ the virtues my Savior taught me: forgiveness, mercy, and love.” — Harald Sigurdsson

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23. “When you have lost everything, as I have, you become accustomed to preparing against the worst so as not to ever have it happen again.” — Earl Godwin

24. “If so, there will come a day when your fear of failure will be overwhelmed by an instinct to act. To survive. If you listen to it, you will succeed.” — Earl Godwin

25. “In war, it does not matter the size of your enemy’s forces, the strength of his steel, or the valor of his men. All that is required for victory is to know your enemy’s deepest desire.” — Emma of Normandy

What is the Plot of Vikings Valhalla?

The series’ plot takes place more than one hundred years after Vikings took place.

It is centered on the beginning of the end of the Viking Age.

We see the Vikings in conflict with England and amongst themselves over conflicting Christian and pagan lifestyles.

Share these Vikings Valhalla quotes with your friends and family, and post any comments about the series in the comment section below.

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