25 Boba Fett Quotes From the Star Wars Character

Fans of the Star Wars franchise will love these Boba Fett quotes!

Boba Fett is a fictional character created by George Lucas for the Star Wars franchise.

He is a heavily armored bounty hunter who appears in both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy.

Additionally, Boba Fett made his first appearance in the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, and he also has his own series on Disney+ called The Book of Boba Fett.

This popular character has been portrayed by actors Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, and Temuera Morrison.

Boba Fett belongs to the “Bounty Hunter’s Guild,” which forbids him to remove his helmet, so we rarely see his face in most of his appearances.

Take a look at these Boba Fett Quotes to learn more about this popular character.

Classic Boba Fett Quotes

Check out some of the classic quotes from Boba Fett.

1. “As you wish.” — Boba Fett

2. “Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.” — Boba Fett

3. “What if he doesn’t survive? He’s worth a lot to me.” — Boba Fett

4. “I take it you have no love of the empire.” — Boba Fett

5. “They are here, friend. And growing more powerful.” — Boba Fett

6. “Until he is returned to you safely, we’re in your debt.” — Boba Fett

7. “Let’s just say they might recognize my face.” — Boba Fett

8. “You’ll only get in the way! But if you must, come on.” — Boba Fett

9. “I’m a simple man making his way through the galaxy. Like my father before me.” — Boba Fett

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10. “I have made contact with the Rebels, and all is proceeding as you wished, Darth Vader.” — Boba Fett

Boba Fett Quotes From the Disney+ Series

Check out these quotes from the Book of Boba Fett.

11. “Like a bantha.” — Boba Fett

12. “I am not a bounty hunter.” — Boba Fett

13. “Do you know who I am? I am Boba Fett.” — Boba Fett

14. “No hard feelings. It’s just business.” — Boba Fett

15. “Jabba ruled with fear. I intend to rule with respect.” — Boba Fett

16. “Why speak of conflict when cooperation can make us all rich?” — Boba Fett

17. “You can only get so far without a tribe.” — Boba Fett

Memorable Boba Fett Quotes

Enjoy these quotes from Boba Fett that you are sure to remember.

18. “We’ll meet again, friend.” — Boba Fett

19. “He’s no good to me dead.” — Boba Fett

20. “I was aiming for the other one.” — Boba Fett

21. “I give my allegiance to no one.” — Boba Fett

22. “Get him, Dad! Get him!” — Boba Fett

23. ”I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby.” — Boba Fett

24. “Dad! I think we’re being tracked… Look at the scan screen! Isn’t that a cloaking shadow?” — Boba Fett

25. “See, this is me, Boba Fett. This is my father, Jango Fett… He even fought in the Mandalorian civil wars.” — Boba Fett

Where Does Boba Fett Live?

Boba Fett is known to pursue anyone with a bounty on their heads across the Galaxy, although his home world is Kamino.

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In the Disney+ series The Book of Boba Fett, Boba Fett returns to the planet Tatooine where he claims Jabba the Hutt’s old home.

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