Feel Good Baymax Quotes From the Movie

Stephanie Kirby

Disney fans will love these Baymax quotes from the lovable inflatable robot.

Baymax was created for the Marvel Comic Book series Big Hero 6 by Scott Lobdell, Gus Vazquez, and Bud LaRosa.

Baymax reprised his role in the Disney movie of the same name, released in 2014.

In the movie, we see that Baymax is a computerized, inflatable robot created by Tadashi Hamada to be a personal healthcare companion.

Unfortunately, upon Tadashi’s death, Baymax is temporarily forgotten until Tadashi’s brother Hiro is reunited with Baymax, and they set out to catch Tadashi’s killer.

Baymax looks like a giant marshmallow and is big and slow, but he is a valuable sidekick and friend as he is intelligent and loyal.

Baymax is very intelligent but has a docile and child-like personality that makes him naive in many situations.

However, if his computer chip changes, he can become aggressive and even be programmed to fight.

Baymax is naturally caring, wants to help anyone suffering from pain or discomfort, and can even learn right and wrong.

Enjoy reading these Baymax quotes!

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Baymax Quotes to Show Why He is a Great Friend!

Check out these quotes, and you will realize that we would all be lucky to have a friend like Baymax.

1. “I am a robot. I cannot be offended.” – Baymax

2. “Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.” – Baymax

3. “I am not fast.” – Baymax

4. “Crying is a natural response to pain.” – Baymax

5. “I also know karate.” – Baymax

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6. “Hairy baby. Hairy baby.” – Baymax

7. “It is alright to cry.” – Baymax

8. “My hands are equipped with defibrillators.” – Baymax

9. “I fail to see how you fail to see that this is awesome.” – Baymax

10. “Hiro, I will always be with you.” – Baymax

Funny and heart-working Baymax quotes

These quotes make you want to watch or re-watch the popular Disney film.

11. “On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?” – Baymax

12. “Always wait one hour after eating before swimming.” – Baymax

13. “My programming prevents me from injuring a human being.” – Baymax

14. “Those that suffer a loss require support from friends and loved ones.” – Baymax

15. “I fail to see how flying makes me a better healthcare companion.” – Baymax

16. “You have sustained no injuries.” – Baymax

17. “I heard a sound of distress. What seems to be the trouble?” – Baymax

18. “You have been a good boy. Have a lollipop.” – Baymax

19. “However, your hormone and neurotransmitter levels indicate that you are experiencing mood swings, common in adolescence.” – Baymax

20. “I cannot deactivate until you say that you are satisfied with your care.” – Baymax

Stick With Your Moral Code

Although Hiro programs Baymax with the ability to fight and even destroy, Baymax is conflicted.

Hiro’s brother and Baymax’s creator installed in Baymax the desire to only help and not harm.

Eventually, Baymax had to stick to his implanted moral code, and it showed Hiro that violence was not the answer to his problems.

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