25 Master Chief Quotes From the Hit Halo Franchise

Halo video games, books, or television series fans will love these Master Chief quotes!

Master Chief is a fictional character created by the video game company Bungie, Inc for the Halo franchise.

He first appeared in the novel Halo: The Fall of Reach in 2001.

Master Chief’s full name is Master Chief Petty Officer John – 117, and he is the protagonist of the Halo Franchise.

Halo is a military science fiction franchise set in the future that needs heroes like Master Chief to fight for the human race.

The game is a first-person shooter game that allows the player to be the character Master Chief.

Master Chief appears in the Halo books, video games where Steve Downes voices him, and the television series where actor Pablo Schreiber portrays him.

Master Chief has become a popular and well-known character and is the mascot for Halo and the Xbox brand.

Take a look at these Master Chief quotes to learn more about this popular character.

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Best Master Chief Lines

Here are some of the popular and memorable lines from Master Chief.

1. “We need to get off this ship.” — Master Chief

2. “Wake me when you need me.” — Master Chief

3. “Boo.” — Master Chief

4. “We’ll make it.” — Master Chief

5. “To give the covenant back their bomb.” — Master Chief

6. “I thought we had a truce with the Covenant.” — Master Chief

7. “Call me Master Chief.” — Master Chief

8. “You told me there wouldn’t be any cameras.” — Master Chief

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9. “Asking’s not my strong suit.” — Master Chief

10. “Sir, finishing this fight.” — Master Chief

11. “Something was wrong even before we left the Dawn.” — Master Chief

12. “Our duty, as soldiers, is to protect humanity… whatever the cost.” — Master Chief

13. “Was everything you’ve compromised, everything you’ve done worth it? Was it?” — Master Chief

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Master Chief Quotes for Halo Fans

You’ll recognize these quotes if you enjoy playing the games.

14. “Ready to get back to work?” — Master Chief

15. “Yes sir, I need a weapon.” — Master Chief

16. “She said that to me once. About being a machine.” — Master Chief

17. “No. I think we’re just getting started.” — Master Chief

18. “This fight… is finished.” — Master Chief

19. “Like hell you are.” — Master Chief

20. “That’s not going to happen.” — Master Chief

21. “I’ll find Cortana’s solution, and I’ll bring it back.” — Master Chief

22. “Are any of the ship defenses online?” — Master Chief

23. “Relax! I’d rather not piss this thing off.” — Master Chief

24. “Thought I’d try shooting my way out. Mix things up a little.” — Master Chief

25. “You’ve completed your mission, Spartan Locke. Mine is just beginning.” — Master Chief

What is Master Chief’s Appearance?

Master Chief is a tall and sturdily built man that appears even more so in his armored suit.

He stands six foot ten inches and weighs 287 lbs outside of his suit but stands seven feet tall and weighs 1,000 lbs in his armored suit.

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