25 Private Lives Quotes From the Hit South Korean Television Series

Fans of South Korean crime dramas will love these Private Lives quotes!

Private Lives is a South Korean television series that was created by and aired by JTBC Studios.

The series ran for sixteen episodes in 2020 and is now available to stream on Netflix.

Private Lives is a crime, drama, and romance written by Yoo Sung-yeol and directed by Nam Jun hyuk.

The series stars Seohyun, Go Kyung-Pyo, Kim Hyo-Jin, and Kim Young-Min, among other talented actors and actresses.

The plot of the series centers around four swindlers that must use their skills and work together to expose the private life of a large corporation that has national secrets.

Take a look at these Private Lives quotes to learn more about the popular series.

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Best Private Lives Quotes

These quotes give you insight into the way the characters work and think about Private Lives.

1. “Everyone has something to hide.” — Cha Joo-eun

2. “Money can buy everything, even happiness.” — Jeong Bok-gi

3. “You can’t be naive in this world.” — Kim Sang-man

4. “The truth is a double-edged sword.” — Cha Joo-eun

5. “People believe what they want to believe.” — Kim Jae-myung

6. “The more you know, the more dangerous you become.” — Kim Jae-myung

7. “Money is the key to everything in this world.” — Lee Jung-hwan

8. “People do everything to survive in this world.” — Kim Sang-man

9. “In this world, you have to learn how to fight.” — Lee Jung-hwan

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10. “There’s nothing more dangerous than a person who has nothing to lose.” — Kim Sang-man

11. “Sometimes, you have to do things you don’t want to do.” — Cha Joo-eun

12. “The truth is dangerous. It can destroy everything.” — Kim Jae-myung

13. “It’s not the strongest nor the smartest that survives, but the one who adapts.” — Kim Sang-man

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Private Lives Quotes About Secrets and Lies

These quotes show the themes of secrets and lies carried throughout the series.

14. “There’s no such thing as a clean secret.” — Jeong Bok-gi

15. “The world is full of liars and cheats.” — Jeong Bok-gi

16. “Information is power.” — Kim Jae-myung

17. “The truth is not always what it seems.” — Lee Jung-hwan

18. “You have to survive, even if you have to lie.” — Cha Joo-eun

19. “I can’t live without lying.” — Cha Joo-eun

20. “The greatest weapon is information.” — Kim Jae-myung

21. “You can’t trust anyone, not even your own family.” — Cha Joo-eun

22. “The best way to keep a secret is not to tell anyone.” — Cha Joo-eun

23. “In this world, you have to be careful who you trust.” — Kim Sang-man

24. “The truth is often ugly and unpleasant.” — Kim Jae-myung

25. “There are no small secrets. Only big ones and bigger ones.” — Lee Jung-hwan

Who Are the Main Characters In the Series?

The four swindlers that must work together to take down the corporation are Cha Joo-Eun, Lee Jeong-Hwan, Jeong Bok-Gi, and Kim Jae-Wook.

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Joo-Eun has been an experienced swindler since her school days, Jeong-Hwan works for the corporation but owns a detective agency, Bok-Gi is a professional swindler, and Jae-Wook is her partner in crime.

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