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10 Ways you’re learning how to be rich and don’t even know it

Jeff Moore

Getting rich and becoming a millionaire might seem outlandish. It might not even be one of your goals. But what if you’re close to becoming rich – and didn’t even know it?

You might not have created a ‘how to be a millionaire in 5 years’ plan, but there might be some key habits that you are already doing, that are almost identical to the habits of the rich.

Here are 10 ways you’re learning how to be rich in your everyday life.

You’re learning how to live a rich life if…

1. You aim high.

“They may say that you’re a dreamer, but you’re not the only one.” Do you settle for average? Do you want to fit in? Fly under the radar? Of course, you don’t. You expect greatness from yourself. That my friend will help you become rich.

2. You know how to keep an open mind.

Successful people are constantly changing their approach to life, business, money, relationships, and work. Rich people must stay flexible, open-minded, and dedicated to learning! Confidence, courage, and positive action can only happen with an open mind.

3. You know how to make things happen.

You find great joy in taking action, getting desired results, and moving closer to your goals. If you don’t know how to do something, you a find a way so you can learn about it. You know time is your most valuable resource, so you use it accordingly. You’re learning how to be rich, and don’t even know it!

4. Setting goals excites you.

In order to learn how to be rich, you must know what you want – and go after it. This is you. You find great joy in setting and reaching goals. Small or big goals, you are addicted to them.

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You understand how to take advantage of finding life’s purpose. Becoming financially independent or even a millionaire usually doesn’t happen by accident – it’s a goal.

5. You have unwavering optimism and hope.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of rich people in this world did NOT inherit their money. They too, had to create it.

You know that your life is up to you. You know that it can be unfair, unforgiving, and downright difficult at times. But you keep moving forward. You know you are bigger than all of your challenges. You are not just going with the flow; you’re creating your own.

6. You are informed and inspired.

You enjoy being up to date with local and international news. You like learning about issues that are affecting the lives of people on a daily basis. Of course, you might not like all of what you hear or read, but you prefer to stay informed.

You would much rather watch BBC than hear about celebrity gossip. You would rather read a credible news source, than comment on nonsensical status updates. You are very mindful of what you feed your mind.

7. Being broke is NOT an option.

You refuse to be poor, broke, or to live from paycheck to paycheck your entire life. You simply can’t imagine it. When you look at your future, you see financial independence. So you’re not scared or hesitant to put in the work to make it happen.

Yes, you want to help people be successful. Yes, you want to change the world in your own unique way. You want to have your priorities in order. You plan to do all of that and still learn how to be rich!

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8. You connect with people standing on higher ground.

Every successful person has always had a mentor, boss, or friend who has helped expand their thinking, encouraged action, or has become a source of information and inspiration.

Don’t aspire to be the smartest person in the room, aspire to connect with the smartest people in the room to build relationships with them. 

You love learning from people who are living the life you want for yourself. You know you can learn something from everyone. So you go out of your way to connect with people who can push you and encourage your dreams.

9. You are very intentional with your money.

You’re not scared to spend money, but you only spend what will allow you to generate more money. Your spending should not go to debt; it should be to your investments, your business, and your commitments.

The average person spends money on things. Rich people spend money to create more money. That’s how to be rich in the long-term.

10. You are constantly investing.

You don’t save to save, you save to invest. You are patient. You see the bigger picture of money and look forward to your money tree blossoming. You are excited about putting money away into a safe account that will grow, grow, grow and sneak up on you in the future. You are always investing in YOU.

What other ways do you learn how to be rich? Tell us in the comments section!

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