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Exercise Motivation From Within: 10 Winning Ways

Jeff Moore

Exercise Motivation From Within: 10 Winning Ways

How do you find the motivation to work out when you don’t quite have the time, are tired and just don’t feel like it?

This happens to all of us at different times, but the great news is we can generate our exercise motivation at anytime. 

Use these 10 simple ways to increase your exercise motivation!

Every so often I feel stuck, overwhelmed by work and sometimes just lazy.

At that moment, I focus on the habit I have created and the commitments I have committed to.

There are endless ways to motivate yourself and each one of us is different.

What makes one person go, might make another person stop.

What fires someones up might dull someone else.

What I do know, is that when I have needed motivation to work out these ways have helped me.

Exercise Motivation From Within: 10 Winning Ways

1. Focus on the post workout Victory!

After I work out I love to recognize how I feel.

How clear my mind is, how accomplished I feel and thankful I am for following through with my commitments.

After every workout I feel proud.

And that feeling keeps me going.

So when I need exercise motivation I always focus on how great I will feel, mentally and emotionally, after the workout.

2. It’s fun!

I have designed my workouts around movements and activities that I find fun.

Knowing that I am going to sweat and haven fun for the next 20 minutes is great motivation for exercise.

If we think our workout will be boring and painful, it’s over before it even starts.  

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Experiment and create your own workout that is intense and fun!

It will be much easier to be consistent!

3. Love how you look!

If you want bigger muscles and better definition, imagine yourself that way.

If you want to loose weight and slim down, imagine yourself that way.

If you want better posture, a straighter back and more flexibly, imagine yourself that way.

We can generate motivation to workout just by imagining how we want to be.

Try it!

4. Me time!

Make an appointment with you.

Yes we know you love your kids, your job and your friends and family.

We know this.

But don’t make the mistake of not making time for you.

Is there a better way to spend your time than by improving your health?  

So if you want to know how to motivate yourself to exercise, see it as the most important meeting of the day, and the most important project of the month.

Commit to YOU!

5. Find others winners.

When you need motivation to exercise, one thing that has been inspirational for me is finding other people who have been a successful.

When I hear about other people who are doing great things with their commitments, it inspires me to stick with mine.

I’ve found that surrounding myself with winners, even if it’s just their stories, is highly motivating for me to keep pushing forward.

Find success stories, find winners, and fuel your drive!

6. Less Stress!

All of us experience stress.

Some more than others, but we all feel it.

Burn off that stress and unwind! Allow yourself to be relaxed and present for yourself, friends and family.

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The more stress you have the more intense your workout will be. It works every time!

Let less stress be your work out motivation!

7. Find a workout buddy!

Sometimes your motivation to exercise will come from someone else and that’s OK!

My best workouts come when I am working out with someone else.

Have a partner who will push you, support you and elevate your workouts. A partner can make a world of difference.

Find one!

8. Find a coach or personal trainer.

When thinking about our motivation for working out, many times we need an outsider to push us to our limits.

It’s easy for us to take it easy on ourselves and to get comfortable with our usual effort.

A coach and trainers job is help us get comfortable being uncomfortable.

To push us out of our comfort zone, burn those extra calories and help us experience true effort and true exhaustion.

This alone, is worth every penny.

9. Recognize how you feel when you don’t workout.

How does it feel emotionally and physically?

Every time I don’t workout, I find myself not sticking to other commitments I have set for that day.

Sticking and not sticking to our word can have a domino effect.  

If you feel lazy, sluggish and over all not good about yourself from not working out; feel it, embrace it and use it as workout motivation!

10. Reaching a goal.

You can’t reach a goal, unless you set one first.

It can be a weight, it can be a number of reps, it can be a distance, a time or a heart rate.  

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Set yourself up for success and start small.

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