20 Lola Big Mouth Quotes From the Hit Series

Fans will get a kick out of these Lola Big Mouth quotes from the hit series!

Lola is one of the main characters in the adult-themed animated comedy series Big Mouth about coming into puberty that has run on Netflix since 2017.

Lola’s physical appearance is a plus-sized 14-year-old female with long blonde hair.

Lola comes across as a loud, annoying, bullying, attention-seeking, boy-crazy girl whom many characters hate.

Most of Lola’s issues come from her insecurities and low self-esteem due to her home life, where her mom mistreats her.

In the series Big Mouth, Lola only has two friends: Devin, who actually uses Lola and makes fun of her behind her back, and Gina, who is only her friend out of pity.

Check out these Lola Big Mouth Quotes to learn more about Lola.

Hilarious Lola Big Mouth quotes

Check out these Lola quotes that will have you laughing!

1. “Oh my God, he’s sooooo deep.” Lola, Big Mouth

2. “Clip-clop, I’m a little show pony.”  Lola, Big Mouth

3. “Andrew, why won’t you pants me?”  Lola, Big Mouth

4. “Hope you like Lean Pocket Shrimp Vindaloo.”  Lola, Big Mouth

5. “Volunteering is a joke. It’s like uhhh, get paid.”  Lola, Big Mouth

6. “Who do you think you are, one of the Kardashians?”  Lola, Big Mouth

7. “Stop trying to make out with me, lesbo! You’re not my mom!” — Lola, Big Mouth

8. “Alas, like the war on drugs I might have won, but like, at what cost?” Lola, Big Mouth

9. “Just as I asked my hamster, Eli after his untimely death, ‘Why do we microwave the ones we love the most?’” Lola, Big Mouth

10. “I’ve been burned before. Mainly from eating Totinos Pizza rolls in the microwave while they’re still like very much in the microwave.” Lola, Big Mouth

Honest Lola Big Mouth quotes

Sometimes Lola is a little too honest, but she always speaks her mind.

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11. “Devin is mine!”  Lola, Big Mouth

12. “S is for slut, it’s what everyone says Jessi is.”  Lola, Big Mouth

13. “I only do everything so that Devin will like me.”  Lola, Big Mouth

14. “The wrapper says funsize but it doesn’t feel fun.”  Lola, Big Mouth

15. “You’re honestly a very tertiary character, Rodney.”  Lola, Big Mouth

16. “If you whiny nobodies hate the play so much, just quit.”  Lola, Big Mouth

17. “I’m not scared of death anymore; I’m scared of being alone.”  Lola, Big Mouth

18. “Little Women? Are you calling me a midge, cause you’re a nobody!”  Lola, Big Mouth

19. “Yeah, I feel like a dirty piece of meat. Like a slab of prime rib that knows what’s what.”  Lola, Big Mouth

20. “Yeah. Are you gonna divorce her dad and then marry some guy who lives in another state.”  Lola, Big Mouth

Impact of your surroundings

In Big Mouth, Lola grows up in suburban New York City and surrounds herself with people who are not very good friends.

The show is an excellent example of choosing the right people to spend time with.

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