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Raya and the Last Dragon Quotes About Trust and Teamwork

If you’re a Disney fan, you will enjoy these Raya and the Last Dragon quotes from the recently released film.

Raya and the Last Dragon is one of the most recent family-friendly movies to hit the big screen.

The story is one of adventure and lessons as are all of our favorite Disney films. Raya is a warrior princess of Southeast Asian descent.

Her family and their people live in a land that used to be inhabited by humans and dragons.

But, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save the humans against an evil that was coming against them.

Raya seeks out on an adventure to reunite the different clans that have since divided and to locate the last dragon which people aren’t sure really exists.

Learn more about the story and adventure in these Raya and the Last Dragon quotes.

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Raya and the Last Dragon quotes by Raya

1. “Remind me never to have kids.” ― Raya

2. “Note to self: Don’t die.” ― Raya

3. “That’s Namaari, the back-stabbing binturi who broke the world.”  Raya

4. “I have something to say… Who’s hungry?” ― Raya

5. “Six years of searching, and we end up at a literal shipwreck.” ― Raya

6. “Really? A con baby?” ― Raya

7. “Then let me take the first step.” ― Raya

8. “You might want to take out that blade. You’re gonna need it.” ― Raya

9. “What can I say? Bling is my thing.” ― Raya

10. “My whole life, I trained to become a guardian of the Dragon Gem. But this world has changed, and its people are divided. Now to restore peace, I must find the Last Dragon. My name is Raya.” ― Raya

11. “I know what you’re thinking. A lone rider. A distopian world. A land that’s gone to waste. How did this world get so broken? Well, that all began 500 years ago. Kumandra. This is what we used to be when our land was whole, and we lived harmoniously alongside dragons, magical creatures who brought us water, and rain, and peace. It was paradise.” ― Raya

12. “Then, the druun came. A mindless plague that spread like wildfire. Multiplying as they consumed life and turned everyone they touched into stone. The dragons fought for us the best they could, but it wasn’t enough. That’s when the mighty Sisu Datuu, the last dragon, concentrated all her magic into a gem and blasted the druun away. Everyone that was turned to stone came back… except the dragons. All that was left of Sisu was her gem.” ― Raya

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13. “ It should have been this big inspirational moment where humanity united over her sacrifice, but instead, people being people, they all fought to possess the last remnant of dragon magic. Borders were drawn. Kumandra divided. We all became enemies, and the gem had to be hidden, but that’s not how the world broke. That didn’t truly happen until 500 years later when I came into the story.” ― Raya

14. “Yeah, I knew you couldn’t handle rolling solo. You’re nothing without your band.” ― Raya

Raya and the Last Dragon quotes by Sisu

15. “I love credit!” ― Sisu

16. “It may feel impossible, but sometimes you just have to take the first step, even before you’re ready.” ― Sisu

17. “But have you ever done like a group project, but there’s like that one kid who didn’t pitch in as much, but still ended up with the same grade? Yeah, I wasn’t the one who actually made the gem. I just turned it in.” ― Sisu

18. “Got it. Noted. Makes sense. You have to admit, though, these bug booties are kind of cute.” ― Sisu

19. “Oh, we were doing a jumpy thing? So sorry. My bad. I get it now.” ― Sisu

20. “Something tells me you’re not besties.” ― Sisu

21. “Being people is hard.” ― Sisu

22. “Alright! You’re not going to regret this. But we’re gonna need a really good gift. What do you think she’s into? Cats? Knives? Cats with knives? Knives with cats on them?” ― Sisu

23. “Impressed, huh? Wait ’til you see my backstroke! I’m wicked when I hit that liquid! I got water skills that kill! I slaughter when I hit the water! I’m like… really good at swimming… through rhyme. I was trying to make that… that I’m really good at swimming. I’m a really good swimmer… just basically.”― Sisu

Raya and the Last Dragon quotes by Boun

24. “How hot do you want it? We have hot, really hot, and “Boom goes the dynamite!” ― Boun

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25. “We have shrimp, we have congee, we have shrimp congee that just won’t quit” ― Boun

Raya and the Last Dragon quotes by Namaari

26. “Here, I was worried you were going to end up becoming a cat lady… like me.” ― Namaari

27. “From one dragon nerd to another.”  Namaari

Raya and the Last Dragon quotes by other characters

28. “I too wish to join this fellowship of Druun buttkickery.” ― Tong

29. “Don’t mistake spirit for skill, young one. I promise you will not set fut on the gem’s inner circle. Not even a toe.” ― Benja

Raya and the Last Dragon quotes from memorable conversations within the show

30. Sisu: “Also, you broke the gem!”

Raya: “But I still have a big chunk of it though.”

Sisu: “Is that supposed to make me feel better? If you lost a puppy, and I said, well, we still have a big chunk of it. Would that make you feel better?”

31. Sisu: “I’m going to be real with you, alright? I’m not like the best dragon, you know?”

Raya: “But you saved the world.”

32. Raya: “The world is broken, you can’t trust anyone.”

Sisu: “Maybe it’s broken because you don’t trust anyone, you just have to take the first step.”

33. Sisu: “I… am… so hungry.”

Raya: “I have some jerky.”

Sisu: “Not that hungry.”

34. Namaari: “You and the dragon gems are coming with me.”

Raya: “Hmm… my sword here says we’re not.”

35. Sisu: “Is that food? I was so focused on saving the world, I forgot to have breakfast today.”

Raya: “Today? When exactly do you think today is?”

Sisu: “Tuesday.”

36. Sisu: “Yuck! I mean, mmm! What is this delightful culinary treat?”

Raya: “It’s jackfruit jerky. I dried it myself.”

Sisu: “Well, compliments to the chef!”

37. Raya: “What do cats and Druun have in common?”

Sisu: “Um… they have no souls!”

Raya: “And they are afraid of water.”

38. Raya: “What if someone saw you?”

Sisu: “Who, Captain Pop-and-Lock? What’s he going to do, challenge me to a dance battle?”

39. Tong: “Ah, it’s good to breathe in your glorious dragon stench again.”

Sisu: “Okay, I’d take that as a compliment.”

40. Sisu: “I just shape-changed! Into people!”

Raya: “Dragons can do that?”

Sisu: “This was my sister, Prani’s, thing. Look at my people arms, and my people face. Look how close my butt is to my face!”

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41. Tong: “Why are you here, divine water dragon?”

Sisu: “Isn’t that obvious, big guy? My girl, Raya, and I are gonna fix the world! Bring everyone back!”

42. Sisu: “Ooh! This beetle’s got a booty!”

Raya: “Careful! It’s a toot-n-boom.”

More Raya and the Last Dragon quotes

43. Namaari: “You and the dragon are coming with me.”

Raya: “Hmm. My sword here says we’re not.”

44. Sisu: “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Raya: “Uh, nothing. I’m just not used to seeing dragons.”

45. Benja: “I’m going to open with a joke.”

Raya: “Please don’t.”

Benja: “I’m kidding.”

46. Raya: “I guess we picked up a few stowaways.”

Boun: “Well, it looks like we’re stuck with them for a while. These Ongis have nine stomachs.”

47. Raya: “You touched this gem piece, and it gave you powers. You know what this means, right?”

Sisu: “I no longer need a nightlight?”

48. Sisu: “I have so many questions. First, why am I dressed like this?”

Raya: “We don’t want to draw too much attention.”

Sisu: “Well, you certainly picked the right hat for that.”

49. Raya: “You remind me of him.”

Sisu: “Oh yeah? Strong? Good looking? With impeccable hair?”

Raya: “Hopeful.”

50. Raya: “Okay. I can see how that makes me look like a liar.”

Sisu: “Actually, I think it was the lying that made you look like a liar.”

51. Sisu: “Oh I love mango.”

Tong: “Of course you love mango. Only a tongueless creton wouldn’t.”

Which of these Raya and the Last Dragon quotes is your favorite?

There are high expectations that exist for Disney films and Raya and the Last Dragon did not disappoint.

Critics and viewers praised the storyline, characters, visual imagery, and music from the movie. And while the story itself is enjoyable, there is a message to learn as there is in all Disney films.

It paints a beautiful picture of the importance of trust and teamwork for success and happiness.

If you’ve only read these Raya and the Last Dragon quotes and sayings and haven’t watched the movie, set a movie day on your calendar.

Make it extra fun by theming your dinner or snacks around the movie theme and enjoy a day of Disney magic.

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