50 Cheese Quotes for Cheese Lovers

In a quick flash, these cheese quotes will remind you of the yummy drippy, salty, and creamy taste of cheese.

Cheese is genuinely one of life’s greatest pleasures.

The mere mention of the delightful food in quotes makes cheese lovers hungry.

Because cheese not only adds flavor but gives a rewarding texture to any food.

What would you want to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert if you are a cheese lover? 

Cheese, of course!

You would always want to thrive on the cheese, whether it’s in a hamburger, on pizza, or alone.

If you wish to make cheese yourself, here’s how it is done.

How Cheese is Made

People probably started making cheese soon after they started drinking animal milk.

Often, the ways to make cheese have been kept a secret.

Ripening milk at home with things like lemon juice, vinegar, or buttermilk lets you make fresh cheeses like ricotta or goat cheese.

But professional cheese makers use starter culture because this type tastes better and is more consistent.

On a professional level, they make hundreds of kinds of cheese.

What are the Different Types of Cheese?

There are just too many amazing cheeses out there, and you would want to try them all.

Only a few of the hundreds of varieties of cheese are mentioned below:

  • Fresh
  • Aged Fresh Cheese
  • Soft White Rind
  • Semi-Soft
  • Hard
  • Blue

Thinking of the wide varieties simply makes you crave for eating cheese every day.

Can you have Cheese Every Day?

Cheese is made by allowing milk to curdle.

If you don’t have a lactose or dairy intolerance, including cheese in your daily diet is a great idea.

Cheese is a fantastic source of probiotics for a healthy gut, as it provides protein and calcium.

Now, you have got enough idea about cheese and its various types.

Let’s check out the top cheese quotes said by famous people around. 

Top 10 Cheese Quotes

Life is great, and tasty things like cheese make it even better. Just go through our best collection of cheese quotes given below. 

1. “I love Velveeta cheese.”Dolly Parton

2. “I ain’t gonna lie: I love that cheese.” Rick Ross

3. “Cheese, cheese the magical fruit.” Cara Delevingne

4. “Nothing says holidays, like a cheese log.” Ellen DeGeneres

5. “Cheese is milk’s leap toward immortality.” Clifton Fadiman

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6. “I like to eat cheese out of a bowl every day.” Willow Smith

7. “I want to move away for a year to make cheese.” Chrissy Teigen

8. “What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?” Bertolt Brecht

9. “Age is something that doesn’t matter unless you are a cheese.” Luis Bunuel

10. “The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” — Gilbert K. Chesterton

Cheese Quotes about Cheese Flavors

By adding more flavors, you can make cheese even tastier, which will leave you mouthwatering. Here are some related quotes. 

11. “All cheese is great!” Chrissy Teigen 

12. “My mother makes fantastic vegan cheese.” — Ayesha Takia

13. “I like cream cheese in just about anything.” — Diane Mott Davidson

14. “I love roasted beets with goat cheese. I am also a fruit addict.” Alex Guarnaschelli 

15. “To help my muscles rebuild after I work out, I have a small serving of cottage cheese.” — Brooke Burns

16. “I’m a classic cheddar man, I really do like it, though I don’t mind a good Stilton or blue cheese.” Ainsley Harriott

17. “I love cheese. String cheese, cheddar, goat, parmesan, gouda, feta, blue, double-triple-cream, brie.” — Cameron Diaz

18. “Scamorza, an Italian curd cheese often labeled ‘smoked mozzarella,’ melt fantastically well.” Yotam Ottolenghi

19. “I often ask people in the audience what their favorite cheese is. Anything less than Gruyere and they’re just not middle class!” Joe Lycett

20. “At the end of the day, I love eating duck. It’s the best thing you can eat on this earth, especially grilled with jalapenos and cream cheese.” — Jase Robertson

Eating a bowl of macaroni and cheese makes you feel warm and cozy. Here are some relevant quotes about macaroni and cheese:

21. “In the wintertime, I like macaroni and cheese.” Jami Attenberg

22. “I love macaroni and cheese. I could eat it every meal of the day.” Cobie Smulders

23. “I grew up eating fried food. I thought that macaroni and cheese was a vegetable.” — Lauren Alaina

24. “Bless this highly nutritious microwavable macaroni and cheese dinner and the people who sold it on sale. Amen.” — Kevin McAllister

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25. “My favorite food is macaroni and cheese that my grandma makes. My favorite drink has to be Vita Coco coconut water.” Sloane Stephens

26. “I find often people wait to order until I order. And then I love upsetting them. Sometimes I’ll order a cheeseburger and macaroni and cheese.” David Kirsch

27. “I’m very loyal in a relationship. Any relationship. When I go out with my mom, I don’t look at other moms and go, “I wonder what her macaroni and cheese tastes like.” Garry Shandling 

28. “I am not one to turn down macaroni and cheese, even late at night. I love Italian food. I love pasta… A refrigerator full of water and Gatorade? Honey, that’s just not gonna happen.” Queen Latifah

29. “I eat mostly organic, but I love macaroni and cheese, Mexican food, and egg-and-cheese croissants. So when I indulge, I eat protein and veggies for the rest of the day. It really is all about moderation and balance.” Marisa Miller

30. “I have an insatiable palate. I’ll try anything once, with an open mind. However, there is a special place in my heart for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve sampled specialty Mac & Cheese all over the world, but nothing competes with the stuff I grew up on.” Rachel Nichols

Cheese Quotes for Cheese Combos

When it comes to adding other foods in combo with your cheese, the possibilities are nearly endless. Enjoy our quotes about such combos. 

31. “I love cheese and biscuits, the stronger the better.” Eric Bristow

32. “Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort meal.” Ina Garten

33. “When I have red velvet cake, I normally have cream cheese icing.” Adriano Zumbo

34. “Pasta with melted cheese is the one thing I could eat over and over again.” Yotam Ottolenghi

35. “I like eating pepperoni. I heat it up in the microwave and then I let it roast and then I eat it with cheese.” — Willow Smith

36. “I like cheese and pickles. Nice cheese and pickle on real old-fashioned bread. Ploughman’s lunch.” Gary Oldman

37. “I love making buckwheat crepes with ham, Parmesan cheese, and a fried egg on top. It’s my go-to breakfast.” Taylor Swift

38. “Usually I’ll just eat popcorn, but if theaters would sell me goat cheese and garlic with Triscuit crackers, I’d give them all my money.” Cecily Strong

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39. “Bread’s so important for me, it makes such a difference. I like it with a lovely bit of cheese on it, sometimes just with butter, or with some fresh soup.” Ainsley Harriott

40. “I am most certainly not rich. But I am a man who is intrinsically lazy. And I’m more than happy to put a piece of cheese on a rice cake and call that dinner.” Greg Davies

More Yummy Cheese Quotes for Cheese Lovers

The taste buds of cheese lovers are only satisfied with cheese. Here are some quotes to help you depict your love for cheese:

41. “The key to a happy life is cheese.” Hilary Duff

42. “I eat junk food, cheesecake, cheese, pizza – but just lower amounts of it.” JWoww

43. “A hexagonal piece of cheese is a lot better than a square piece of cheese.” Hod Lipson

44. “Cheese is one of my great weaknesses, I could eat the stuff by the pound.” Helena Christensen

45. “I can celebrate food anytime. I love cheese. When I crave a certain food, I just eat it.” Emmanuelle Chriqui

46. “I like my cheese, I like my milk in my coffee, and nobody’s gonna tell me any different.” Carmen Cusack

47. “I always enjoyed baking, but as far as eating, I always picked cheese fries over sweets.” Molly Yeh

48. “I could binge-eat cheese – I love any blue cheese. Make it strong; make it deadly.” Jonathan Anderson

49. “Blue cheese contains natural amphetamines. Why are students not informed about this?” Mark E. Smith

50. “In the morning after my workout, I eat egg whites, very little toasted bread, cheese, tomatoes.” Salt Bae

Which cheese quotes did you like the most?

Cheese offers a delight for every kind of foodie.

This ultimate comfort food is tasty, versatile, and surprisingly healthy.

The cheese quotes and sayings listed above are interesting enough to attract the attention of any cheese lover.

You can choose one of the above quotes and share it with your friends.

By doing so, you can display your love for cheese.

Also, comment below to let us know about your favorite quotes and participate in the cheesy talk.

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