25 Bryson Tiller Quotes From the Accomplished Musician

Music fans will enjoy these Bryson Tiller quotes that give you a glimpse into his life.

Bryson Tiller is a musician who is a singer, songwriter, and rapper.

Tiller was born in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1993, and after his mother died while he was young, he was raised by his grandmother along with his cousins Ryan and Kevon.

He began singing and rapping at the age of 15 and subsequently released his first mixtape titled Killer Instinct Vol. 1 in 2011.

The mixtape contained 21 songs, and the album’s success led to Tiller signing with RCA Records.

In 2015 Tiller released his first studio album titled Trapsoul, and it reached the top ten on the Billboard 200.

Tiller has now had multiple albums on the Billboard 200 and has won multiple awards, including the BET Award for “Best Male R&B/Pop Artist.”

Take a look at these Bryson Tiller quotes to learn more about the musician.

The Best Bryson Tiller Quotes 

Check out some of the best Bryson Tiller quotes. 

1. “Now my dreams are my realities.” — Bryson Tiller

2. “I’m trying to get better at singing.” — Bryson Tiller

3. “I just wanna make music that people love.” — Bryson Tiller

4. “I want to inspire people to change the world.” — Bryson Tiller

5. “It wasn’t until 9th grade that I got into music.” — Bryson Tiller

6. “If I had to compare myself to another artist, I wouldn’t.” — Bryson Tiller

7. “I just started mimicking what I heard and singing along to it.” — Bryson Tiller

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8. “I never really wanted to be an artist. I just really wanted to write songs.” — Bryson Tiller

9. “I can’t wait to see someone else from Louisville make a hit song ‘cos that’d be dope.” — Bryson Tiller 

10. “I always laugh when I listen to my old stuff. I was just trying way too much back then.” — Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller Quotes About Music 

Here are some Bryson Tiller quotes about music. 

11. “My little brother and grandma told me I could sing.’ — Bryson Tiller 

12. “’Been That Way’ is a song that Timbaland gave me. Actually, the beat is.” — Bryson Tiller

13. “I just started taking vocal lessons to just work on my breathing, my vowels, and stuff.” — Bryson Tiller

14. “I listen to a lot of songs, and they aren’t talking about anything. I don’t connect with them.” — Bryson Tiller

15. “Everybody was telling me I should just stand alone on my first project, and I started to see what they were saying.” — Bryson Tiller

16. “I used to sing in church, too. Not like in the choir or anything, but for people around the church… on the church bus going home and Christmas plays.” — Bryson Tiller

17. “Everybody always thinks you have to move out of the city and go where the music industry is, but it’s possible in Louisville, and it’s possible anywhere.” — Bryson Tiller

More Bryson Tiller Quotes 

Take a look at more Bryson Tiller quotes. 

18. “I’m a low-key guy. So I like going to places and not being known.” — Bryson Tiller

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19. “Sometimes my life is moving so fast that I forget what’s going on.” — Bryson Tiller

20. “I was working at Papa John’s full-time. I had just quit my part-time job at UPS.” — Bryson Tiller 

21. “I grew up with my little brother, and we were raised by my grandmother. I was an insider for real.” — Bryson Tiller

22. “I’m in R&B/Soul, and I feel like all my music is R&B driven. Even some of the songs that are more rap have an R&B feel, so I’m with that.” — Bryson Tiller

23. “Every time I go home, I look around, and it feels surreal. Like, I’m not living out of my car anymore, I don’t have to ask people for money.” — Bryson Tiller

24. “People try to change up my method, but I’m gonna keep doing it the same way I’ve been doing it: going in the room by myself and making a song.” — Bryson Tiller

25. “Whenever a dope artist comes out of nowhere, the first thing you do is try and compare it to stuff until you realize that that artist is just them, and eventually those comparisons will stop.” — Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller’s Personal Life

Tiller refuses to do video interviews as he prefers to be a mysterious figure, which has led to some of his popularity.

He has two children and has been in a relationship with Kendra Bailey, who is the mother of his second child, since 2018.

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