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7 Benefits of Cuddling That Could Save Your Relationship

Often in life, the solution is in the simplest of things we do. Our relationship is no different.

You may have tried hard to improve it, but, in the end, realize that putting too much pressure into it makes things worse.

Or maybe you feel your partner is distant. And in your desire to get things back to normal you begin listening to anyone who gives you advice, read stuff about it, and follow the tips there without thinking whether they are right for your exact situation.

But you two are individuals – and what you have together can’t be understood by anyone else. Change will happen on the inside, and no outer factor should get involved.

So strop trying so hard and you might notice that nothing was wrong in the first place. But to make sure you deepen your relationship and reconnect with your loved one, give something simple a tryturn cuddling into a daily practice.

If you’re rolling your eyes right now, chances are, you haven’t truly understood its benefits and why such an easy thing can be so powerful. But once you’re aware of them, you’ll go hug your soul mate and hold them tight all the time.

Here are the benefits of cuddling and how they will affect your relationship:

1. It relieves stress.

When you or your partner are feeling stressed, anxious, worried, or just down, hug each other. That makes your brain produce the magical hormone oxytocin, which is known for its immediate ability to reduce stress.

Hugging, cuddling, or simply touching each other feels good. It even calms the angriest person down in an instant. So you might want to use this trick whenever you’re about to have an argument, too.

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2. Cuddling is good for your health.

This same hormone, oxytocin, causes a chemical reaction in your bodies that lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. Thus, making you less prone to heart diseases.

In addition to the many benefits of cuddling with your honey, it also strengthens your immune system. What better way to hack longevity than to cuddle in the beginning and end of each day?

3. Better communication.

Most often, relationship problems are connected to the lack of honest communication. In the era of texting and glorification of ‘business’, people have lost the ability to communicate in a natural way.

We constantly try to guess what the other person is thinking. To say what we think he wants to hear, we expect him to react in a certain way and end up disappointed when he does something else, and so on.

Words can complicate things sometimes – but body language can’t get it wrong. When you’re cuddling, there’s no need to talk, but you’re still connecting with each other on a deeper level.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that most people have a light smile on their face even if they lie next to their partner for half an hour or so. It’s just a pleasant experience you share and you both feel perfect.

If you think about it, words aren’t necessary when holding each other. However, the effect is just as strong. When spooning, for instance, it’s like you’re expressing your feelings, but also showing understanding and compassion.

One of the proven benefits of cuddling is that it can soften a person’s personality. It’s no wonder that you forget about all your issues when you’re snuggling. Leave the rest of the world behind, and you’re just in the present moment, spending quality time with your partner.

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4. Cuddles help you build muscle tissue.

Need another reason to start cuddling more? Well, turns out the hormone we mentioned does another good job: according to a study, it helps you with muscle maintenance and regeneration.

5. Cuddling shows support.

Falling asleep in the same bed every night doesn’t mean anything. Some couples stop communicating at all. When one of the partners is going through some difficulties related to other areas of life, he/she needs support.

So if you think your sweetheart is dealing with something but keeping it to him/herself, don’t ask questions, start an argument, or be upset about it. Simply hug him in bed and fall asleep like that. It’s the best way to say ‘I’m here for you. Everything is going to be okay.’

Who wouldn’t like to end the day like this? Don’t wait for your partner to ask for support. Give him/her your ultimate acceptance. Show them you care. Send them positive vibes by placing your body next to theirs before you fall asleep. This is one of the best benefits of cuddling.

6. It can fix your sex life.

Whether or not you’re having problems with this, snuggles in bed are an initiation of physical contact. Most often, that’s all you need to get some action in bed.

Of course, you shouldn’t do it with that goal in mind. But it will happen naturally as one of the benefits of cuddling. Even if it doesn’t lead to sex as often as you’d like, it still boosts intimacy.

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One study shows that indicating we’re in the mood by cuddling leads to being satisfied with the relationship, and strengthens the bond.

7. It makes you more optimistic.

Whatever you two are going through, hugging more often will make you more positive – not just about your relationship, but about life in general.

Again, as a result of oxytocin, you somehow instantly feel better, less anxious, and – ultimately – more positive. When you and your lover cuddle for longer (and often), you choose happiness over anything else that has been sabotaging your connection.

So when you’re at home, and the day is either starting or ending, go cuddle with your partner. Even if he/she doesn’t expect it. It feels weird in the beginning because you’re doing it for no reason, but keep your bodies together for some time to feel all the benefits of cuddling we mentioned above.

Once you see how it relieves the tension between you, helps you let go of the social anxiety, and open up to each other without using any words, you’ll begin to do it daily.

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