25 Crazy Love Quotes From the South Korean Television Series

Fans of South Korean romantic comedies will enjoy these Crazy Love quotes!

Crazy Love was released in 2022 as a South Korean romantic comedy television series.

The series is written by Kim Bo-gyeom, directed by Kim Jung-hyun, and stars Kim Jae-wook, Krystal Jung, and Ha Jun, among other actors.

The series was designed to be one of iQiYi’s originals but was streamed on Disney+ in select regions instead.

The series currently has released sixteen episodes at approximately one hour each, and the series is designed for an audience of the ages of 15+.

The series’ plot follows the genius mathematician No Go-jin, the CEO of GOTOP Education.

No Go-jin is wealthy, attractive, and successful, but all of that fails to matter when one day he is warned he is to be murdered.

Take a look at these Crazy Love quotes to learn more about the television series.

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Best Crazy Love Quotes from Noh Go-jin and Lee Shin-ah

These quotes show the romance that develops between Noh Go-jin and Lee Shin-ah.

1. “Thank you for coming into my life.” — Noh Go-jin

2. “Now I know that I’m not dying because of him.” — Lee Shin-ah

3. “If you help me, I think I can do well.” — Noh Go-jin

4. “You told me to leave. Why do you keep stopping me?” — Lee Shin-ah

5. “I’m rooting for you a lot too, so please overcome it.” — Lee Shin-ah

6. “It’s just that your heart was broken so painfully.” — Lee Shin-ah

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7. “Don’t worry about anything. I’ll never let you go.” — Noh Go-jin

8. “I don’t want her to get hurt because of me.” — Noh Go-jin

9. “Are you doing this on purpose to take revenge on me?” — Lee Shin-ah

10. “If I didn’t have you, I don’t think I would’ve been okay.” — Noh Go-jin

11. “I feel anxious without you. So can’t you just continue to stay by my side?” — Noh Go-jin

12. “You must have felt so hurt and lonely. I’m so sorry that I didn’t understand you.” — Lee Shin-ah

More Crazy Love Quotes for Fans

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you’ll like these quotes.

13. “We really worked hard. I really gave it all I got to please you.” — Baek Soo-young

14. “A person who steals from someone else shouldn’t teach students.” — Noh Go-jin

15. “You like money more than me.” — Kim Do Yoon

16. “You can resent me until you have peace in your heart. You deserve it.” — Noh Go-jin

17. “If you look so pretty, students won’t be able to focus on their studies.” — Noh Go-jin

18. “I had no one, and I had always been all alone, but she never left my side.” — Noh Go-jin

19. “You and I shouldn’t have dated from the start. We can never be together.” — Baek Soo-young

20. “Do you think I did that because I wanted to? I had to because I was afraid.” — Park Yang Tae

21. “I became a terrible person because of money. I don’t want to be a shameful mother any longer.” — Ma Eun Jeong

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22. “I want to wake up next to you, eat with you, listen to music, and fall asleep beside you. Will you marry me?” — Noh Go-jin

23. “You must be misunderstanding something since that day. We’re not that close that you can tell me to come and go.” — Noh Go-jin

24. “You encouraged me greatly not to give up on my dream of becoming an instructor. It really meant a lot to me.” — Lee Shin-ah

25. “Rather than living a painful life with no hope whatsoever, perhaps it’s good that she died.” — Secretary Jo Jong Oh

What Does Noh Go-jin

To keep from being murdered, No Go-jin pretends he has amnesia, so he will not be a threat.

With the help of his introverted secretary Lee Shin-ah and his vice president, Oh Se-gi, No Go-jin will do whatever he can to stay alive!

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