25 Buck Brannaman Quotes Honoring Equestrian Culture

Channel your inner horse whisperer with our Buck Brannaman quotes. 

Buck Brannaman is a legendary horseman who has spread equestrian culture across the globe. 

Learn more about this horse-loving hero with our Buck Brannaman quotes below. 

Who is Buck Brannaman?

Dan “Buck” Brannaman is an American horse trainer and clinician. 

He is known for his work using the Vaquero tradition of horse care. 

Check out these interesting Buck Brannaman facts below: 

  • Brannaman’s work is centered on connecting with the horse’s nature. 
  • His techniques and horse communication skills have earned him respect. 
  • Brannaman focuses on helping horses and humans develop authentic unions. 

Is Buck Brannaman a horse whisperer?

Well, he may not refer to himself with that title, but most people would agree that Brannaman has a special connection with horses.

He can communicate with them in a special way, allowing both horse and human to benefit. 

Brannaman is passionate about creating safe environments for animals where people can learn to develop strong bonds with them. 

How does it all work?

I am certainly not a horse expert, but Brannaman is. 

He uses ancient techniques that were made famous by Portuguese horsemen known as Vaquero.

This technique was brought over from the Iberian Peninsula and evolved further in Central and South America. 

The Vaquero is the foundation for the classic North American cowboy. 

Brannaman uses this methodology to connect with the horse.

He can find out what is making a horse nervous or uneasy.

He can also help the horse feel comfortable and ease anxiety. 

Be like Buck; find your joy

Learning how a horse communicates or feels takes time and patience. 

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Brannaman stresses that anyone who wishes to work with horses must learn to be patient and accept failure as a learning tool. 

Most of our dreams require authentic effort and work to accomplish. 

Buck Brannaman had a dream and saw it through by staying passionate about horses. 

To learn more, check out our Buck Brannaman quotes below. 

Short Buck Brannaman quotes about life

Let us get started with these short and powerful Buck Brannaman quotes. 

1. “All your horses are a mirror to your soul.” — Buck Brannaman 

2. “Be gentle in what you do, but firm in how you do it.” — Buck Brannaman 

3. “Sometimes you won’t like what you see, sometimes you will.” — Buck Brannaman 

4. “You can be strict, but that doesn’t mean you have to be unfair.” — Buck Brannaman 

5. “One of the biggest challenges of a horsemen is to be able to control your emotions.” — Buck Brannaman 

The top Buck Brannaman quotes about getting the right feel when riding

Buck has a long intimate relationship with horses that offers us insight into life. 

6. “A  feel can have a thousand different definitions.” — Buck Brannaman 

7. “He doesn’t feel like he’s pushing you along with him or dragging you along with him.” — Buck Brannaman 

8. “Most people think of feel as when you touch something or someone; what it feels like to your fingers.” — Buck Brannaman 

9. “Every movement you make on a horse, there is a perfect position of balance that takes no energy from the horse.” — Buck Brannaman 

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10. “Sometimes feel is a mental thing, sometimes a feel can happen clear cross the arena. Sort of an invitation from the horse to come to you.” — Buck Brannaman 

Famous Buck Brannaman quotes about raising horses

It turns out that horses and people have a lot in common. 

11. “For a lot of people, they want it all to be fuzzy and warm.” — Buck Brannaman

12. “Bribery doesn’t work with horses. All it does is make a contentious spoiled horse.” — Buck Brannaman 

13. “You can’t get him to fear making mistakes to where he dreds what’s going to happen if he does.” — Buck Brannaman

14. “You allow a horse to make mistakes, the horse will learn from mistakes no different than the human.” — Buck Brannaman 

15. “It’s no different with a horse than with a kid, you can’t always be the kid’s best friend, first, you need to be the parent.” — Buck Brannaman 

Buck Brannaman quotes and sayings about life and horses 

Here are some interesting quotes about what Buck has learned from horses. 

16. “You may spend your whole life chasing that, but it’s a good thing to chase.” — Buck Brannaman 

17. “You’re trying to figure out a way to meet a horse to where he can understand.” — Buck Brannaman 

18. “I don’t want the horse to get trained, because training the horse is absolutely finite.” — Buck Brannaman 

19. “And to me, it’s not to train a horse, it’s to try to get the horse with you where it’s one mind and one body.” — Buck Brannaman 

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20. “Whether you have horses, dogs or kids, with that comes a great responsibility. You have to be able to teach them to get along in the world.” — Buck Brannaman 

The best Buck Brannaman quotes for horse lovers 

One thing is for sure, Buck loves horses. 

21. “A man can learn much from a horse.” — Buck Brannaman
22. “Give him a job, learn how to build on the horse’s pride.” — Buck Brannaman 

23. “Horses have a sense of calm about them that you an feel.” — Buck Brannaman 

24. “Make him feel good about himself, and I wasn’t just talking about the horse.” — Buck Brannaman 

25. But if you get the horse to where he operates as if to be your legs, an extension of you, you’ve far-exceeded that whole training notion.” — Buck Brannaman 

What drives your passion?

People like Buck Brannaman are driven by an innate desire to connect with other forms of life on our planet. 

What drives your passion?

Do you have any other favorite Buck Brannaman quotes to add?

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