20 Hilarious Boomhauer Quotes

Check out these Boomhauer quotes from the hit comedy King of the Hill for a quick laugh.

Boomhauer is one of the four main characters in the animated series King of the Hill.

His full name is Jeffrey Dexter Boomhauer III.

Boomhauer was created and voiced by Mike Judge, who was also the co-creator of King of the Hill, which ran from 1997-2009.

Boomhauer’s distinctive speech patterns and unique mannerisms have become iconic among show fans.

A survey conducted by Ranker found that Boomhauer was voted the second funniest character on King of the Hill, behind only Hank Hill himself.

Boomhauer and his best friends from high school, Hank, Dale, and Bill, spend much of the show hanging out and drinking in the alley behind Hank’s house.

Boomhauer is best known for his fast-paced and nearly impossible-to-understand mumbling or speaking.

While Boomhauer is hard to understand, he often seems the smartest and most cultured of his friends.

Boomhauer loves fast cars and women, and he works as a Texas Ranger, although we never see him at his workplace.

These Boomhauer quotes will leave you laughing and wanting to watch the show.

Dang ol’ Boomhauer quotes

According to a study published in the Psychology of Popular Media Culture, viewers often feel a sense of “parasocial” relationship with fictional characters, meaning that they feel a sense of emotional connection with the character even though they are not real.

Boomhauer’s character, with his relatable quirks and humor, may have inspired this feeling in many fans.

Check out these quotes with Boomhauer’s famous phrase!

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1. “Dang ol’ love, man.”  Boomhauer

2. “Dang ‘ol, her needs.”  Boomhauer

3. “Dang ol’ meaing of life…” Boomhauer

4. “Dang ol’ dust in the wind.”  Boomhauer

5. “Dang… ol’… mega…lo…mart.”  Boomhauer

6. “Hey, man, dang ol’ listen, man.”  Boomhauer

7. “Oh man, it’s a dang ol’ Wednesday, man.”  Boomhauer

8. “I tell ya what, man, that dang ol’ internet…”  Boomhauer

9. “I’d like the dang ol—I think therefore you are man.” Boomhauer

10. “Yeah man, dang ol’ danged if you do, danged if you don’t dang ol’.”  Boomhauer

Funny Boomhauer quotes

Boomhauer’s character often delivers humorous one-liners that have become memorable quotes among fans.

A study published in the Journal of Pragmatics found that humorous language can serve as a powerful tool for building social connections and breaking down barriers

Here are some of the funniest quotes by Boomhauer!

11. “I ain’t go no fingers!”  Boomhauer

12. “Maybe why don’t I show you something size ‘Boom?’”  Boomhauer

13. “This is your lungs on air. This is your lungs on smoke.”  Boomhauer

14. “These dang old women from Mars, man. I’ll tell you that.”  Boomhauer

15. “Them New York boys, I tell you what… just a show about nothin’.”  Boomhauer

16. “Did one of them snipe hunts last night man with them sticks and bags and Whack! Whack!”  Boomhauer

17. “I tell you what man, that Y2K man. That old mainframe gonna come crashin’ down on that old grid, man.”  Boomhauer

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18. “I am trying to get through an article on vintage Camaros, and I’ve been on the same dang page for twenty mintues.”  Boomhauer

19. “You’ like a butterfly flappin’ ‘is wings deep down in that first man an’ it gonna cause a tree to fall like five thousand miles away man.”  Boomhauer

20. “Tell y’what man, you talk’n bout ol’ meaning’ ah life, man, go read tha’ ol’ hitchhikers’ guide, man, y’know talkin’ bout ol, 42, man.”  Boomhauer

Friends Forever

Boomhauer has been best friends with Hank, Bill, and Dale since high school when they were all on the football team besides Dale.

Spending time with his friends is the main thing we see Boomhauer do, and it is what he enjoys.

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