10 Things Every Woman Needs to Hear at Various Points in Her Life

How many amazing women do you have in your life? Have you told them lately? 

Whether you said yes to the first question, the second, or both, you experience the gift of having amazing women in your life.

Ladies lead businesses and teams.

They provide love and wisdom to their loved ones.

They bring life into the world through childbirth and so much more.

With the many responsibilities women have, you can easily understand why they benefit from the right support to excel in life.

Let’s examine the 10 things women need to hear at various points in life.

And note how YOU can best support yourself or the amazing women in your life.


Top 10 Things Women Need To Hear Most

1. I love you.

Has someone told you “I love you” recently? If you’re not a woman, have you said those words to a lady in your life recently? This is one of the things women need to hear most.

It’s beautiful to know that you’re loved.

Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to know I am loved and to hear “I love you” often.

Every time I speak to a loved one, he or she expresses love for me.

When I feel down or frustrated, I really appreciate a family member, friend, or significant other reminding me of their love for me.

Most importantly, love yourself.

At an early age, I was taught to love myself.

Now, I take the time to declare that I am loved and I am lovable every day.

I am sure that loving myself is one of the reasons why I maintain joy and a healthy self-esteem whether I’m in a romantic relationship or not.

Embrace telling yourself “I love you” daily.

You can say those meaningful words to yourself before getting out of bed each morning, or while you look in a mirror.

Whenever you say the phrase, do it with sincerity.

Also, surround yourself with people who truly love you and graciously accept when they say so.


2. You are beautiful.

You are beautiful. This statement is one of the things women need to hear, especially when they criticize themselves or others disapprove of them.

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You have the ability to celebrate yourself regardless of what you wear.

Dismiss the negative comments from others.

Just focus on your true beauty.

I learned to cherish my beauty in spite of others’ opinions during childhood.

I was ridiculed about the orthopedic or “special” shoes that I wore because some classmates didn’t think they were stylish.

At times, I didn’t feel cool and I felt hurt when I heard mean comments.

With the help of family, I learned to dismiss the negative feedback of others and I focused on the best parts of myself.

Do you really know that you are beautiful?

Are you holding onto negative statements from others who say you lack beauty? Release those comments from your mind.

Continuously tell yourself that you are beautiful no matter what people say, or what you choose to wear.

3. Love your body.

Telling a woman to love her body helps her with self-worth.

As soon and as often as possible, a girl’s family should encourage her to love and appreciate her healthy body.

It’s one of the things women need to hear early on in life, because the girl will eventually become a woman.

She needs to know how amazing her body is – regardless of what society promotes.

During my formative years, my mother emphasized that I need to love and be grateful for my body.

Occasionally, thoughts of disliking parts of my body would come up, but I quickly reminded myself to have the positive body mindset that developed during my youth.

Love your body throughout the stages of life.

4. Stay true to yourself.

Have you heard “stay true to yourself” before? People say it occasionally.

You may even recall seeing it when a classmate wrote the words in your yearbook.

One of the things women need to hear is to “stay true to yourself” constantly, to remember who they really are and to know how they choose to live matters.

The importance of staying true to myself became evident in a romantic relationship.

It was nice to be open to my man’s interests and values, but I didn’t need to dismiss mine.

When I realized that I pushed a few things to the side to go along with my significant other’s preferences, I checked myself and lovingly told him what really mattered to me so we could make wise adjustments.

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Be mindful of subtle ways you may not be true to yourself in and out of relationships.

Embrace your preferences and that of others to create a happy medium where everyone remains true to themselves. 

5. You are powerful.

Yes, women are powerful.

It’s imperative that women know their power.

  • You are powerful simply because you are alive.
  • You are powerful when single or married.
  • You are powerful as a business owner or employee.
  • You are powerful no matter how much money you make.
  • You are powerful whether you are a parent or not.
  • You are powerful alone and women can be powerful together.

Celebrate your power daily and encourage other women to do the same. 

6. It will pass.

Every woman benefits from hearing “it will pass.”

It can represent a business or job change, a financial challenge, a friendship ending, a romantic relationship ending, a loved one passing away, or a change in residence.

Gently telling a woman “it will pass” during those situations can help her move forward to brighter experiences.

One time I read “it will pass” on a notebook.

The words truly inspired me to keep moving forward as I was experiencing a financial challenge.

I also remembered past challenges that I was blessed to overcome and the financial one was no different.

Are you experiencing a situation that seems overwhelming? It will pass.

Recall how you overcame past challenges.

Know you will be stronger and wiser after moving through the current situation.


7. Be responsible.

Do you take responsibility for your life?

Whether a woman is in a relationship or not, she should know that she is ultimately responsible for her life.

Being responsible helps you control your life.

I was raised knowing that I’m responsible for my life based on my thoughts, feelings, and actions.

As an adult, being responsible is even more apparent.

I embrace my part in things going well in my life as well as challenges.

I especially understand that I am responsible for my happiness.

Sometimes, a loved one may not be in the best mood, but that doesn’t mean I have to feel the same.

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I focus on things to keep me happy and energized.

Ladies, be responsible for your happiness and life overall.

This highlights your power and enhances your experiences.


8. Trust yourself.

Women need to hear “trust yourself,” especially when questioning choices.

When a woman trusts her true self or intuition, she becomes fully in tune with divine wisdom.

The knowledge that comes from her inner voice provides clarity and power to make the best decisions.

This year, I fully committed to trusting myself.

As a result, I enjoy more clarity to live effectively.

I am enthusiastic about consistently trusting what resonates with me.

Do you trust yourself, Amazing Woman? If yes, keep it up!

If no, now is a perfect time to start trusting your inner truth.


9. Breathe easy.

Are you stressed at home, at work, or in traffic jams?

Let the stress go and breathe easy, my dear!

One of the things women need to hear about is taking advantage of breathing deeply the moment they feel tension.

I meditate at least twice a day, which gives me time to relax and breathe deeply.

You can do the same.

Or you can take at least three deep, slow breaths in and out whenever you feel the need.

This technique will help you feel more relaxed and maintain good health.


10. Take care of yourself.

With busy schedules and various activities, it’s important for women to hear “take care of yourself.”

Hearing the phrase is particularly significant when you have a hectic schedule.

The gentle reminder causes you to check within to ensure that you’re operating in the best ways.

I notice the importance of taking proper care of myself when I’m irritable or not working as efficiently as I can.

Typically, the issue is a lack of rest.

After seven hours of sleep and eating well, I move through the day easier and work better.

Take care of yourself so you can maintain your wellbeing and experience the best of life.

Do you often say these things women need to hear to the ladies in your life?

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    August 15, 2020 at 12:29 AM

    Great insight into the many challenges women face throughout life!

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