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60 Cheshire Cat Quotes from Alice in Wonderland

If you love the mischievous grin of the Alice in Wonderland cat, you’re sure to love these Cheshire Cat quotes.

The Cheshire cat reference is most often connected with the character from the story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll. While there are other references in English history to a grinning Cheshire cat before this story, thanks to the depiction of the character in film and mainstream media, it’s most often connected with the image of the grinning Disney character.

But from wherever it began doesn’t usually matter. People love this witty and mischievous character all the same.

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Cheshire Cat Quotes About People and Feelings

1. “Visit either you like: they’re both mad.” – Cheshire Cat

2. “We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” – Cheshire Cat

3. “The proper order of things is often a mystery to me.” – Cheshire Cat

4. “I went to a hunting party once, I didn’t like it. Terrible people. They all started hunting me!” – Cheshire Cat

5. “No one does [play fair] if they think they can get away with it.” – Cheshire Cat

6. “I’m stranger. You’re stranger. Together, we are… strangers.” – Cheshire Cat

7. “Never let anyone drive you crazy; it is nearby anyway and the walk is good for you.” – Cheshire Cat

8. “You see a dog growls when it’s angry, and wags its tail when it’s pleased. Now I growl when I’m pleased, and wag my tail when I’m angry.” – Cheshire Cat

9. “You used to be much more…muchier. You’ve lost your muchness.” – Cheshire Cat

10. “If your stature were an illness, it seems that the Centipede dispenses medicine to make you well.” – Cheshire Cat

11. “If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.” – Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat Quotes About Patience and Self-Reflection

12. “How queer everything is to-day! And yesterday things went on just as usual. I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night?” – Cheshire Cat

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13. “Only a few find the way, some don’t recognize it when they do – some… don’t ever want to.” – Cheshire Cat

14. “How fine you look when dressed in rage. Your enemies are fortunate your condition is not permanent.” – Cheshire Cat

15. “When you’ve understood this scripture, throw it away. If you can’t understand this scripture, throw it away. I insist on your freedom.” – Cheshire Cat

16. “Can you stand on your head?” – Cheshire Cat

17. “I could hardly afford to lose my head.” – Cheshire Cat

18. “Somehow you strayed and lost your way, and now there’ll be no time to play, no time for joy, no time for friends – not even time to make amends.” – Cheshire Cat

19. “I can’t know everything.” – Cheshire Cat

20. “How puzzling all these changes are! I’m never sure what I’m going to be, from one minute to another.” – Cheshire Cat

21. “A rose is still a rose, even hidden under different petals.” – Cheshire Cat

22. “I knew who I was this morning, but I have changed a few times since then.” – Cheshire Cat

23. “Collect what you can. Use it wisely.” – Cheshire Cat

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Cheshire Cat Quotes About Reality and Imagination

24. “Imagination is the only weapon in the war with reality.” – Cheshire Cat

25. “I am not crazy; my reality is just different from yours.” – Cheshire Cat

26. “Not all who wander are lost.” – Cheshire Cat

27. “The uninformed must improve their deficit, or die.” – Cheshire Cat

28. “I never get involved in politics.” – Cheshire Cat

29. “You may have noticed, I’m not all there myself.” – Cheshire Cat

30. “And no scheme of ours can raise any sort of smile.” – Cheshire Cat

31. “We are all victims in-waiting.” – Cheshire Cat

32. “This way? That way? Does it matter? Left, right, up, down! All mixed up thanks to the shadows! Step deeper into the forest to the deserted garden. You might find shadows in the upside-down room!” – Cheshire Cat

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33. “Those who say there’s nothing like a nice cup of tea for calming the nerves never had *real* tea. It’s like a syringe of adrenaline straight to the heart!” – Cheshire Cat

34. “When the day becomes the night and the sky becomes the sea When the clock strikes heavy and there’s no time for tea. And in our darkest hour, before my final rhyme, she will come back home to Wonderland and turn back the hands of time.” – Cheshire Cat

35. “A secret is only a secret when it is unspoken to another.” – Cheshire Cat

36. “Every picture tells a story. Sometimes we don’t like the ending. Sometimes we don’t understand it.” – Cheshire Cat

37. “You are too naïve if you do believe life is innocent laughter and fun.” – Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat Quotes About Hope and Courage

38. “Every adventure requires a first step.” – Cheshire Cat

39. “Haste makes waste, so I rarely hurry. But if a ferret were about to dart up my dress, I’d run.” – Cheshire Cat

40. “Well, some go this way, and some go that way. But as for me, myself, personally, I prefer the short-cut.” – Cheshire Cat

41. “If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there.” – Cheshire Cat

42. “If you’re gonna make it to the top, get a grip on this rock, and get a grip on yourself.” – Cheshire Cat

43. “Actually, I am right on time.” – Cheshire Cat

44. “Let your need guide your behavior.” – Cheshire Cat

45. “You just go where your high-top sneakers sneak and don’t forget to use your head.” – Cheshire Cat

46. “The shadows should be here soon. Are you prepared for the worst? If not, too bad!” – Cheshire Cat

47. “It’s always tea time.” – Cheshire Cat

48. “How do you run from what is inside your head?” – Cheshire Cat

49. “I’m afraid I have to expel a rather ferocious hairball. You’re on your own, girl.” – Cheshire Cat

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50. “I’ve never trusted toadstools, but I suppose some must have their good points.” – Cheshire Cat

Weird Cheshire Cat quotes that are out of this world

51. “I’d rather not.”  — Cheshire Cat 

52. “How do you like the Queen?” — Cheshire Cat 

53. “Only the insane equate pain with success.” — Cheshire Cat 

54. “I’m not crazy. My reality is just different than yours.” — Cheshire Cat 

55. “Forgetting pain is convenient, remembering it… agonizing.” — Cheshire Cat 

56. “Oh, you can’t help that, we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” — Cheshire Cat  

57. “By-the-bye, what became of the baby? I’d nearly forgotten to ask.” — Cheshire Cat 

58. “If we had the door between us. For instance, if you were inside, you might knock and I could let you out, you know.” — Cheshire Cat 

59. “In that direction… lives a Hatter, and in that direction… lives a March Hare. Visit either you like: they’re both mad.” — Cheshire Cat 

60. “Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe.” — Cheshire Cat

Which of these Cheshire Cat quotes is your favorite?

The grinning Cheshire Cat is an image that follows the many different depictions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland story, although there are slight differences from one version to another. Many people enjoy the way the cat disappears leaving no evidence but his grin or the way he gives Alice a hard time. But there are also plenty of times when he helps her out as well.

If you don’t remember the Cheshire Cat, it may be time to find the old Disney version and relive the childhood story. Or, you can do a little digging into the history of the “Cheshire Cat” origins and other adaptions of the character.

Did you enjoy these Cheshire Cat quotes and lines? Which of the quotes is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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