25 Ibn ʿArabī Quotes from the Influential Muslim Scholar

If you want to learn more about historical figures in the Muslim world, these Ibn ‘Arabī quotes will help.

Ibn ‘Arabī was very influential within Islamic thought as he was an Arab Muslim scholar, philosopher, poet, and mystic.

Ibn was born in what is now Murcia, Spain, in 1165 and died in Damascus in 1240 at the age of 75.

During his life, he was credited with 850 writings, and at least 700 of those are authentic, with some still extant today.

His teachings about how the Universe came to be became the dominant view in many parts of the Muslim world.

Practitioners of Sufism often call him “Doctor Maximus,” which means “The Greatest Teacher,” and he is considered a saint by some scholars and Muslim groups.

Read these Ibn ‘Arabī quotes to learn more about the influential Muslim teacher.

Here are some of the top Ibn ʿArabī quotes online.

1. “Be established in truth.” — Ibn ʿArabī

2. “I follow the way of love.” — Ibn ʿArabī

3. “Wisdom is the child of patience.” — Ibn ʿArabī

4. “What you plant here, you will reap there.” — Ibn ʿArabī

5. “On Him alone, we depend for everything.” — Ibn ʿArabī

6. “When you know yourself, your ‘I’ness vanishes.” — Ibn ʿArabī

7. “The tears we shed, water the gardens in our hearts.” — Ibn ʿArabī

8. “If the heart is filled with faith, it will guide you to the truth.” — Ibn ʿArabī

9. “If pain wasn’t the biggest blessing, why would God give it?” — Ibn ʿArabī

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10. “The things of the invisible world attract me more than those of actual life.” — Ibn ʿArabī

Ibn ʿArabī Quotes About Life, Religion, and More

Learn more about Ibn ʿArabī’s perspectives on life in the following quotes.

11. “Pens can solve what weapons cannot.” — Ibn ʿArabī

12. “The destiny of a person is determined by their efforts.” — Ibn ʿArabī

13. “All that is left to us by tradition is mere words. It is up to us to find out what they mean.” — Ibn ʿArabī

14. “The world is a place of preparation where one is given many lessons and passes many tests.” — Ibn ʿArabī

15. “The desires of this world are like seawater. The more you drink of them, the more you thirst.” — Ibn ʿArabī

16. “Be satisfied with what you have, even if it is less than what others have. In fact, prefer to have less.” — Ibn ʿArabī

17. “Do not belittle anyone or anything, for everyone and everything in its inner being wishes for the same thing.” — Ibn ʿArabī

More Ibn ʿArabī Quotes

Here are several more quotes from Ibn ʿArabī sharing his thoughts and beliefs.

18. “For hope, you need faith.” — Ibn ʿArabī

19. “Do not listen to your ego, yet take care of its needs.” — Ibn ʿArabī

20. “God will bring you assistants and the people you will help sooner or later.” — Ibn ʿArabī

21. “Renounce anger and hatred, and relinquish malice and spite in your heart.” — Ibn ʿArabī

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22. “The fullness of knowledge only comes through the awareness of ignorance.” — Ibn ʿArabī

23. “You need to feel the pain so that you can understand the pain of others you have hurt.” — Ibn ʿArabī

24. “Do everything you do in order to come close to your Lord in your worship and prayers.” — Ibn ʿArabī

25. “Seek the company of the wise, who know. Agree with what they say, for one understands only that with which one agrees.” — Ibn ʿArabī

Ibn ‘Arabī’s Life

Ibn had his first vision when he was a teenager, then adopted Sufism and dedicated his life to his religion.

At 36, he left Andalusia and started traveling and visiting places to expand his knowledge, write, and converse with others.

He visited Mecca, Palestine, Jerusalem, Egypt, and much more before settling in Damascus for his final years.

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