10 Ways You Are Your Own Worst Enemy – and What To Do About It

This may sound cliche, but in many ways, we are our own worst enemy. 

This may come as a bit of a shock and I hope it does.

But you are more powerful than you possibly realize and your potential is limited by only one factor: you.

Do you know how much power you actually possess? 

Do you know that literally everything in your life is the product of your choices, your outlook, your attitude, your behavior? 

How does that make you feel?

I invite you to look at that notion with a sense of excitement, freedom, and relief!

In my own experience, it’s as though I have been in denial of my power.

It’s like I fear it or don’t understand it.

I spent a lot of time literally frozen in a state of overwhelm and as the moments of my life ticked by, I was in fact, my own worst enemy – my only enemy, really.

I found myself stuck in cycles that brought me disease, yet felt unclear on how to change my life for the better.

I hated my career, had vices I wasn’t proud of, and was 70 pounds overweight. 

Then, when life struck – as it seems to do – I was met with an event that brought about unspeakable grief, trauma, and shock.

I realized my old ways of denying this power and ultimately denying the lifestyle I really longed for, had to stop.

Today, as a Mystical Nutritionist, I see clients struggling in so many of the ways I did.

Through their experiences and my own, I offer you these 10 points to meditate upon to bring about nourishment for your whole being.

Who knows, the catalyst for igniting the transformation you seek could be right NOW, if you let it.

For the only way to break through your chains is to first realize that you are your own worst enemy.

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Why You Are Your Own Worst Enemy – and What To Do About It

Here are 10 ways you are sabotaging your vitality and purpose – and what to do about it:

1. Harsh Judgement and Criticism

This one is just a complete and total killer.

Others may be judging or criticizing you – but NOT as bad as what you do to yourself.

So the next time the negative tape starts to play, simply take a deep breath and change the track.

If your worst enemy is yourself when it comes to judging or criticizing, choose to listen to something else.

2. Excuses

“I can’t do this because I’m too ____.” “I would do that, but _____.”

Sound familiar? 

There’s often a need that’s not being met and excuses are the product of fear.

What’s the actual need?

On the other side of these excuses is your freedom.

Identify the common excuses or reasons you keep telling yourself out of fear.

Understand that fear is normal – but you need to move forward.

After all, you’ll never know unless you actually try.

3. Scarcity and Lack

This can show up in many ways from undervaluing your offerings to not investing in yourself.

This can also be a feeling or sense of inadequacy because you think you’re not being or doing enough.

This one’s insidious.

Pay close attention to how this may show up in your life in its many forms.

Remember: you can choose to build new habits and tear old ones.

You can be better.

But being yourself is just enough.

4. Selling Yourself Short

Do you have passions, wisdom, and expertise to share with people but you’re holding yourself back because of insecurities, doubt, or even shame?

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STOP it.

You are your own worst enemy whenever you sell yourself short.

People NEED you and they need you in your authenticity and boldness.

You give others permission to shine and be a human when you let yourself do it first.

5. Unclear Boundaries

How many times have you said “yes” to something when your gut was screaming at you to say “no”?

Boundaries are essential to our success in every way.

By honoring our various boundaries, we are honoring our purpose and our path.

Every “no” is a “yes” to something more nourishing!

Practice mastering when to say NO.

6. Mindlessness

Fallen into a rut and a routine?

Shake it up.

This is YOUR life and it’s happening now! 

Succumbing to mindlessness and autopilot mode is not the way to fulfill your dreams.

Meditation has been an essential part of my journey.

It doesn’t have to be the commonly thought of type of meditation, either!

Decide that for the next 5 minutes, everything you do will be with a connection to your breath, body, and your senses.

Shift your awareness back anytime you catch yourself wandering and watch the benefits unfold.

7. Not Being Intentional

Similar to living mindlessly, NOT setting clear intentions for your endeavors is a way to hold yourself back and becoming your own worst enemy.

What are you doing and why? 

And most importantly, how do you want to feel while you are doing it? 

Before beginning your daily tasks, ask yourself these questions.

If there isn’t a clear answer for one or more, perhaps you need to re-evaluate that item’s place on your list and refer to tip number five.

8. Outdated Beliefs

We all have deeply held beliefs that were either intentionally or unintentionally ingrained in us from a young age.

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“Women don’t do that.” 

“I’m supposed to go to college, get a desk job, and retire.” 

Whatever it may be, check and see if these are actually YOUR beliefs and what place they have in your current life.

Release outdated beliefs, which are not supporting your vision.

You can then be free to create new ones.

9. Unsupportive Tribe

We choose the people we surround ourselves with.

It’s not surprising that they can have a huge influence over our success, our beliefs, our feelings, and even our internal stories.

There are two clichés that I love:

“Go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, it’s time to find a new room.”

Surround yourself with like-minded people whose lifestyles are similar to the one you desire.

Folks who are dedicated to following their purpose, who walk their talk, and who will not cosign your BS.

You are your own worst enemy when you let unsupportive people dictate what’s best for you.

10. Repeating Negative Cycles

Repeating anything that isn’t propelling you into the next phase of evolution on your path is not only a choice, it’s also the definition of insanity!

Go back and determine which negative aspects of your life keep repeating themselves.

Only then can you know WHAT is causing it, and WHAT you can do to make things better.

Humans ARE their own worst enemies.

But if you courageously check yourself daily and begin to free yourself from the shackles of any of these personal issues, then you can slowly begin to grow.

The second you realize you can always DO something about a bad situation, it’s when the magic happens – because that’s the time you can truly grow into the person you deserve to become.

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  1. faustar

    April 27, 2020 at 5:43 AM

    Am so glad for the article. It has entirely open my mind a lot!!!
    …at first i would not agree that i am my own worst enemy, but for now i have believed it…
    And i am ready to change me

  2. ringtonesdump.com

    October 29, 2019 at 1:23 AM

    Many people have a lack of responsibility for their life and live blaming others, justifying, seeking pretexts and even giving up their dreams. They believe that the world is against them and that the enemy is outside them, not inside. A man has many ways to become his own enemy. Today, I will share 9 ways to self-sabotage and become your opponent, the same that can kill you.

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