20 Katherine Pierce Quotes From The Hit TV Series The Vampire Diaries

Fans of The Vampire Diaries will love these Katherine Pierce quotes.

Katherine Pierce is the fictional main character in The Vampire Diaries for the first five seasons.

Nina Dobrev is the actress who plays her.

Katherine was born Katerina Petrova in Bulgaria in 1473.

Although Katherine is 544 years old in the series due to being born a witch and eventually becoming a vampire, she is only 18 physically.

At the beginning of the series, Katherine has a daughter out of wedlock.

Because of that, she is banned from her family, including her daughter.

She then starts a journey where she meets other supernatural beings.

Eventually, she tricks a character named Rose-Marie into feeding her vampire blood so that she can become a vampire.

Katherine is one of the series’ main antagonists and makes many supernatural enemies throughout the series.

When a cure is forced down her throat, she becomes human again and starts aging rapidly.

A series of events allow her to meet with her exiled daughter, and she makes amends before eventually dying and being dragged to hell.

Check out these Katherine Pierce quotes to learn more about her and her adventures.

The best Katherine Pierce quotes

If you don’t know Katherine Pierce, these quotes will tell you a lot about the character.

1. “Little tip, woman to woman—don’t piss off the diabolical ones.” – Katherine Pierce

2. “Do you like who I am, or do you miss who I was?” – Katherine Pierce

3. “Oh, I’ve missed this place… said no one ever.” – Katherine Pierce

4. “True love is not real unless it’s returned.” – Katherine Pierce

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5. “If we cease to believe in love, why would we want to live?” – Katherine Pierce

6. “Do you honestly believe I don’t have a plan ‘b?’” – Katherine Pierce

7. “Aw, honey, you really need to take a crash course on Villain 101.” – Katherine Pierce

8. “Which one of you is gonna get to kill the elusive Katherine Pierce once and for all?” – Katherine Pierce

9. “I’ll be the safest psychotic b**ch in town.” – Katherine Pierce

10. “We both know I could rip you to shreds and do my nails at the same time.” – Katherine Pierce

Katherine Pierce quotes that paint a picture

Get to know Katherine Pierce further in these quotes.

11. “I will always look out for myself. If you’re smart, you’ll do the same.” – Katherine Pierce

12. “Cold, manipulative, good hair. You really are my daughter.” – Katherine Pierce

13. “I’m tired of running. For the first time in my life, I’m going to stop running and start fighting.” – Katherine Pierce

14. “I chopped off this douchey guy’s fingers with a butcher knife once. That was cool.” – Katherine Pierce

15. “The town is our home, and those vampires are my family. I will not let anything happen to us.” – Katherine Pierce

16. “I survived childbirth, the death of my entire family, and 500 years of running from an immortal hybrid.” – Katherine Pierce

17. “You hate me, huh? That sounds like the beginning of a love story, Stefan, not the end of one.” – Katherine Pierce

18. “Do you really think I want to take a road trip with you, America’s most boring, self-righteous vampire?” – Katherine Pierce

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19. “Humanity is our greatest weakness. No matter how easy it is to turn it off, it keeps trying to fight its way back in.” – Katherine Pierce

20. “So call it pride or vanity, but after the life that I’ve led, I refuse to drift off into the sunset.” – Katherine Pierce

Katherine Looks Out For Herself

One constant theme about Katherine is that she is first out for herself.

She willingly tricks or sabotages both friends and enemies for herself.

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