69 Deion Sanders Quotes From The Primetime Legend

Read this entire list of Deion Sanders quotes and understand why this legend is called Primetime.

Growing up watching Deion play professional football for the Atlanta Falcons and professional baseball for the Atlanta Braves at the same time made an entire generation believe their wild dreams were possible.

“Neon Deion” is more than a Hall of Fame athlete.

For those who have followed his career, it is well known that Sanders has always been more than an athlete when it comes to community presence and impact.

He has always reminded kids that life is more important than a salary, shoes, stats or a 40 yard dash time.

Deion has always put his integrity before his net worth when it comes to being an example for young people.

He has transcended being an elite athlete and moved on to be a championship football coach at Jackson State University.

Top 10 Deion Sanders Quotes About Life

1. “If you look good, you feel good, If you feel good, you play good, If you play good, they pay good.”- Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders Quotes On Playing Good In Life

2. “Water covers two-thirds of the Earth. I cover the rest.”- Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders quotes on water covers two-thirds of the Earth. i cover the rest

3. “I like what I see. I think the league is heading in the proper direction.”- Deion Sanders

More Deion Sanders quotes

4. “I expect to be great. I expect to do what hasn’t been done. I expect to provoke change.”- Deion Sanders

Insightful Deion Sanders quotes

5. “If you don’t believe in yourself how will somebody else believe in you?”- Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders quotes about if you don't believe in yourself how will somebody else believe in you

6. “Look good, play good. Play good, eat good. Eat good, die good.” – Deion Sanders

Unique Deion Sanders quotes

7. “What separates us is that we expect to be great.”- Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders quotes on what separates us is that we expect to be great

8. “I was kinda scared. I thought Detroit was gonna take me. I would’ve asked them for so much money they would have to put me on layaway.”- Deion Sanders

Epic Deion Sanders quotes

9. “I’m married to football, baseball is my girlfriend.”- Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders quotes on i'm married to football, baseball is my girlfriend

10. “I don’t care what they say about me when I’m through with sports. I don’t want to be known as anything else in life but a great father.”- Deion Sanders

Best Deion Sanders quotes

11. “Time is a wonderful storyteller.” – Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders quotes about time is a wonderful storyteller

12. “I don’t want to be specific on my role, because that will limit me. I want to touch all areas of the organization.”- Deion Sanders

Other Deion Sanders quotes

13. “Whenever you make a promise, you have a responsibility to that promise.” – Deion Sanders

Relatable Deion Sanders quotes

14. “Whenever you have to come to my house and convince me to leave my home and play football, deep down in my heart I really don’t want to play, but I really don’t want to let you down.”- Deion Sanders

Short Deion Sanders quotes

15. “Right now, I’ve got to gauge my body,..You know, two-a-days are pretty tough on me professionally and athletically. I don’t feel fatigued or sore. I just want to make sure we don’t get to that point.”- Deion Sanders

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Positive Deion Sanders quotes

Deion Sanders Quotes About Money

16. “Nobody could have been doing what I’ve been doing at home for the past two months,…I’m in great condition and great shape. I feel wonderful.”- Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders Quotes On Why Life Is More Than A Salary

17. “It’s gonna be a lot of zeros in that contract. You gonna think it’s alphabet soup or something, all those zeros in there.”- Deion Sanders

Motivational Deion Sanders quotes

18. “When we have public success we also have private struggles.”- Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders quotes about success

19. “Fishing’s relaxing, man. Most relaxing thing in my life. It’s therapy for me. I don’t think about business… sports. All I think about is catching the next fish.”- Deion Sanders

Inspirational Deion Sanders quotes

20. “I can really fish – I’ve been fishing since I was a kid.”- Deion Sanders

Wise and inspirational Deion Sanders quotes

21. “Your mind is everything. All the mess causes you stress starts in your head. If you’re weak it starts in your head. If your strong it starts in your head. You make a decision today to be what you wanna be.”- Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders quotes and saying

22. “I got my dog back, in African-American language, your dog means your passion, your fire.”- Deion Sanders

Favorite Deion Sanders quotes

23. “I always wanted to make sure my parents didn’t have to work again for the rest of their lives.”- Deion Sanders

Appreciation Deion Sanders quotes

24. “I felt like a deer with a hundred hunters after me.”- Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders quotes about i felt like a deer with a hundred hunters after me

25. “There’s no class to manage people. There’s no class to teach on how to handle millions. There’s no class to teach us how to manage time.”- Deion Sanders

Amazing Deion Sanders quotes

26. “I would do this for free as long as you’re doing it for free.” – Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders quotes on i would do this for free as long as you're doing it for free

27. “Athletes know kids look up to them, and it’s important for athletes to be responsible.” – Deion Sanders

Cool Deion Sanders quotes

28. “You’ve got to want what you want more than what you got.”- Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders quotes about you’ve got to want what you want more than what you got

29. “I don’t know the definition of a star, but whoever has that title, I think it goes beyond what they do on the field.”- Deion Sanders

Random Deion Sanders quotes

30. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” — Deion Sanders

Meaningful Deion Sanders quotes

31. “You don’t go from a Yugo to a Benz, back to a Yugo.”- Deion Sanders

32. “I never wear the same shoe twice.”- Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders Quotes On Moving Forward

33. “Wives, girlfriends, fiancees – clean out your closets. I’m cleaning out my old bell bottoms. We can touch millions.” – Deion Sanders

34. “The recent devastation of Hurricane Katrina in the aftermath of her wrath, there has been a loss of life, property, finances, homelessness and a multitude of atrocities. The people affected by this disaster is astronomical.”- Deion Sanders

35. “Through unity, we can touch thousands. This is our backyard. We feel this.”- Deion Sanders

36. “Whenever you have to come to my house and convince me to leave my home and play football, deep down in my heart I really don’t want to play, but I really don’t want to let you down.”

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37. “Sure we’re in limos. We’re stars. How else is a star supposed to travel?”- Deion Sanders

38. “Just think about the game. Think about playing great, having a great time. Helping my team win.”- Deion Sanders

39. You just know that without music, P. Diddy would still be something. Muhammad Ali was the same way. Boxing was just a platform. He would have been great in politics or something else. Your performance has to be there, but you’ve also got to be able to reach people and bring them to where you are. To make them feel you.”- Deion Sanders

40. “The thrill is gone. It’s time for me to step away.”- Deion Sanders

41. “I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m good once as I’ve ever been.”- Deion Sanders

42. “I just with the best for him, that he can somehow get it together and understand life.”- Deion Sanders

43. “You need an escape, a getaway, something to separate your mind from what is going on. Sometimes your career is about that.”- Deion Sanders

44. “I look at this as a challenge. I think all men thrive on a challenge. I love arena football. It’s exciting.”- Deion Sanders

45. “He can do anything. He’s a big-play guy. And guys like him need to be on the field and have the ball in their hands as much as they can get it.”- Deion Sanders

46. “There is no way a guy can have that much ability, and that kind of instinct, vision and burst and he shouldn’t be playing.”- Deion Sanders

47. “If I don’t like what I see, I may just have to go down there and play. You never know when I might put on a uniform.”- Deion Sanders

48. “You are what dreams are made of. You have no idea how many people are rooting for you and behind you. I’ve watched you. I’m not just jumping on your bandwagon right now. I’ve watched you play a couple games this year and you were totally dominant. With what you accomplished at the Combine, with your game film, baby, you’ve got it. You’ve got it. And I cannot wait to see you in the NFL.”- Deion Sanders

49. “I thought I came back to win a Superbowl. But I found out in the middle of last season that’s not what I came back for. I came back for these men inside the locker room. It wasn’t about playing with those guys, it was about allowing those guys to see the man behind the persona.”- Deion Sanders

50. “At this point and age in my career I’m not looking for a stage. I’m looking to teach the younger players how to be professional, how to be a man, how to be a father, how to be a friend, how to handle your finances.” – Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders Quotes About Hard Work

51. “I don’t think anybody in the game over the last several years has made more plays than Richard Sherman.” — Deion Sanders

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52. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are the masters of finding something that you didn’t suspect.” — Deion Sanders

53. “If you don’t believe you can win, there is no reason to play the game.” — Deion Sanders

54. “Success is measured by how much you impact the lives of others.” — Deion Sanders

55. “In order to be great, you have to believe that you are great.” — Deion Sanders

56. “The difference between good and great is the extra effort you put in.” — Deion Sanders

57. “You can’t control what others say about you, but you can control how you react to it.” — Deion Sanders

58. “To be a champion, you have to believe in yourself when no one else does.” — Deion Sanders

59. “Winning is a habit. So is losing. Choose wisely.” — Deion Sanders

60. “The greatest mistake you can make is being afraid to make one.” — Deion Sanders

Discovering Life’s Playbook with Deion Sanders Quotes

61. “You have to be relentless in the pursuit of your goals.” — Deion Sanders

62. “Don’t let your past define your future.” — Deion Sanders

63. “The road to success is always under construction.” — Deion Sanders

64. “Life is too short to waste on negativity.” — Deion Sanders

65. “In every setback, there is a setup for a comeback.” — Deion Sanders

66. “Never underestimate the power of hard work and determination.” — Deion Sanders

67. “The only limits that exist are the ones you place on yourself.” — Deion Sanders

68. “Your attitude determines your altitude.” — Deion Sanders

69. “The key to success is to stay focused on your goals and never give up.” — Deion Sanders

What did you learn from these Deion Sanders quotes?

Today Deion Sanders stands tall as an excellent example of what dedication to excellence looks like.

There is an old adage that suggests that by becoming a master of one thing, you master many things.

Deion took that mindset and applied it to all the aspects of life that excited him.

He allowed his passion to drive his success.

All of us have the same ability to discover our passion and tap into its energy.

Deion is all about celebrating our unique essence.

You do not have to be a world-class athlete, American icon, or championship coach to celebrate your unique skills and abilities.

Deion found success because he saw and validated his own belief in what he has to offer.

We all have aspects of our lives we are working to gain mastery over.

Find your inner Deion and remember “If you look good, you feel good, If you feel good, you play good, If you play good, they pay good.”

What’s your biggest takeaway from these Deion Sanders quotes and sayings?

Do you have any other favorite quotes to add?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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