20 Wild Child Quotes From the Teen Movie

You’ll enjoy these Wild Child quotes from the movie if you love teen comedies.

Wild Child was released in 2008 as a teen comedy directed by Nick Moore.

The movie stars Emma Roberts, Natasha Richardson, Shirley Henderson, Alex Pettyfer, and Aidan Quinn, among others.

The movie was met with mediocre reviews and only grossed $21.9 million against a $20 million budget.

The plot follows a spoiled, rich teenage girl named Poppy who lives in Malibu, CA.

She is sent to a boarding school in England after a prank ruins all her widowed father’s girlfriend’s belongings.

At first, she hates being at the school, but she slowly develops real friendships as she learns who she really is.

When she joins the lacrosse team, she is surprised to learn that her mother attended the same school years ago and was on the lacrosse team.

Poppy learns to fight for what matters to her as she battles the head girl, who is trying to get her kicked out of school.

Enjoy these Wild Child quotes.

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Best Wild Child quotes

These quotes are classic for a teen comedy.

1. “We’ve got ourselves a SULA!” – Poppy

2. “Oh, sorry, just can’t trust the help these days.” – Harriet

3. “Actually, it was Kate’s vomit, Mrs. Kingsley; I was just lying in it.” – Drippy

4. “Do you want to kiss Fredster on the lips?” – Poppy

5. “It’s nice to see you when I’m not half-naked or delirious.” – Poppy

6. “So you backed out of our deal…” – Freddie

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7. “I can’t eat this.” – Poppy

8. “Welcome to Malibu, biatch.” – Poppy

9. “And she should be in the correct uniform for a start.” – Matron

10. “Mobile phones, please, girls.” – Matron

Wild Child quotes that match the characters

You can get an accurate picture of what the characters are like in the following quotes.

11. “What is this place? Hogwarts?” – Poppy

12. “You know, in England, we have this amazing this; it’s called a tap.” – Kate

13. “When the head girl has earned my respect, then I will shake her hand, biatch.” – Poppy

14. “Look at me going on and on. You can tell me to shut up anytime.” – Poppy

15. “There’s something about you, Poppy Moore. Every moment I’m with you, I catch my breath.” – Freddie

16. “If it’s bulimia, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t eat someone’s birthday cake on their birthday. It’s such a waste.” – Drippy

17. “That is physical abuse. I’m calling my lawyer.” – Poppy

18. “I didn’t start it. It wasn’t my fault, and if this were America, I would sue.” – Poppy

19. “She means no home clothes for a week.” – Kiki

20. “Here’s a Ben Franklin. Why don’t you go out and buy yourself, well, anything.” – Poppy

When You Find Out Who You Are, You Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are

She thought her best friend Ruby was her real friend, but she learned that Ruby had been intimate with Poppy’s boyfriend.

When Poppy opens up to her new roommates, they become closer and start helping each other through the trials of growing up.

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She finds a guy who likes her for who she is and starts making real friends.

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