20 Little Rascals Quotes From the Hilarious Movie

These Little Rascals quotes will appeal to fans of all ages!

The Little Rascals is a family comedy released in 1994.

The film was directed by Penelope Spheeris.

The movie was based on Our Gang by Hal Roach, a series of short films in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics but was very well received by the audience, as evidenced by grossing over $67 million at the box office.

The plot follows the adventures of a group of neighborhood kids that have formed the “He-Man Womun Haters Club.”

The boys soon find out that Alfalfa, the best friend of Spanky, the club president, is in love with a girl named Darla and has been spending time with her.

As the gang is getting ready for the annual go-kart race, their beloved go-kart, named The Blur, is stolen by the local bullies.

Enjoy a few laughs from reading these Little Rascals quotes.

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Hilarious Little Rascals quotes

Check out some of the funniest quotes from the movie!

1. “Quick, what’s the number for 911?” – Buckwheat

2. “Wood doesn’t grow on trees!” – Stymie

3. “Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit.” – Buckwheat

4. “This tastes like somebody poured it through an old boot!” – Darla

5. “If we were your kids, we’d punish ourselves!” – Stymie

6. “Alfalfa, that’s a part of you I’ve never seen before!” – Darla

7. “Then the clouds opened up and God said, ‘I hate you, Alfalfa!’” – Alfalfa

8. “I’m usually a lover, not a fighter, but in your case, I’m willing to make an exception.” – Alfalfa

9. “Why am I soaking wet?” – Alfalfa “Don’t worry, Alfalfa. I used to have the same problem.” – Porky

10. “I’m not ashamed of you; I’m proud of you… I just don’t want anyone to see you.” – Alfalfa

Classic Little Rascals quotes

Here are some of the most classic quotes from the movie.

11. “Any last words?” – Butch

12. “We got a dollar, we got a dollar, we got a dollar. Hey, hey, hey, hey.” – Buckwheat

13. “Just as I thought, you are ashamed of me.” – Darla

14. “Six kids, hard-working father, honest and trustworthy. Loan… denied!” – Mr. Welling

15. “While your feed my soul, I can feed your face.” – Alfalfa

16. “Howdy, Mister. Me and my buddies have to build a new clubhouse.” – Spanky

17. “All knights ride into battle wearing the colors of their lady fair!” – Alfalfa

18. “You only meet your once-in-a-lifetime friends… once in a lifetime.” – Stymie

19. “We’re goin’ to the race, we’re gonna win first place, and you have an ugly face!” – Buckwheat

20. “Actually, I’ve always had a rather extensive vocabulary, not to mention a phenomenal grasp of grammar and a superlative command of syntax. I simply chose not to employ them.” – Uh-Huh

Does the Gang Win the Go-Kart Race?

After losing The Blur to the bullies, the boys build a new go-kart called The Blur-2.

After many adventures, the gang wins the go-kart race with the help of Darla.

The boys realize girls are not bad and add a sign to their clubhouse that says “Women Welcome,” and Alfalfa and Darla end up together.

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