10 Inspiring YouTubers You Have to Subscribe to

Nia Simone McLeod

With 2 billion users on the online video-sharing platform YouTube, there is a wealth of talented creators to learn from, get inspired by, and laugh with.

Below, you will find a list of fantastic YouTubers worth your screen time. 

Who are your favorite YouTubers? 

YouTube is much more than a place to watch funny cat videos and compilations of Tik Tok dances.

The 15-year-old platform has birthed the careers of thousands of different creators of different ages, ethnicities, nationalities, and interests.

The YouTubers listed down below offer a wealth of information and insight, as well as personality and humor.

This list is for you if you are looking for online creators that will add more positivity to your everyday life. 

Enjoy the list of inspiring YouTubers below, and happy watching!

1. WheezyWaiter

This 12-year veteran YouTuber creates humorous, informational content on various topics such as productivity, self-improvement, and creativity.

Often, WheezyWaiter seeks to answer questions that many of us constantly have to rattle around in our brains through his “Why Do People Like” series.

He has covered topics such as universal basic income, meal planning, college, and cats in that series.

WheezyWaiter seems to have a never-ending source of curiosity about the world around him.

This makes the constant growth of his channel a joy to watch for the almost a million people subscribed to him. 

2. Nathaniel Drew

Nathaniel Drew’s YouTube channel documents his “search for mental clarity” through his video content surrounding self-improvement.

As a digital nomad, Drew showcases the different cultures he experiences in his videos, bringing his audience along with him for the ride.

His videos take an interesting perspective on topics popular on YouTube, like vlogs and tutorials.

His experiment trying Da Vinci’s morning routine, for example, is thought-provoking and worth a watch. 

3. Evelyn From the Internet

Evelyn From the Internets is where humor, pop culture, and real life come together.

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Some of us may see social media as a highlight reel of the people around us, but Evelyn is not afraid to tell us exactly how it is.

Whether it is a peek into one of her “life admin days” or how she makes money as an online creative, each of her videos is a new, fun experience bound to “spark joy”.

After giving Evelyn a few short minutes of your time, you are bound to become one of her #InternetCousins and add her to your “subscribed” list. 

4. Gary Vee

Gary Vee, otherwise known as Gary Vaynerchuk, is an internet entrepreneur that knows social media and digital marketing like the back of his hand.

Vaynerchuk is associated with multiple techs and digital marketing companies, including VaynerMedia, which helps multi-billion dollar brands such as PepsiCo and General Electric use their social media wisely.

His channel, which has over two and a half million subscribers, has a multitude of self-improvement, business advice, and vlog-style content.

The mogul interviews successful people on his YouTube channel, including FUBU founder and investor Daymond John as well as rapper Lil Yachty.  

Gary Vee also uses his platform and over a decade of experience to advise prospective internet entrepreneurs through his Tea With Gary Vee series. 

5. How Much? 

We all hear about how you can make money, especially on the internet, but Idan Abada puts all those methods to the test on his YouTube channel, How Much?.

Here, the YouTuber tries popular methods of making money to see if they are lucrative for the average person.

Some of the many jobs that Idan has tried out include delivering Amazon Fresh packages, flipping thrift store finds for a profit online, and delivering with DoorDash.

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His first-hand experience provides vital information that may decide whether you will pursue one of the gigs he tries out. 

More YouTubers that are worth your time

6. Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is a television host, author, legal analyst, and motivational speaker who frequently brings her unique brand of inspirational content to her YouTube channel.

She is most well-known for her best-selling self-help book, The 5 Second Rule.

In the book, Robbins proclaims, “If you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds, or your brain will kill it.”

Robbins is constantly creating new inspirational video content, with her YouTube channel releasing new videos multiple times a week.

Robbins’ video content discusses topics such as anxiety, staying optimistic, and her own life experiences. 

7. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright effortlessly combines lifestyle content with fashion and makeup on her wildly popular YouTube channel.

Especially online, the worlds of fashion and beauty can be skewed by smoke and mirrors.

Bright uses her fashion know-how to advise millions of viewers on what items she does and doesn’t recommend.

Bright also invites her YouTube subscribers into her own everyday life, discussing topics such as her recent pregnancy. 

8. Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake is a YouTuber that every creative entrepreneur needs to subscribe to.

Here, you will find countless hours of highly-produced content to help creatives make more money online.

If you are a YouTuber or YouTuber-to-be, you will find tons of great informative content on Blake’s channel.

He often discusses the highs and lows of being a full-time content creator on YouTube, being as transparent as possible.

With over a thousand videos to choose from, there is enough content for you to learn something new every single day. 

9. Abbey Sharp

Registered dietitian Abbey Sharp’s YouTube channel is not just about food but the emotions and cultures surrounding how and what we eat.

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Sharp’s most popular series, her analysis of other YouTubers’ “What I Eat in a Day” videos, offers an intriguing, research-backed deep dive into the eating habits that some of us may see as our goals.

Sharp’s funny personality shines through and combines her fun yet informative video content.

She also brings her everyday life into her channel with vlogs and storytimes, so viewers can look at the life behind her career as a registered dietitian. 

10. Fran Meneses

A New York-based illustrator, Fran Meneses is a YouTuber who produces simplistic, chill life vlogs and advice and information about being a professional illustrator.

Her content is not just relevant to illustrators and those who like adorable drawings but for creative entrepreneurs as well.

Many of us are interested in making money off our creative passions; Meneses is proof that you can bring those goals to fruition. 

What’s your favorite kind of video to watch on YouTube?

Positive content on YouTube is plentiful, leaving many options for anyone looking for a new creator to watch.

Each of the creators listed provides knowledge, personality, and humor that are just waiting for you to click on it.

If you are interested in any of the creators listed above, be sure to support them by subscribing to their YouTube channels and liking their videos. 

Additionally, consider supporting them on other platforms like Patreon and their preferred online merch shop.

The content on YouTube is free, and supporting your favorite creators helps them continue to produce quality video content on this free platform. 

What are some of your favorite inspiring YouTubers?

Are you a content creator yourself?

Let us know below!

Nia Simone McLeod
Nia Simone McLeod is a writer, content creator, and video editor from Richmond, Virginia. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Virginia Commonwealth University, she began producing professionally edited, eye-catching written and visual content for clients on a variety of different topics such as pop culture, music, technology, business, and mental health. From songs that top the Billboard charts to binge-worthy TV shows on Netflix, she not only understands what’s “hot” in pop culture but how it connects us as a community.As communities, we bond over discussing, critiquing, and expressing our love for pop culture. Developing great digital content is equal parts research and creative ideas. As a content writer, she has helped brands and entrepreneurs create digital content that authentically expresses their brand while staying in touch with current events. Her article topics also include travel, technology, business, and health. When she is not tapping away at her laptop, she is curating her next great Spotify playlist or stuffing her face at the local pho shop.
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