50 Goat Quotes About the Adorable Little Animals

If you are looking for entertaining goat quotes, you are at the right place.

Goats are quite popular on the internet with their funny videos.

Especially when it comes to baby goats. 

Baby goats have adorable faces that attract most of us immediately.

Apart from this, goats have been an integral part of human civilizations since immemorial.

According to some estimates, they consider goats among the oldest domesticated animals.

Therefore, we have put together some of the best goat quotes.  

However, before taking you toward the quotes section, let’s have some fun by going through these interesting facts about goats.

Interesting facts about goats

Here are some amazing facts about the quotes you would like to know.

  • Goats are very picky eaters, especially in the domestic scenario. 
  • They have sensitive lips, usually used to grab things and even know whether something is edible. 
  • A goat uses a sneezing sound to warn fellow goats about approaching danger. 
  • Goats can recognize their name and respond when someone calls them. 
  • Goats don’t like water, making it hard for them to cross even a puddle. 
  • They are unbelievably curious and intelligent, so we can teach them various tricks like dogs. 
  • Goats feel depressed when isolated, which suggests they are highly social animals. 
  • Goats are much cleaner than other breeds like sheep, cows, or pigs. 
  • We have increasingly adopted goats as pets in the recent past. 
  • We refer to a goat giving birth to a baby as “kidding.” 
  • Goats have a five months gestation period or pregnancy duration.  

Top 10 goat quotes

Goats have been the subject of a lot of writing over the years. Here are the best goat quotes from our compilation. 

1. “I want to go about like the light-footed goats.” — Johanna Spyri

2. “The goat’s business is none of the sheep’s concern.” — Edna Ferber

3. “On second thought, I think I am more crazy than my goat.” — Remedios Varo

4. “Happiness isn’t happiness unless there’s a violin-playing goat.” — Julia Roberts

5. “I saw goats. A party can’t be all bad when you have goats.” — Mary Jane Hathaway

6. “The story of how I left Huckleberry begins — as do all worthy stories — with a goat.” — John Scalzi

7. “I had a ton of animals; I had a goat growing up, a bunch of rabbits, a vegetable garden.” — Kelli Williams

8. “Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats.” — Sue Grafton

9. “Sometimes there has to be a goat on some level, and I’m totally fine with that being me.” — Abby Wambach

10. “To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even goat cheese is a life not worth living.” Anthony Bourdain

Goat quotes on goat cheese 

Goat cheese lovers are so fond of goat cheese that their fondness is pretty much clear in the following quotes.

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11. “I love roasted beets with goat cheese. I am also a fruit addict.” — Alex Guarnaschelli

12. “If I go in the afternoon, I’ll eat a turkey sandwich with goat cheese for lunch.” — Ana Ortiz

13. “The ingredients for lunch: ciabatta bread, couscous salad with apricots, ham, and a goat’s cheese flan.” — Marcia Willett

14. “I would imagine that Bret would taste like a warm goat cheese, and Jemaine would taste like harvati with dill.” — Kristen Schaal

15. “I am pretty much gluten-free; I barely ever eat bread, and the only dairy I eat is Greek yogurt and goat cheese.” — Ronda Rousey

Goat quotes that will make you hungry

16. “If you are anything like me, Clever, fond of goat cheese, and devilishly handsome then you have undoubtedly read many books.” — Brandon Sanderson

17. “Usually I’ll just eat popcorn, but if theaters would sell me goat cheese and garlic with Triscuit crackers, I’d give them all my money.” — Cecily Strong

18. “I snack on sauteed peanuts, a whole fruit, lots of cheese – especially goat cheese – with multi-grain crackers and dark chocolate. These are my weaknesses. I make it a point to eat every two hours.” — Sridevi

19. “Reminded of what a diet really is, I began eating more slowly, being more conscious of when I was full. I started to enjoy my buckwheat bread with goat cheese and pureed butternut-squash soup as a response to real hunger.” — Kate Christensen

20. “I’ll read a recipe but then decide, ‘Well, it’s sort of like this, then.’ Or I’ll go to the fridge and think, ‘I’ll see what I can put together,’ and I’ll combine beetroot and sausage and prawns with goat’s cheese sprinkled on top and think, ‘I like that they’re all slightly pink. It looks fine and… actually, it is fine.” — Tamsin Greig

Goat quotes about goat meat and milk 

Both goat meat and goat’s milk are popular among many people. Those who can’t live without goat meat and milk should read these inspiring quotes.

21. “January’s goat meat is so good it even spoils the goatherd.” — Sicilian Proverb

22. “I’ve done my time in being broke in Indonesia. Eating Goat soup.” — Andrew Jack

23. “A goat’s a goat. Whether you saute or barbeque it, it’s still a goat.” — Paul Mooney

24. “I love Moroccan food, but I don’t want to eat a goat or sheep’s head, thanks.” — John Torode

25. “A man accused of stealing a goat should not entertain his visitors with goat meat.” — African Proverb 

More goat quotes about food

26. “My parents provided me the best they could, if not more. I was even provided goat milk by my parents.” — P. T. Usha

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27. “You eat a lot of goat stomach when you’re in North Africa. You eat whatever’s put in front of you. I am a big proponent of that.” — Ronan Farrow

28. “Real men will eat anything I mean anything. I think the only food I have ever turned down was a boiled goat’s head while hitch-hiking in Yugoslavia in the 1980s.” — Sean Lock

29. “Goat’s milk is the closest thing out there to human breast milk. Plus, it is more easily digested than cows or soy milk. Giving goat’s milk to children is popular in Europe and other parts of the world.” — Kristin Cavallari

30. “I’m a big oatmeal fan. For my every-morning breakfast, I will do oatmeal with cinnamon, goat’s milk or even butter, with apples and raisins, and then I’ll maybe do some eggs, say two poached eggs with that.” — Amy Purdy

Funny goat quotes 

Goats are incredibly playful creatures. Being around them is a lot of fun. And perhaps for this reason, they are the subject of several jokes and puns. These quotes are relevant in this context.

31. “I was what they call ‘skinny fat’ – a body that resembled a python after swallowing a goat.” — A. J. Jacobs

32. “Don’t approach a goat from the front, a horse from the back, or a fool from any side.” — Yiddish Proverb

33. “It is better to swallow a sheep or a goat than swallow what he has been swallowing.” — Arjuna Ranatunga

34. “When a goat likes a book, the whole book is gone, and the meaning has to go find an author again.” — William Stafford

35. “You shouldn’t attempt to teach a goat to sing. It will waste your time, hurt your ears, and annoy the goat.” — Hardorn Saying 

Goat quotes that make you smile

36. “You can’t train a goat. You can’t. You can’t. So I don’t recommend making a movie with a goat in a major role to anyone.” — Robert Eggers

37. “Each year in the USA 16 people are attacked by sharks and 6000 by goats. We don’t need a shark week we need a goat week.” — Unknown 

38. “I’ve made my music so that it could be about anything and everybody – whether it’s a guy, a female or a goat – and everybody can relate to that.” — Sam Smith

39. “I always thought it was a goat that kicked me over the fence. My mama told me the other day it was a cow. Now I’m sort of scared of both.” — Kelsea Ballerini

40. “There was this billy goat at a movie studio who found and ate a can of film. When a nanny asked him how he liked it, he said, ‘It was all right but I liked the book better.’” — Johnny Carson

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The next level goat quotes

This collection of goat quotes promises to be fantastic and entertaining. Just give these quotes a read and see how they entertain you.

41. “A farm is not complete without a goat.” — Unknown

42. “New York is my Lourdes, where I go for spiritual refreshment… a place where you’re least likely to be bitten by a wild goat.” Brendan Behan

43. “I have always wanted to open up a brewery slash goat farm. Brew some beer, make some goat cheese, but that’s kinda dreamy.” — Adam Lamberg

44. “As a keeper, you have to understand that your job is black and white: you make a save, or you don’t; you can be the hero – or the goat.” — Karen Bardsley

45. “I actually would love to live in New York. But I need land; I need space. I’d love to move to a place where I could have a lot of land and a goat.” — Lusia Strus

Goat quotes that make you think

46. “The goat, for us, is an image that’s stuck in our heads since we were kids, coming from Iowa people are like ‘Beware the horned goat of satan!’ and all that. It’s absurd. It’s just an animal.” — Slipknot

47. “Look carefully at the goat sitting on the edge of the cliff: Everything that shows you the peace of being fearless is a great teacher for you! That goat is a teacher for you, respect him!” — Mehmet Murat ildan

48. “If we didn’t live venturously, plucking the wild goat by the beard, and trembling over precipices, we should never be depressed, I’ve no doubt; but already should be faded, fatalistic and aged.”Virginia Woolf

49. “Offers come all the time, but I’m pretty particular. I really have to be wowed by a character I encounter in a script, or a storyline. I really do need to feel inspiration, otherwise, I’m just happy planting perennials and making goat cheese.” — Vera Farmiga

50. “What I continuously remember is when I was a child in the courtyard with my grandmother and we milked the goat and we made the ricotta. The still-warm ricotta from our goat, on top of a piece of bread, and we used to sprinkle just a little bit of honey or sugar on it. That flavor, that stays in my memory.” — Lidia Bastianich

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