25 Luca Quotes from the Colorful Kids Movie

Dive into the beauty of unexpected friendship with these Luca quotes! 

Luca is a 2021 movie by Pixar Animation Studios about two young sea monsters who dream of exploring the human world beyond their underwater home.

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What are the benefits of reading Luca quotes?

Luca touches on important themes like self-discovery, acceptance, and the value of embracing differences. 

Reading Luca quotes reminds us that it is important to value differences in others and that we find friendship in unexpected places by working to understand each other. 

The film is set in a seaside town in Italy and follows the adventures of sea monsters Luca and his best friend Alberto as they venture out to experience life on land and find new friends. 

It has been praised for its stunning animation and beautiful soundtrack that has received critical acclaim.

The film also features a talented voice cast, including:

  • Jacob Tremblay as Luca
  • Emma Berman as Giulia
  • Jack Dylan Grazer as Alberto

Through the friendship between the sea monsters and humans, the movie encourages viewers to break down barriers and find common ground with those who may seem different.

Overall, Luca is a heartwarming film that uplifts and inspires viewers of all ages.

Please enjoy these Luca quotes! 

Short Luca quotes from the adorable sea monster

Let’s start with these short Luca quotes to make you smile. 

1. “Mother of pearl!” — Luca, Luca

2. “Vespa is freedom!” — Luca, Luca 

3. “Learned it from you!” — Luca, Luca 

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4. “Your life is so much cooler than mine.” — Luca, Luca 

5. “I never go anywhere. I just dream about it.” — Luca, Luca 

The top Luca quotes from Alberto

Check out these hilarious quotes from Alberto.

6. “I’m kind of an expert!” — Alberto, Luca 

7. “What’s under the dogs?” — Alberto, Luca 

8. “Rules are for rule people.” — Alberto, Luca 

9. “How big was that dad human!?” — Alberto, Luca 

10. “See? You just gotta follow my lead.” — Alberto, Luca 

The best Luca quotes from Ercolé

This section included quotes from Ercolé, the quintessential bully

11. “Go start a club for losers!” Ercolé, Luca 

12. “Champion coming through!” Ercolé, Luca 

13. “Something’s fishy with you two.” Ercolé, Luca 

14. “Someone got lucky today, hmm?” Ercolé, Luca 

15. “We’re going to catch a sea monster!” Ercolé, Luca 

Famous Luca quotes from Daniela 

Here are some quotes from Luca’s fierce and protective mom, Daniela.

16. “Look me in the eye.” — Daniela, Luca 

17. “You know I love you, right?” — Daniela, Luca 

18. “The curious fish gets caught.” — Daniela, Luca 

19. “You scared the scales off of me!” — Daniela, Luca 

20. “Mom, maybe his life is a little more important than your snacks.” — Daniela, Luca 

Luca quotes and sayings from Guilia

Guilia delivers some really cool moments in the film. 

Check out her quotes below. 

21. “Benissimo!” — Guilia, Luca

22. “Santa ricotta!” — Guilia, Luca

23. “Santo pecorino!” — Guilia, Luca

24. “We underdogs have to look out for each other, right?” — Guilia, Luca

25. “Underdogs, you know, kids who are different, dress weird, or are a little sweatier than average.” — Guilia, Luca

Which Quote Is Your Favorite?

Luca is a film whose themes of friendship, adventure, and acceptance have resonated with audiences of all ages.

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We hand-picked this list of Luca quotes to offer you an enjoyable and heartwarming reading experience. 

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