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10 Small Things You Can Do To Win At The Game of Life

Published on March 30, 2015 12:00 AM EST
motivational quotes

It isn’t often that the terms “become a winner” and “easy” can realistically be featured in the same sentence. When they do, they are usually those overenthusiastic fantasy pieces about how someone overcame adversity or how someone’s mom ended up earning $3,430 per week from home.

I’m about to change all that. Building on a lifetime of learning, studying, watching people and no little soul searching, I have struck upon what I think are ten steps to becoming a winner. My fortunes have changed, my health and fitness has improved and I’m now paying it forward. Before you roll your eyes and move on, check out these 10 steps. You won’t regret it!

motivational quotes

1. Set Goals

Goal setting is feature in just about every self-improvement piece there is. Why? Because it is an exceptionally effective motivation and focusing tactic. Writing goals down reinforces that. Winners are those go attack life with a plan and with the desire to succeed. Those who just let life happen will never win.

How to Become a Winner in 10 Easy Steps

2. Take Failure as a Positive

We all fail at some point in our lives. Losers will let it influence their future actions negatively. Winners will regroup, learn from their mistake and try again. It is most definitely easier said than done, but using failure as a learning tool is a pretty good way to develop.

3. Take Risks

I’m going to add the caveat of “take informed risks” to this one. Ask any business leader anywhere and they will all have the same opinion. You need to take calculated risks to succeed. Going out there and finding your next challenge or knocking on doors until opportunity presents itself isn’t without risk. However, without risk there is no reward.

How to Become a Winner in 10 Easy Steps

4. Lifelong Learning

I promote lifelong learning in a big way as it’s something very close to my heart. Being open to the world and what’s on offer is a key habit of a winner. Being closed off or so set in your ways that you think you have nothing to learn is only going to end in tears or loneliness!

5. Be Open Minded

Being open to different ideas and ways of looking at the world is a definite bonus to a winner. You may get to see opportunities ignored by others or learn something scoffed at by your peers. At the very least, you will be open to learning those new things, exploring different cultures and absorbing the world around you.

How to Become a Winner in 10 Easy Steps

6. Never Settle

Winning is a process, it isn’t a single event. It’s a road full of challenges, speed bumps and accidents but it’s a road worth traveling. Keep your goal in mind, plan how to achieve it and move one step closer to it every day. Even if progress is slow, progress is still forward motion.

7. Work with Positive People

Whether it’s a mentor, partner, lover or friend, spending time with positive people adds to your own strength. They can help you learn, develop and grow. They can also point out errors and faults in a constructive way and will always show you the way forward rather than pull you to a stop. It’s always good to have peers, the more positive the better.

8. Listen More than You Speak

Ever heard the term “two ears, one mouth, listen twice as much as you talk?” Too many people haven’t it seems. We all see things differently and occasionally, it can be very useful to see a position from a different perspective. We’re only going to be able to do that if we listen to those perspectives.

9. Trust Your Gut

While definitely a trait of winners, it’s hard to quantify gut instinct. It’s just there, ready to warn you when something is off or when you shouldn’t make a move. I firmly believe that gut instinct is the primeval part of our brains that we have trained out of existence. It picks up things we are now blind to and can get us out of trouble more than we realize. Learn to listen to it and then to trust it.

How to Become a Winner in 10 Easy Steps

10. Examine Yourself

Being able to look at yourself critically is fundamental to self-improvement but it’s also one of the most difficult skills to master. To develop, you need to know where you fall short. To improve, you need to know where you’re making mistakes. When you fail, you need to critically analyze why and be prepared to take responsibility for that failure.

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