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Creed II Quotes that Will Improve Your Mindset

These Creed II quotes will motivate you to rise above obstacles just like the underdog in a fight.

Who doesn’t love the movie Rocky IV?

Rocky undergoes intense training in order to avenge the death of his friend Apollo Creed against the Russian, Ivan Drago.

The movie Creed II does a great job of picking up that story when Apollo Creed’s son fights against Drago’s son in an effort to rewrite history.

The movie is full of quotes that will motivate and inspire you as they help you to improve your mindset and go after what you are passionate about.

Below you’ll find our pick of the best Creed II quotes and sayings that will inspire you to channel your inner champion.

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Creed II quotes on overcomingobstacles

1. “I don’t think Drago has anything left but he is refusing to give up.” – Creed II (see more quotes about never giving up)

2. “In the ring you got rules. Outside, you got nothin’. Life hits you with all these cheap shots…” – Creed II

3. “You know, there’s only three steps into that ring. Just three. And tonight, it’s going to look as high as a mountain. And when you climb through them ropes, it’s going to be the loneliest place in the world because you’re going to be in there with another fighter who wants to take you out. So now, you got to ask yourself, are you here to prove something to other people, or prove something to yourself?” – Creed II

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4. “It may not seem like it now, but this is more than just a fight.” – Creed II

5. “That kid was raised in hate.  When a fighter ain’t got nothing to lose he’s dangerous.” – Creed II

6. “If you want to change things in a big way, then you gotta make some big changes.” – Creed II

7. “He’s a grown man.  He has to heal from the inside out.” – Creed II

CreedII quotes on following your passion

8. “I did it because it was my fight.” – Creed II

9. “If we don’t do what we love, we wouldn’t exist.” – Creed II

10. “Round after round, you learn more about yourself. And when I stepped in that ring, it wasn’t all about me.” – Creed II

11. “What would I be afraid of.  I’m a fighter.  This is what I do.” – Creed II

12. “You wouldn’t be any good to anybody if you didn’t do what you love.” – Creed II

13. “Look at that light. That thing’s been broken for a couple of years. It’s driving me crazy. City won’t fix it or nothing. What good is a light that don’t light, right?” – Creed II

14. “What’s the valuable stuff?  What are you really fighting for?” – Creed II

15. “Why don’t you just turn off your brain and let your heart do the talking?” – Creed II

16. “I wanna rewrite history.” – Creed II

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CreedII quotes on the impact of your decisions

17. “That’s the same thing your father said, and he died right here in my hands.” – Creed II

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18. “I wasn’t even there when my son’s son, my grandson was born.” – Creed II

19. “Look at what his choice did to your mother.” – Creed II

20. “This won’t be the end of me or you. It can’t be, ’cause we a team.” – Creed II

21. “You got everything to lose. This guy’s got nothin’ to lose.” – Creed II

22. “People like me, we live in the past.” – Creed II

More Creed II quotes

23. “I was afraid I couldn’t live up to the expectations.” – Creed II

24. “Now you know what you’re fighting for.” – Creed II

25. “It’s your time.” – Creed II

Which of these Creed II quotes inspired you to fight for your dreams?

You probably aren’t out to avenge the death of the father you never knew in the boxing ring, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something that you should be fighting for.

Think about what area of your life you need to work on improving your mindset.

Find the motivation to really go after the thing you are passionate about.

Remember that it all starts with knowing what you want and then living true to yourself and not being afraid to go after it.

Keeping the right mindset towards your goals will make all the difference as you work to achieve them.

Which of these powerful Creed II quotes inspired you to fight for your dreams?

Do you have any other inspirational quotes to add?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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